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(Independent Release) Reviewed 3rd July 2007

Having exchanged emails with Kristin Glasgow, she seems a nice girl. And now I have had the honour of listening to her independently produced cd. And I like very much what I hear. It takes me back to the 80's when we used to hear artists like Pat Benetar quite regularly on UK radio. Not now unfortunately. 'Danger's Calling' is a healthy dose of melodic rock/AOR, that as I say has an 80's vibe. And Kristin also covers an REO SPEEDWAGON song, 'Keep Pushin'. And REO Speedwagon were one of my fave bands (still are!). Standout tracks are the aforementioned 'Keep Pushin', the title track and the slower 'Forever', although the cd is impressive throughout it's 53 minutes. Kristin Glasgow has been picking up some healthy reviews across Europe, and I am not surprised. There was once a label here in the UK called Now And Then Records. They have disappeared of the radar, but Kristin Glasgow is the sort of artist Mark Ashton at Now And Then would have moved heaven and earth to sign. This cd can be bought at nonetheless, so what are you waiting for. Support a hard working independent artist. A pleasing effort! Check out 8/10 (Reviewed by Dave).

- Rave Heart Music ,com

"Strutter Mag Review"


KRISTIN GLASGOW started developing her music career at a young age and it was in 2001 when she met music producer Rich Vogellehner. With him she recorded in 2004 a CD titled 'Eyes of an Angel'. Now there is a follow-up titled 'Danger's callin'. This CD features some great 80s orientated female fronted melodic rock that really is not far away from CINDY CRUSE, PAT BENATAR, LITA FORD, DONNA CHRISTY, DEVAY, TC KROSS, etc. etc. Songs like "I'm Fallin'" and "We'll Never Stop Believin'" are awesome 80s aor/melodic rockers. The sound is good and it really is great stuff what we get to hear, although not as huge sounding as HEART/VIXEN/LAOS, but nevertheless a must-have for fans of the classic 80s FF Melodic Rocksound. There's also a cover of REO SPEEDWAGON included, namely their classic "Keep pushin'" from 30 years ago, done very nicely! So, instead of the typical modern sounding FF Rock and the Gothic Metal sound, this female rocker goes musically back to the mid 1980s when all girls made this kind of catchy AOR/Melodic Rock! Email Kristin at: and more info at: or

(Points: 8.2 out of 10)

- Strutter Magazine

"Ian Johnson Review"

A new name to me Kirstin Glasgow is a lover of it would seem late 80’s aor and the lady has recorded an album that has some tracks on it that wouldn’t be out of place in that golden aor era. This is her second cd so I’m going in cold on this review ( as I have not heard the first ) and it doesn’t take to long for Miss Glasgow’s music to warm me up because it is a very nice selection of melodic rockers and ballads that remind me in places of Heart / Vixen / Pat Benatar and Fiona.

The songs themselves are for the most part up-beat in nature with some tasty keyboards and guitars thrown in, but it’s the soulful voice of Kristin that gives them life. Her passion for her work is obvious and on tracks like Keep Pushin’ the pompy We’ll Never Stop Believin’ a superb song with a killer hookline the piano led ballad Now Your Gone or the brooding Raging Storm she really shines as does her songwriting which is top notch from start to finish.

What is interesting about this cd is that this album has obviously not got the thousands of dollars many of the other aor bands out there have pumped into them, yet it easily stand’s up against many of it’s bigger budget contemporaries. As good an independent release as I’ve heard in a long time.
It would seem that Kirstin Glasgow only need’s the likes of Escape / Frontiers / MTM etc, to come knocking on her door to really make an impact on our music scene. CD available from, CD Baby and her own website, or full downloads from I would urge any of you who like female fronted melodic aor to give this a try because it is an album that gets better with each spin, which as you all know is a sure sign of quality. (IN MY HOUSE MUSIC)

Ian Johnson

- AOR Deamzone

"Eyes Of An Angel"

The Detroit News

Woman's music is her therapy

Warren musician hopes to give encouragement to other abuse victims

By Anjali J. Sekhar / The Detroit News

Eyes of an Angel

Kristin Glasgow's CD, "Eyes of an Angel," was written to inspire women to be strong enough to leave violent relationships. The CD is on sale at local music shops, at the Music Achievers Conservatory in Sterling Heights, or online at A portion of proceeds from the sales will benefit Turning Point.

STERLING HEIGHTS -- It seems like not long ago, Kristin Glasgow was a nine-year-old starting out on her first piano lesson at Vanessa Chasney's Sterling Heights home.

