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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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"Show Girl - An Interview with Kristine W"

Dance-music mainstay Kristine W wears many hats. Every one brims with vim. In a recent interview, the veteran performer reflects on her 20-plus-year career- from working beauty pageant circuit and collecting a check from the Colonel (think Memphis, not Louisville) to raising a family and fighting for her life.

And that's just half of it.

Kristine - otherwise known as the fab Ms. W to her loyal legion - also discuss her latest album Power of Music, and in a world exclusive reveals the results of a MySpace contest for fans to choose the song they'd most like to hear on her soon-to-be-released Christmas CD.
Our vote?

"Come All Ye Faithfull."

MIKEY ROX: Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this thing, let's take a minute to admire you! I read somewhere that since your debut album in 1996, you've broken records previously held by Madonna and Janet Jackson for consecutive hits on the Billboard Club Play chart. Is that true?

KRISTINE W: Yes, that's true! I'm very proud of that, and I owe that success to my fans that continue to inspire me.

MR: In the early 1980's you were a contestant in the Miss America competition. Did you ever have to kick a bitch's ass backstage?

KW: Yes, it was the mid-80's and one of the girls put water on my hairspray bottle. I told them all if I find out who did it they'll missing some teeth - so don't f@&* with me. [Laughs] That shocked 'em.

MR: After you retired your world-peace speech, you headed to Las Vegas where, during the late 1980s and early ’90s, you performed more shows at the Las Vegas Hilton than anyone in its history, including the king of rock-n-roll, Elvis Presley. Now, I could ask a safe question like, “How does it feel to be in the company of the greatest?” But I don’t care about that. What I really want to know is what kind of trouble you caused in Sin City? You were young, single and financially independent. And those are the top three reasons in my book to do whatever the hell you want. Anything you’d like to confess, missy?

KW: I took my scholarship money and hit the road from my farm town in Washington and headed immediately to Vegas. I worked my way through school performing on stages, singing everywhere. I was offered my own show at the Las Vegas Hilton because I had built up such a big local following. Soon we could not fit any more people in the 200-seat room, so they built me a 500-seat room. I learned a lot of history about Elvis. His manager, the Colonel, was very old and lived at the Hilton. He was always in the entertainment office sitting there when I would pick up my check. The entertainment director, Foster Wilson, told me many stories about Elvis, and when my son was born [Foster] opened the glass case with the famous Elvis outfit and guitar and I took a picture with [my son] JR next to it in his car seat. A lot of good memories at the Hilton. My mom says I became a grownup while I was playing those stages. About my personal life during that time - I had fun, but kept it on the down low because I was the leader of the band, the star of the show, and the producer. But, yes, I enjoyed the company of some really hot guys!

MR: Considering you sordid past (wink), it's no wonder you have such an avid gay following! But I've always wondered, how does one get an avid gay following? I mean, it's not like you set out to be the next Betty White. Right?

KW: Being a gay icon just happened organically. One minute I was in London performing for straight people in night clubs. The next, I'm in NYC with 2,000 half-naked men. Pretty fun!

MR: I've seen the company you keep - Junior Vasquez, RuPaul, etc. So it might be more appropriate to ask that question differently. Do you know any straight people?

KW: Yes, I have straight friends! [Laughs} You would not believe the diversity of my friendship pool. It's hilarious!

MR: There's no easy transition into this next question so I'll come out with it. While making it Vegas on your own is admirable, overcoming leukemia is a modern-day miracle. My brother passed away from the disease in 2002 at age 22, so I know from firsthand the devastation cancer can cause the people it affects. What were your thoughts when you were diagnosed, and how did the battle to beat the disease change your life?

KW: I was devastated when I was diagnosed, angry, scared. I cried for about three days straight. Then I called upon my faith and I knew I had to be a soldier rather than a victim. The odds of my survival were pretty slim so I needed to really focus and educate myself on the disease. The two-year battle change my priorities. I have always been in love with my two children since they were born. I know their love saved me and gave me the fight to hang in there. Children and music, that's my focus - and without a doubt, I have seen the power of love and the power of music through them and my loyal fan base.

MR: Your October calendar is filling up fast. First up is the "Come Out with Pride Parade" at Disney World, which is way late since the annual Gay Day is in June. So what's the significance" Is this your first time participating?

KW: This is the first time I've performed at Orlando Pride, so I'm really excited about it! We've had some amazing shows at The Parliament House, and I know how much fun the people in Orlando are. So watch out and fasten your wig on, honey!

