Kristin Erickson

Kristin Erickson

 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Kristin Erickson was a winner in the New Song Showcase at the 2009 Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, and a winner in the 2009 Susanne Milsaps Songwriter Showcase at Snowbird, Utah.


Kristin Erickson, currently based in Salt Lake City, decided she wanted to be a folksinger when she was eight years old. Growing up in Minnesota, Kristin was raised on music: church choir, Broadway show tunes, classical and country, and was blessed with piano lessons and school band with clarinet and oboe. But it was the music of the 60's that really captured her attention and her heart.

Kristin left school in her mid-teens to pursue music full-time. She performed for many years, based in Minneapolis, throughout the upper midwest in coffeehouses, college concerts, bars, television, recording studios, bowling alleys, wherever she was hired to play. Most of her performances were solo, just voice and guitar, although she did put in a year with Minnesota country legends, The Sky Blue Water Boys. High points from those early days include opening sets for Tom Rush, Odetta and Wendy Waldman.

Then came a twenty year break to try to be a "grown-up." Kristin has returned to singing, playing and writing with a greater passion than ever. Her performances these days consist primarily of her original songs, but also include songs of talented friends and a few choice covers.

Of her recent CD, released late in 2006, one reviewer writes... "Her delivery features laid back guitar work and a soprano vocal that is achingly beautiful. The songs are sung with fearlessness, even peacefulness. This album is just too Beautiful (track 13) to remain a secret for long."

Recent and upcoming performances include THe Sun & Moon (SLC), Intermountain Acoustic Music Assoc. Local Concerts, Cliff Lodge at Snowbird (SLC), Torrey Music Festival, EP Atelier Coffeehouse (Mpls.), Riverside Cafe (Mpls.)


Love and Circumstance

Written By: Kristin Erickson

Lover where'd you go last night
Don't you see that time is passing?
Lover where'd you hide your light
Don't you see those clouds amassing
Forever doesn't always last
Sometimes the band leaves while you're dancing,
In the end some other hand holds the key to our romancing.

But you know you have to show up to even have a chance
Stop being such a grown-up
And come and hold my hand.

2. Lover what'd you hear last night
Did you hear my heartbeat calling?
Lover when'd you close up tight
I can't find you now I'm falling.
Forever doesn't always come
Sometimes it's best to leave early.
Still you know I have to ask
baby what's your hurry?

Bridge: Sometimes love and Circumstance
Put a hole in your planning
Don't go letting life harden your heart, your heart.

Lover where'd you go last night, don't you see that time is passing...


Written By: Kristin Erickson

Today I killed a hornet
Buzzing 'round my bedroom
Buzzing 'round my bedroom
Getting on my nerves
I had to get him first
Or he might have stung me
Today I killed a hornet 'cause I could
because I could
Today I killed a hornet 'cause I could

Today I killed a hornet
Climbing on my window
Climbing on my window
Trying to get outside
He'd flown into a world
Where he did not belong
Today I killed a hornet 'cause I could
Because I could
Today I killed a hornet 'cause I could

Today I killed a hornet
Because I didn't like him
Because I didn't like him
I crushed him right in two
I could have raised the glass
But what if they came back?
Today I killed a hornet 'cause I could
because I could
Today I killed a hornet 'cause I could

And I know you feel the way I do
Because we see things eye to eye
If we give an inch they'll take a mile
And then where would we be?
Then where would we be?

Some days I hate those hornets
Flying like to taunt me
Flying like to taunt me
With an order all their own
There ought to be some way
Some good final solution
Today I got one hornet 'cause I could
Because I could
Today I got one hornet 'cause I could


Even the Devil

Written By: Kristin Erickson

Even the Devil he'd be amused
The way we've got things so confused
Even the weather is upside down
Some days it seems we're all hell bound

Even the devil he'd be surprised
The way we're all so polarized
You got yours and I got mine
Don't you dare step over that line

Even the devil he'd be so proud
I bet he's laughing right out loud
The way we're doing his job for him
I bet he can't smile for grinning

Look at this world we're living in
Nonsense just keeps rolling in
Leaders saying black is white
All we need is one more fight
People hungry but there' plenty to eat
All this room and kids sleeping in the street

And we say feed the poor
But only if they're legal
'Cause they got to remember that
It's not their eagle
Polar bears swimming until they drown
Not much love here to be found

Even the devil he'd be amazed
That sunset's just a toxic haze
Even the devil he'd be surprised
Couldn't do better if he were supervising

So what we gonna do to put things right
What we gonna do to stop this fighting
What we gonna do to stop his grinning
What we gonna do to stop the devil winning?

