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"Kristin Cifelli- So Long My Love"

Produced by Richard Gates Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tom Eaton at Thomas Eaton Studios, Newburyport, MA

Reviewer -Jamie Rattner

With seeming ease, Kristin Cifelli accomplishes what most folk singers attempt to no avail; she is poignant. It is this rarified quality that has forgiven many an artist of the public's usual demands for vocal proficiency and stage prowess with musicians like Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash being fine examples. However, in the case of Kristin Cifelli listener can have it all. She is truly a songbird, with a voice that stretch from a delicate warble to a vast soar, and her guitar style is lush when strummed and steady when percussive. There is not a moment on So Long My Love where she wanes from being consistently talented both as an performer and lyricist. Sure, she is not the first female singer- songwriter with a pristine vocal quality and fragile flip to head voice, but her originality is more in her ability to capture simple truths in her songs like in “Benefit of the Doubt”, a standout track with a subtle hook,” I found what love is all about… the benefit of the doubt.” Kristin is certain to see surface comparisons to the voices of Dar Williams and Patty Griffin, but when singers of the aforementioned artist's caliber are brought to mind, who can complain. So Long My Love was produced by bass player Richard Gates (Paula Cole, Suzanne Vega) and is a feminine, autobiographical sketch of Kristin's experiences over the past 4 and a half years. The album overall has an observational, introverted feel and is definitely more on the folk than pop side of the hyphen. Fans of songs like “Savior” on her previous release, Silver Bowl will celebrate this album as it continues on a similar tone, but seems to preface Kristin Cifelli's evolution into an even more honest and emotive artist. (self-released)
- Northeast Performer, July 2004

"Kristin Cifelli- So Long My Love"

Artist: Kristin Cifelli
CD: So Long My Love
Home: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Style: Twangy Folk/Rock

Quote: "The music has a twangy dreaminess about it that would make Chris Isaak sit up and take notice."

By Jennifer Layton

The listener really doesn't stand a chance. Once that sweet voice drifts out of the speakers, she's got you. No wonder the accolades in Kristin Cifelli's press kit have a tinge of wonder behind them. The comparisions are almost feeble. Yes, she sounds a little like Sheryl Crow, but more delicate and alluring. Yes, she's got the huskiness of Sarah McLachlan, but she's way more ethereal. Yes, there's some Norah Jones in the sound, but ... it goes on and on. Each comparision comes close, but not quite. You just have to float away on it yourself to know how it feels.

The music has a twangy dreaminess about it that would make Chris Isaak sit up and take notice. When she dips into minor chords ("Let It Go" being a perfect example), she pulls me with her. Most of these songs are gentle folk melodies, but I love when she kicks in some country spirit. "I'll Run" is a standout. In this portrait of reckless living, she even manages a quiet feminist jab: "It doesn't matter whose life I shatter, as long as I'm a man." She's too wise to offer that line in a mean-spirited fashion. I can almost hear her smile when she sings it.

In fact, all of her lyrics contain that straightforward nature. They're not flowery, not always pretty, and sometimes hitting too close to home, but with that crooning guitar and siren voice, I couldn't pull away if I wanted to. "Show Them" is a strong example of her way with words, a song about keeping up appearances even as doing so tears down the soul:

Show them exactly what I think they wanna see
At the same time I go on pleasing my family
What happened to whatever it was I wanna be ...

Musician Austin Navins deftly wields an e-bow on the guitar (not to mention glorious work on sitar), causing me to scan the liner notes time and time again to find out who is playing the woodwind instruments, the cello, and several other instruments that aren't actually anywhere on this CD. It's the perfect music to frame that gorgeous voice.

My favorite element of Cifelli's style is her ability to transcend any typical reactions to the lyrics. Her final offering on this CD, "Love Your Hurt," manages to infuse empowerment into the listener without turning the song into a "you go girl" rally.

So hug your knees, the ones that prayed so hard
Now let them go and stand tall with your feet apart ...

It's a spiritual thing. It's a way to gently lower you down after spending nine tracks making you float and wonder and dream. I can't imagine how audiences manage to leave her performances once she's done playing.