MR: BTW, I must say you don't look your age at all. I won’t tell the world the actual number - I'll leave that to your discretion - but how do you keep yourself looking so sex? You Mousercise, don't you?

KW: Your newest single "The Boss," from the upcoming Power of Music, recently earned you your 11th #1 Billboard track. Can we expect more of the same when the records drops by later this year? Any collabos we should look out for?

KW: My next single from Power of Music is called "Never," and I'm also releasing a seven song Christmas EP called "Hey Mr. Christmas." It's a very uplifting project because the holidays can be a bummer for a lot of people. It's definitely good medicine. We asked MySpace peeps which Christmas song they would most like to see me redo and we put the winner on the album. I will tell the world for the first time this interview which on it was - it was a dance mix of "Hard Candy Christmas" How's that for new scoop! I'm also working with [pop-pianist] Jim Brickman at the moment - so stay tuned.
- The Rainbow Times - by mikey Rox

"Kristine W Releases Holiday Album, "HEY MR. CHRISTMAS""

Celebrate one of the country's most talented performers during everyone's favorite time of year, Christmas.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) November 18, 2008 -- Fly Again Music adds jingling groove to this year's holiday season with the release of Kristine W's first Christmas album, Hey Mr. Christmas. In it, Kristine's beautiful voice commands front and center, with her trademark rhythmic beats providing brilliant back-up. She adds dance floor spice to tastefully selected holiday favorites, plus offers an unplugged remake of her #1 smash "Wonder of It All", performed live with legendary pianist and composer Jim Brickman. She also introduces two new holiday tunes, penned by the superstar herself. Hey Mr. Christmas releases exclusively to Borders Books and Music on Tuesday, November 18 and worldwide on i-Tunes on Tues, December 2.

Hey Mr. Christmas begins with "Mr. Christmas", a tribute to Kristine's assistant who is fighting in Iraq, and "Everyday's a Holiday". Both tracks were written by Kristine, in collaboration with the UK's award-winning songwriting and production team, Love to Infinity. Then the dance music icon knocks the holiday stockings off the chimney with a remake of Dolly Parton's "Hard Candy Christmas" and an electro mix of "Mary Did You Know". She breathes new life into The Sound of Music's "Favorite Things" with a newly written verse and a slick lounge sound; then caps Hey Mr. Christmas off with a show-stomping, diva-licious dance floor rendition of "O Holy Night".

"We need an uplifting holiday album now more than ever before," explained Kristine at this week's announcement of Hey Mr. Christmas at the Fly Again offices in Las Vegas. "Earlier in the summer, when my assistant was called to serve his country, I realized this season was going to be a particular challenge. Americans are dealing with an overwhelming amount of crisis, both at home with the financial upheaval and abroad with the war. I decided to stop working on my Power of Music album and pour all of my heart and soul into this project. Hey Mr. Christmas is happy holiday record and I'm excited to offer my fans a reason to smile this season."

Kristine W is beloved for her string of #1 dance floor hits including "Land of the Living", "One More Try", "Stronger" and "Feel What You Want". She currently holds the world's record for Most Consecutive #1 Billboard Club Hits. In 2004, she surpassed superstars Madonna and Janet Jackson's record of seven #1 songs in a row; and in 2005, she broke her own record with the release of "Wonder of It All", her ninth consecutive #1.

Adding to her notable accomplishments, Kristine is a leukemia survivor. Last year, she celebrated five years of remission.

Kristine W is a fourth generation entertainer hailing from Pasco, Washington. After winning titles as Miss Tri-Cities and Miss Washington, and placing first in the talent competition at the Miss America pageant, Kristine went on to pursue her educational and musical dreams in Las Vegas. She headlined her own show at the Las Vegas Hilton, winning several 'Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year' awards and earning the distinction as the entertainer who performed more live shows at the Las Vegas Hilton than any other performer in its history - including Elvis. The award led to June 28th being officially sanctioned Kristine W day in the state of Nevada.,+Composers,+Singers,+Rappers,+Groups/Janet+Jackson/0gbuf2u9gma7K/1
- USA Today

" - "Hey Mr. Christmas" review"