Best Western Blues

Written By: Kristin Erickson

Well I've got these songs I sing
And all these folks who care
And the life I'm living brings me
Good times beyond compare
But it's hard to call a motel home
And I'm always going home alone

Chorus: And the clock in the steeple
It's moving so slow
I'm a long way from home
And I'm missing you
How I'm missing you

This road's a drug driving me
To I don't know where
And thogh I love this life
Sometimes it's hard to bear
'Cause the lights just fades to empty night
And a song can't come and hold me tight


Well you know how much I love you
You're in every song I sing
Sometimes I'd like to settle down
More than anything
But I've got this thing that's chasing me
And you know it just won't leave me be


True Love Stays

Written By: Kristin Erickson

Time goes by, time goes fast
Lots of things don't last
Friendships come, friendships go
fade out into past
True love stays
True love stays

Like a bird flies away
All those winter miles
In the spring she returns
Absent but a while
True love stays
True love stays

There's so much we don't know
All the reasons why
Things come down like they do
You got to keep on trying
True love stays
True love stays
Just 'cause love don't go like you planned it
Don't mean that love isn't there
And trying to force it by holding more tightly's
No better than grasping at air
You've got to believe
And trust that it's there
True love stays

All the time in the world
All the distance too
Cannot change one heart's course
Or end a love that's true
True love stays
True love stays


Written By: Kristin Erickson

When she was 10 how she did sparkle,
Oh she seemed so confident
But even then her demons taunted
Birdie you're not good enough
Birdie you're not good enough

She was good and she was earnest
But she never did fit in
Each attempt and she'd fall further
Birdie you won't ever win
Birdie you won't ever win

Let me fly says little Birdie
Mother let me Fly away

Then she found a softer passage
And it worked just like a charm
Opened doors she'd never noticed
Opened doors with armor on
Opened doors with armor in


When it all came crashing down
She had no edge to stand on
And in the dark and in the fog
She saw no branch to land on

In her room one night she flew off
All alone as was her way
A skipping record was her send off
Did she hear a better day
Did she hear a better day



Written By: Kristin Erickson

They're shooting off canons
looks like the Civil War
is starting on the lawn across the way.
They're marching in formation
Should be strange but isn't
'Cause nothing seems to make sense these days.

I hope that you don't know
that the sunlight never starts
and I hope that you don't know
that the darkness never really parts.
To you I'm doing fine
thank you very much
Well there's so much that I hope that you don't know.
There's so much that I hope that you don't know

We did this for the best
of course we both agreed
We're not little children you and I
Yes we'll still be friends
we're above such petty nonsense
I wished you (both) well when we said goodbye


So I walk my wounds
and hide behind these screens
where carpetbaggers promise harmony
But I just can't see
through these lines of blue and gray
And sounds of thunder, canons
I can't say



Written By: Kristin Erickson

There are some things I know
A few are worth a mention
Everything will come and go
To this there's no exception
Love is always here
It's up to us to see it
Life is never clear
But it's beautiful

There are some things I've learned
And some that I'm still fighting
Growth is always earned
And earning can be biting
Faith can't live with fear
And fear can be so blinding
Love is never easy
But it's beautiful

There are some things I guess
That peace must start inside us
Parents don't know best
But they truly love us
That it's up to us
In all our tiny ways
To try to live our lives
So they're beautiful

Trust your heart
Live your dreams
Love who you love
Feel how you feel

Once I had a dream
WHile I was barely sleeping
Heard love's the one true thing
That always is worth keeping
Could open any heart
And answer every prayer
And could make the world

Been Through the Wars

Written By: Kristin Erickson

I've wrestled the blues and lost lots of rounds
I've been so lost swore I'd never be found
There's so many mistakes it's not even funny
It's best not to even get started about money
But in all of my travels and all of my trials
Whether I'm docile or whether I'm wild
CHORUS: I've been through the wars and I've come back to tell you that life's a beautiful thing
I know that you're torn and you may not believe me but hold on, hold on, hold on
See what the Morning Brings

There have been some sad losses somehow I got through it
I learned how to mimic the way that you do it
It's only this one day I have to live well
What the next one will bring me I really can't tell
And in all of my travels and all of my trials, I've worn many faces and tried many styles


There's been lots of love and broken hearts too
But I keep falling it's just what I do
Little by slowly it keeps getting better the more I learn about what really matters
And in all of my travels and all of my trials love is what carries me over the miles.


Take a Breath

Written By: Kristin Erickson

You don't have to be good
to sit at our table
There's no test you must take
To show you are able
Come in where it's warm
You've been out for too long
Take a breath and just come home
Take a breath and just come home

You can come as you are
You don't need to be clever
And just take your time
It's not now or never
However it is is just how it should be
Take a breath and just feel free
Take a breath and just feel free

Thoughts can take our hearts away
No time for that sunny day

Please be yourself
That's the real treasure
It can be hard to find
So you be the measure
The walls are all crumbling
The sky's open wide
Take a breath and come outside
Take a breath and come outside


See What the Morning Brings, released late 2006