-, October 2004

"Kristin Cifelli- So Long My Love"

Kristin Cifelli’s voice is the shining star in her sophomore production, So Long My Love. Sliding effortlessly through her wide range, the vocals go from light and airy to dark and brooding and every shade in between. The contemporary folk songs are backed by a range of acoustic and electric guitars, sitar, bass and percussion.
Stellar tracks include “Let It Go,” in which Cifelli sings “Did you lose your mind, under the pile of grief you find … you hold on tight to the pain.” Another knockout is “Let Them Try,” a tribute to inner strength. “Heaven can be reached alone, I dare them now to throw a stone.”
Overall, the disc is your perfect companion for some quiet introspection, offering soothing beats and sweet cadences to accompany your pondering. —MW
- Performing Songwriter, May 2005


So Long My Love- CD released 2004
Silver Bowl- EP released 1999




*2006 Finalist in the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubadour Song Contest

*June 2006- Selected for the NEMO Music Festival Presents: Pops on the Edge Fest, playing at Symphony Hall before Aimee Mann

*2005 winner for Best Song ("Show Them") in the Independent Music Awards

*2005 nominee for Best Album ("So Long My Love") in the Independent Music Awards

*2005 winning finalist in the the John Lennon Songwriting Contest

*Finalist in the Chris Austin Songwriting Competition 2004

*As a finalist, Kristin performed at Merlefest, 2004, among such acts as Gillian Welch, Rosanne Cash and Vince Gill

*Kristin receives Honorable Mention in the Billboard Songwriting Competition, 2004

*Received a Boston Music Award nomination for her debut CD, Silver Bowl

*Kristin’s song, "Martyr" is featured on the 2002 Sony/Epic records compilation Shekinah 13 Artists with special back-up vocal guest Brad Delp of the band BOSTON

*Upon the release of Shekinah 13 Artists, Kristin was featured on the Oxygen Network’s Daily Remix, VH1’s Jump Start, and in publications such as Billboard Magazine, The Boston Globe, Downbeat, and the Associated Press

*Featured on the 1999 Big Girl Records Boston Music Award Winning compilation, Can You Read This Boston?, which benefits the Boston Adult Literacy Fund

*Has shared the stage with acts such as Jeffrey Gaines, Marshall Crenshaw, Brad Delp of the band BOSTON, Brooks Williams, The Pushstars, and many more
*Has performed in renowned clubs such as The Bitter End in Greenwich Village, CBGB’s Gallery in NYC, and the legendary Club Passim in Cambridge, MA
*Performed live with Brad Delp, lead singer of the band BOSTON, who sang back-up on her song, "Martyr", featured on Shekinah 13 Artists

Musicians on So Long, My Love
Bass- Richard Gates (Paula Cole, Suzanne Vega, Dar Williams)
Drums-John Sands (Aimee Mann)
Guitar-Austin Nevins (Jess Klein)
Produced by Richard Gates
Engineered and Mixed by Tom Eaton in Newburyport, MA


The joys and pains of letting go and holding on to self-image, love, and family are some of the personal yet universal themes on Kristin Cifelli’s new CD entitled "So Long My Love" (2004).

Kristin returns to the music scene with an album that has simple, yet elegant and rich production. The album, produced by bass player Richard Gates (Paula Cole, Suzanne Vega- to name a couple of many) showcases her crafty, yet emotional songs delivered by a powerful but angelic voice that just won’t quit. This new album is sure to send her music career to new heights.

Kristin’s songwriting is thoughtful and articulate. In "Let it Go" she writes, "…So you hold on tight to the pain you know/Let it Go, Let it Go". It’s a song about knowing when to let go: about making peace gracefully and effortlessly. In "Show Them", a song about briefly running away from one’s truth to hop on the ever-familiar bandwagon, Kristin writes, "…Show them exactly what I think they wanna see/At the same time I go on pleasing my family/What happened to whatever it was I wanna be?…"

As on her debut CD, Silver Bowl, Kristin’s voice shines on So Long My Love. "She's got that soft, sometimes raspy voice that sinks into you and draws you in at the same time…" –Kristen Pasculli "Singing, to me," Kristin says, "is easier than speaking or even trying to make sense of words. It’s an emotional release that feels as good as a hard cry or a belly laugh."

So Long My Love is a collection of Kristin’s experiences over the past 4 and a half years, although it took less than 3 days to record. Kristin explains, "What a great feeling to just discharge these years’ experiences in just 2 days. It was extremely cathartic and I felt pretty relaxed recording the songs the way in which we did." As she puts it, they are her "victory scars". The songs come from a genuine place, and are sure to strike a chord in the masses or tug at several heart strings.

"…Call her Sarah McLachlan with an acoustic—call her Amy Fairchild or Sheryl Crow…whomever you compare her to, you'll still wind up short of finding an adequate comparison…because there is none. Cifelli is of her own mind, in her own world." -Kristen Pasculli,