"Kristie Nalley warbles tremulously like PJ Harvey demoing Tom Waits' songs of emotional apocalypse." (HARP) "A sly seductive songstress who brings a Southern Vibe to a Nico-era Velvet Underground weirdness." (LOUISIANA LIFE) "Some really good shit" (TULANE RADIO)


Kristie grew up listening to her dad play Willie Nelson records upstairs and her brother spinning the Velvet Underground in the basement. The two influences are exceedingly present on the album, but she incorporates distinctive, tormented lyrics into an unconventional mix of ambient alt.rock with country, pop, and punk elements.

After the flood, Nalley continued to live in New Orleans to rebuild her home (as one of the only women amongst the National Guardsman and relief workers.) Living amidst the devastation, Kristie continued her Bank Street Bar ritual and played acoustic sets by candle light despite the city being virtually desolate. As a result, she was a featured artist in U2's film Music Rising, about the post-Katrina plight of New Orleans musicians. This is a strong woman with an even stronger personality, which landed her an interview with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips during his recent filming at SXSW 2007 for the Tonight Show.”
-M. Defelice, Powderfinder Promotions

"Mixing the inherent cultural oddity of New Orleans with the oasis of musical weirdness that is Austin, Texas, singer/songwriter Nalley and her band roar through their debut with breathless ferocity that cross-pollinates Magic Band quirk and Wilco substance with Nico-centric chamber rock poetry rants, resulting in an album that is compelling and disquieting in equal measure. Kristie Nalley & the Pagan Romantics was dealt a set-back when Hurricane Katrina soaked the first printing swallowed by the breached levees), but Nalley has clearly countered with a sonic storm of her own."

----BRIAN BAKER, Harp Magazine

“New Orleans has never had enough good chanteuses, especially in the rock category, and so Kristie Nalley’s debut turned a lot of heads, especially among collegiates. Her bizarre vocal stylings owe a lot to Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna, the Velvet Underground’s Nico, and Rasputina’s Melora Creager, and, like those artists, she likes to play the seductress, lure you inside, and then shove your face in your own desperation. This solo debut, then, should be fascinating. And it is… her avant-garde sense of melody… rises above the sonic cacophony constructed around her, intriguing little symphonies of post-riot grrl noise and classicist alt-rock structure. The drama hinted at on these dozen cuts, which keeps threatening to turn explosive on “Get Back Down There” and “Divorce Me,” truly ignites on the last track, “Too Far,” where her distorted vocals drop down and roll around in the band’s mud. “ Too far? Not far enough.”

-Robert Fontenot, Offbeat Magazine


Barley Legal

Written By: Kristie Nalley

Shes got slimy teeth and she likes the eat her Daddy’s sweets. She thinks she is oh so neat. But we all know shes a dirty whore and all she wants is more, more, more.


Shes got silicon and bleached blond hair. Shes barely legal to his grey hair. Shes rollin naked on
Royal Street and all that’s left is her dirty,nasty, feat!

Shes got silicon and bleached blond hair. He says she a perfest
but in her head, noone’s there.

Shes got silicon and bleached blond hair, she barely legal,
she barely legal, she barely legal to
his grey hair.

Second verse

Shes nineteen and she likes to scream, he knows what she means. He thinks she is Oh so sweet. But we all know shes a dirty whore and all she wants is more, more, more.

Chorus (repeat)

Get Back Down There

Written By: Kristie Nalley

Get Back Down There
I met him in the R
in the R
He had come from a far
from a far to a

And I said get back down there, get back down there, get back down
in my ….
That’s when I saw the

It was the eve of all
all Hallos
and I knew
I knew he was going to

Chorus 2
And I said get back down there, get back down there, get back down in your your place.
Spoken in

Put him on a
on a plane
in the rain
And I swear,
I swear
There is nothin insane

Chorus 2
When I say get back down there, get back down there, get back down in your your place. Spoken in
cyber space

Now he is gone
he is gone
Like I knew
all along
So I sing my song
My song to get along
It goes

Chorus 1

Too Far

Written By: Kristie Nalley

Too Far

You left your blood on my guitar
You flew away, you went so far
You left your blood on my guitar
You ran away, you went to far (hold)

You played the blues, you couldn’t loose,
You screamed so loud,
Trying to make your daddy proud…

But you,


I left you there in the bar that night,
I didn’t say goodbye, I didn’t want to fight,
I walked away, in the cold wet night (hold)

guitar solo



Mama’s Wine - EP
The Pagan Romantics - LP

Set List

Barley Legal
Life in a Box
Cloudy Sky
To Tennesse
Divorce Me
Get Back Down There
Thrown Him Back
Hell and High Water
Mama’s Wine
Too Far
Your Love is like the Levee
Be my Man
Bob Dylan
Flaming Lips
Lucinda Williams
Willi Nelson