As we patiently wait for the release of "The Power of Music" and her jazz album "Straight Up With a Twist", Kristine yet again wets our appetites with an unexpected holiday e.p. Boy oh boy, what a treat this is! I admit, I'm a sucker for Christmas music, especially when it's been 'housed' up. While this may be shorter than I might have hoped for, it sure does deliver the goods from start to finish. Starting with the fabulous holiday original "Mr. Christmas" followed by "Everyday Is a Holiday" and the oh say gay classics "Hard Candy Christmas" from "The Best Little Whore House in Texas" and "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music". In addition to these new recordings, we also get Kristine's dance version of last year's "Mary Did You Know" and the now classic dance mix of "Oh Holy Night" from several years back. Most surprisingly is the inclusion of a live unplugged take of "The Wonder of It All" with Jim Brickman. This is an achingly beautiful song that brought tears to my eyes; the original version on her album "Fly Again" never had that affect on me. With World AIDS Day coming up on Monday, this song certainly strikes a chord as I reminisce about the friends I've lost over the years. It's been a long time since I purchased a full length Holiday album (think back to the "Very Special Christmas" series), as I am usually a holiday singles kinda guy. I've got to say, note for note, this is so worth it. Currently, the disc version is available through Perfect Beat and Kristine's official online store. You can also download the mp3 version from both stores, including iTunes. So put yourself in the holiday spirit and pick up a copy for yourself and/or someone you love, you'll be glad you did. -

" - "Never" review"

WOO HOO! I got my CD Maxi in yesterday of Kristine W's second single from the forthcoming "Power of Music" album to be released in 2009. In true Kristine fashion, this puppy comes loaded to the gill with some first rate club mixes to suit almost every dancefloor. While Love To Infinity deliver a stellar rework, the standout remix is by the top rate production team 7th Heaven, who have no doubt had an outstanding year. Surprisingly good is the Perry Twins production. Though not quite as 'electro' as their title would suggest, they deliver one heck of a guilty pleasure that strays from their big room sound they're known for. Unfortunately, if you're looking form some big beats, you're not going to find it in the DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious remix. Instead, they and newcomers DJ Peter Canellis & Kamil Bartoszcze deliver a very satisfying remix that comes closer to mainstream electro-funk that will definitely get the attention of your floor. Probably the weakest remix in the bunch is the Ruff & Torte production that resembles more of a dub-electro mix bordering on a progressive sound. Not bad, but if you didn't know the song, it may not work in your sets.

In addition to the full club remixes, you get the radio mixes for all but the Ruff & Torte plus two additional house turns by Brothers Behind The Light and Nick Harvey suggesting a second release package in the near future. After listening to all the remixes, I can't but wonder how well this song might benefit from a a progressive mix by Adam K & Soha or Morgan Page. Certainly it lends itself to the genre and could work very well. Nevertheless, I'm not bitching because once again Kristine really knows how to cover the base with her releases and ensure that no fan is left behind.

Currently "Never" is available via multiple vendors, which is important to note that availability and pricing vary greatly. With the heavy onslaught of digital piracy on the Internet (especially in club music), it appears Kristine's production company took a different tack in trying to minimize losses for this release. So, let me cut through the red tape and lay it out for everyone. I bought this release via the Kristine W online store where you can purchase the physical product for $8.98 and/or digital downloads for $1.99 each. You can also purchase the full release via download at Masterbeat, however be warned that the full package will cost you $16.99. The same is true for Perfect Beat in both formats plus they have additional downloads not available at Masterbeat nor on the CD maxi. For starters, you can get the full Nick Harvey Club Mix and Tribal Dub as well as the Ruff & Torte Radio Mix and DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Dub. Currently this release is not available via iTunes, though may be made available in the near future. As you can see, there are plenty of options and there shouldn't be any European restrictions for those fans purchasing from abroad.

All in all, this is an outstanding package that is certain to deliver yet another #1 for Kristine. Please help support her efforts to bring top notch club music to the masses by purchasing through legal channels. Kristine has done so much not only for the club community in general, but has been an outstanding ally in the gay community as well. It's only through our support that she can continue to provide us with the kind of offerings that this release contains. Let's help keep the music alive by supporting those efforts. I'll be back tomorrow with my review of Kristine's "Mr. Christmas".