But now that Glasgow has released her first CD, one that deals with her struggle and escape from an abusive marriage, Chasney said she remembers seeing that determination early in her former student/now assistant teacher's life.

"We knew (Glasgow) was talented and (the CD project) has really inspired her and others, too," said Chasney, who runs the Music Achievers Conservatory in Sterling Heights. "If anything was to ever happen to me, she can run my school. ... No one has been as dedicated as Kristin."

Glasgow, who had her last visit with her counselor two months ago at a domestic abuse shelter in Mount Clemens, now considers herself a survivor. And she shares that story in her recently released CD, "Eyes of an Angel."

"It's all such a blur," said Glasgow, 24, who lives in Warren. "I mean, the CD is done and I did my first concert already and I have another one coming. It's just amazing."

After suffering through a five-year abusive relationship, which included a 3 1/2 month marriage, Glasgow found the strength to leave her husband, she said. Glasgow said she found solace in three things: her family, her counselor at Turning Point, and her music.

Her CD, which was released earlier this year, has several songs -- including "Freedom," "Strong," and "Now and Forever," -- encouraging women to have faith in themselves.

The project preceded Glasgow's marriage, she said. Glasgow was approached by music writer and producer Rich Vogellehner, who was looking for a lyricist and female singer. Glasgow took on the project, but said her fiance at the time kept her from committing to it.

"Even when they were engaged, it was hard to work because she had excuse after excuse as to why she couldn't make it," Vogellehner said.

But after filing for divorce, and retreating to her parents' home in northern Michigan, Glasgow said music became her therapy. Vogellehner would send her instrumental CDs in the mail and Glasgow said she would sit in her room and just write for hours.

"I think God guided me; everything just flowed," she said. "Once I left him, I had all this free time. Music was my focus and I was finally able to finish the CD."

Glasgow soon after returned to the area, began recording her CD and resumed her teaching position at the Music Achievers Conservatory in Sterling Heights. Glasgow also teaches at a Montessori in Mount Clemens. But she hopes to create an organization to help women escape abusive relationships and give them resources to rebuild their lives, she said.

"I really believe this is my calling," she said. "I had to go through the good, the bad and the ugly to get here."

Glasgow has dedicated a portion of the proceeds from her CD sales to Turning Point. She also had given a copy of the CD to her counselor, who listened to it and bought 22 more to pass out to other counselors and victims, Glasgow said.

The music would definitely help inspire women that are victims of domestic abuse, according to Turning Point officials.

"It's really encouraging and cathartic when people find out there are women who have gone through similar experiences," said Jenny Schultz, director of community development. "That's a main tactic for (abusers), to isolate the women and make them feel like nobody cares.

"When the women find out that they're not alone and people believe them, it's empowering." - Detroit News


Eyes Of An Angel released on Simone Entertainment 2004
Dangers Callin released on Simone Entertainment 2007



Recording artist Kristin Glasgow has had music as a big part of her life since she was only 5 years old. She started taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and continued taking them all the way through her high school graduation. At 18, she started teaching piano lessons herself and soon built up a large clientele. In 2001, she joined the Music Achievers Conservatory as a teacher. Here she taught along side her old piano teacher Vanessa Chasney and soon built up a larger clientele. Her teaching skills soon got her into judging for music competitions such as National Federation and American Guild of Music.

In 2001 she met music producer Rich Vogellehner and soon after started performing background vocals for other local artists. In 2004, Glasgow and Vogellehner released Eyes of an Angel. The CD consists of an 80's rock lineup with all original songs written by the two of them. Music critics have compared this CD with artists such as Vixen and Pat Benetar. In the first month alone, the CD sales soared and Glasgow decided to do local performances. She has performed at various local events including the Boyne City Stroll the Streets, AGM Regional Competition, Boyne City's Annual Thanksgiving Parade, and local area concerts. Because Glasgow has experience in classical and Broadway music as well, she has been hired to sing at many local weddings and funerals.

In 2005, Glasgow and Vogellehner decided to give a second album a shot. After two years of working in the studio, they released Danger's Callin' in January 2007. This CD also falls into the 80's rock category, but has stronger guitars and drums. The style has been compared more to that of Dokken and Scorpions. All the pieces on this CD are also original works by Glasgow and Vogellehner except the REO Speedwagon cover hit, Keep Pushin'. Pre-ordered sales were made for this follow-up CD and with sales on the rise, it is sure to take off.

To find out more information about Kristin Glasgow, you can visit any of the following websites:,,,, or You can also download songs from either CD at many of the music download sites including: itunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and MusicNet. If you would like to contact Kristin or Rich directly send an email to