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I'm Just Another Girl

Written By: Kristin Berardi

I'm just another girl
It's just another heart
Just another kiss that mustn't be the start
The start of something which
may bring about in you
the feeling of wanting to want somebody too.

I'm just another girl
That is all I feel
I can be replaced but what i felt was real
for you weren't just another boy,
you meant more to me.
You were worth the risk, and vulnerability you
Choose when you open your heart and share
Who you truely are and your soul you bare.
Just take one look into my eyes to see the truth about how I feel for you.

I'm just another girl
To you I'm just a song
A song enjoyed for a time and then is pushed along
by other songs who's tunes appeal,
and whose words say more than you had ever heard,
though they've been used before.

So from just another girl to not just another boy -
May you someday feel safe in someone's love
and trust in one of life's joys.