Full-length releases:
Land of the Living
Fly Again
Hey Mr. Christmas
The Power of Music
Straight Up With A Twist

Feel What You Want
One More Try
Land of the Living
Lovin’ You
Some Lovin’
Fly Again
Save my Soul
The Wonder of it All
I’ll Be Your Light
Walk Away
The Boss
Love is the Look
Be Alright
The Power of Music



Kristine W – a fixture in the dance scene since the release of her 1997 hit-packed album, LAND OF THE LIVING – is a rare blend. She is a showy singer with astounding vocal firepower and a confessional songwriter’s ethic, as well as, a performer with longevity who’s assuring her fans that she has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

“You have to stay current and continue to educate yourself on the happenings in this business, because things change so quickly,” she says. “If you don’t figure out how to survive it all, you’ll be at the back of the line.”

The ultimate chameleon artist, Kristine has proven she can ‘survive it all’. She holds the world’s record for most consecutive 1 Billboard Club Hits. In 2004, she surpassed Madonna and Janet Jackson’s record of seven 1 songs in a row. The next year, Kristine W broke her own record with the release of “Wonder of It All”, her ninth consecutive 1. Today, having a total of fifteen songs reach the number one position, she now ties Mariah Carey for third-most toppers. Only Madonna (40) and Janet Jackson (19) have had more dance No. 1s.

In December 2009, Billboard Magazine published both their Year End and Decade End Charts announcing Kristine’s triumphant achievement: The 3rd place position on the Decade’s Best of 2000s Dance Club Play Artists List with only Madonna and Beyonce ahead of her in the first and second positions. Added to this accolade was the achievement of garnering two positions on the Top 50 Dance Club Play Songs of the Decade; “The Boss” placed 36 on the list and “Some Lovin’” took the 48th position. For the end of 2009, Billboard placed her 5th in the artist category with her tune “Be Alright” taking the 47th spot in the song category. In this last year, Kristine continued to be recognized internationally receiving numerous accolades and being hailed as ‘The Queen of Dance.’

A fourth generation entertainer who hails from Washington state, Kristine Weitz began honing her musical skills at a young age. After winning titles as Miss Tri-Cities, Miss Washington and placing first in the talent competition at the Miss America pageant, Kristine went on to pursue her educational and musical dreams in Las Vegas, where she found success headlining her own show at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Numerous awards followed, including several 'Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year' wins and being officially sanctioned as the entertainer who performed more live shows at the Las Vegas Hilton than any other performer in its history - including Elvis. This award led to June 28th being officially sanctioned Kristine W day in the state of Nevada.

After conquering Las Vegas, Kristine reached the top of the dance charts in 1996 with the now classic anthem "Feel What You Want", landing at 1 on Billboard's Dance Chart and holding at the top five in more than ten countries worldwide. Signing with RCA Records and releasing the 1997 critically acclaimed album, LAND OF THE LIVING, Kristine catapulted to the top of the dance music spotlight with two more singles, the beautifully spun "One More Try", which won Kristine an ASCAP Award for co-writing, and the album's title track "Land Of The Living", in which the artist shares real experiences of survival and overcoming life's obstacles.

Finding herself in the executive producers chair for her second RCA project, Kristine W recorded the smash follow-up album STRONGER. Released in 2000, the savvy collection of rhythmic tracks, encompassing dance floor grooves, neo-soul and unadulterated pop, again placed the versatile performer at the top of the Billboard Club Play Charts. The album's title track "Stronger" and the timeless single "Lovin' You" both added to Kristine's vault of number one singles.

In 2004, after overcoming her three-year battle with leukemia, Kristine released her third album, FLY AGAIN, with Tommy Boy Records. The album yielded an additional three 1 hits: the title track, “Save My Soul” and “The Wonder of It All”. Four years later, in 2008, she achieved two more 1s with “Walk Away” and “The Boss”.

In 2009, Kristine released her fourth studio album, THE POWER OF MUSIC, on her own label. “I ran it by a couple of studio executives and they didn’t understand what I was trying to do,” she explains. “So I said, ‘Well then, I’ll release it myself.’”

The album added four more 1s to her arsenal of hits: “Never”, “Love is the Look”; “Be Alright” and Kristine’s 15th chart topper, “The Power of Music”.

"I know what my fans want and I’ll continue to do everything in my power to give it to them," she says. "I feel like that's what I was sent here to do. I'm the messenger, and I feel blessed to be able to do this job."

Kristine’s albums and singles have produced over 350,000 Soundscan units to date. Kristine’s songs have been licensed to over 150 compilations CDs.

This fall, Kristine W will unveil her newest project, STRAIGHT UP WITH A TWIST; The double CD jazz album