Kristina Kentigian

Kristina Kentigian

 Portland, Maine, USA

A sultry sound with early soul influence and hip hop undertones. A broad conceptual range with her lyrics, she is able to speak to many about love, life, loss and discovery. Whether with a two piece set up or a full band she commands the stage with great energy, sincerity, and showmanship.


A six year journey with an independant hip hop soul group called Ill Natural has finally led up to this solo venture. Kristina Kentigian has a unique sound and her own message to convey. Formerly known as "KSoul" she studied under incredibly trained jazz and blues musicians as a student at the Hartford Conservatory. She has honed her stage performance skills as a former member of the NACA circuit and by years of shows as well as opening for the likes of Floetry, Digable Planets, Snoop Dogg, Bahamadia, and many more. She was once named one of Portland, Maine's most influential females by the Portland Pheonix and has been nominated several times with her former group as "Best hip hop act".
Influenced by an array of musical styles even as a young child such as Classic soul, rock, hip hop and jazz....she has finally come into her very own sound.
Kristina's songs are a personal tale of love's lost and found, growing up in hardtimes, discovering the beauty in the everyday and finding faith in her greater destiny to help get through it all.
She has just wrapped up her first solo album "The Beginning Again" which will be available on iTunes, Bandcamp and in Bullmoose stores starting 7/7/12.


--"Well Worth The Wait"- Ill Natural 2004
with a #1 single "Soul Pushers" on local commercial station WRED 95.9 as well as many college stations. Can be found on
--" Ill Minded" - Ill natural 2006 with the single "So Simple" also with local commercial and college radio airplay.
--2011 - vocals featured on Trails' album Fits & Starts
--2012 - vocals featured on Spose's album "The Audacity" which made top 10 on iTunes hip hop charts.
--2012 Released debut solo album "The Beginning Again"

Set List

Able to perform anywhere from 20min -2 hrs. depending on the set up, travel and type of show.
Able to perform originals as well as some unique covers.

Requirements for 3 piece set up-
*able to do 20-1 hr
* Band make up: Vocalists, DJ and acoustic guitar
* Would need 2 vocal mics
*Sound system
*Dj turntable set up (we are able to provide turntable/mixer setup if needed)

Full band-

*able to do 30 min to 2hrs
*Band would consist of:
Main Vocalist
2 back up vocals
drum kit
electric guitar
electric bass

* outfits are interchangeable based on type of gig and need.