Kristin Hoffmann

Kristin Hoffmann

 New York City, New York, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Over classically-inspired piano and guitar parts, Kristin weaves her vocals through tales of life's many journeys. Her music is about being true and real to yourself.


Short Bio:

"My main goal is to spread love, light, peace and truth into the world through music and energetic frequency." -Kristin

Kristin Hoffmann is a singer/songwriter based in New York City. She grew up studying classical piano, opera, guitar and composition and attended the Juilliard Pre-College. Along the way, she has performed her own music in countless shows in NYC and has toured with The Wallflowers and Tina Dico and opened for Brandi Carlile, Feist, Howie Day, Dar Williams, Richie Havens and Ben Lee as well as been signed by both Capitol Records and Interscope Records. She has become a major "musical spokeswoman" for ocean awareness, with her "Song for the Ocean," and has recently released a new music video for the song, created with videographer, environmentalist, and founder of "Global Classroom," Colin Garland. Beyond the realm of mainstream music, Kristin has created over 150 fully recorded songs for health-challenged children as a writer/producer for the non-profit organization, "Songs of Love." In 2006, she began working alongside acupuncturist, Dar Gadol, at Chelsea Healing in NYC, leading patients on live, ethereal musical journeys during sessions. Seeing how powerful these experiences were, she was soon inspired to create a successful bi-coastal workshop series, called YogaSong, combining yoga and sound. In 2007, Kristin embarked on an exciting journey studying at The Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement, with founder and legendary sound healing pioneer, Fabien Maman. In addition to her 3 previous CD releases, "Spring Comes," "Divided Heart," and "Real," Kristin has recently released her first CD of healing music, which she calls "SOL~AUM"(Songs of Light). Her newest mainstream CD, “The Waking,” is just beginning to make it’s way into the world!

Long Bio:

At four years old, Kristin began playing piano, and before long, was writing her own songs. And from there on, she never stopped, taking classical piano and voice lessons through her teenage years and then picking up the guitar somewhere along the way. Eventually music became a way of life for her. Hoffmann was accepted to the Juilliard School of Music's pre-college program and began studying opera, secondary composition and classical composition; she became influenced by Samuel Barber and French Impressionists like Ravel. Opera training really molded my voice into what it is today. Once you study classical voice you can go anywhere with it, says Hoffmann, who also found inspiration in popular artists like Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel and Radiohead. She soon realized she could marry the two, creating her own unique blend of classical and contemporary music. I got a lot more joy out of creating my own music and having it touch people. It was just an unmatchable feeling.

After Juilliard, Kristin spent a year at NYU and her songwriting evolved as she combined her classical roots with accessible pop sensibilities. She was briefly signed to Capital Records, but ended up self-releasing her first album Divided Heart, which she not only wrote, but co-produced, engineered and recorded. All the while, Kristin continued to hone her performance skills with a residency at Caf Vivaldi in Manhattans West Village. Along with playing some 200 shows, selling 3,000 copies of Divided Heart and securing a loyal local following, As the buzz grew louder, Kristin was discovered at Vivaldi by Interscope and soon after signed to the label.

After enlisting her longtime musical collaborator Darian Cunning, along with producer David Bottrill (Peter Gabriel, Tool), Kristin escaped to Longview Studios to make the album she'd always dreamed of. I really had a very special, deep experience writing this record, she explains of her time in the converted farmhouse studio in the middle of pretty much nowhere. In all that quiet open space, and with the help of a great piano left behind by Keith Richards, Kristins songs evolved with love and care.

Using her piano as a vehicle for her voice, Kristin keeps her instrumentation simple, so the gorgeous melodies and lyrics resonate with the audience on songs like Home, which is about finding inner-strength, "Bittersweet," a song about choosing to follow your dreams over taking the safer path and the title-track "Real," a song about being true to yourself.

Kristin's music has been featured on, "Dawson's Creek," and "The Young and The Restless."

Kristin has played at Sundance Film festival.

Kristin has toured with The Wallflowers, and Tina Dico. Kristin has shared the stage with Brandi Carlile, Dar Williams, Howie Day, Gavin DeGraw, and Ben Lee.



Written By: Kristin Hoffmann

Long black skirts and painted eyes
Sally used to mesmerize with sultry
music from a bow and photographs
through chains of smoke Traded in for
army green and magazines on how to set the room for tea and sympathy
China patterns, color schemes
And when she looks at me
does she see the life left behind?
And do these city streets bring memories?
Shadows of a girl

Is it bittersweet, the taste of comfort?
Soft, familiar, lonely days
Is it raining in your coffee?
Did you think it would be bittersweet?

Piano bars and chasing dreams
My musical insanities
The sweat and ache of promises
The full moon over Brooklyn Bridge
My life has an uncommon thread
There's not enough to pay the rent
And sometimes I get scared to death
of failure or complete success

And when I look at her
I see the life I did not choose
A simple day to day, a safer place
Shadows of a dream

'Cause it's bittersweet, the taste of struggle
Crying salt and sugar tears
Finding sunlight in my darkness
Didn't think it could be bittersweet

Oh is there hell to pay
for something so heavenly?

Yes it's bittersweet, the taste of living
A semi-perfect harmony
Compromising and forgiving
Life can be, pleasingly bittersweet
Life can be, pleasingly bittersweet


Written By: Kristin Hoffmann

Sometimes when I open my eyes
I see the things that I can’t hide
Emptiness hanging from the shadows on the wall
Sometimes when I open my ears
Hear all the things I don’t want to hear
4AM, faith is lost, she’s screaming out again

And I say Mary, Mary
Mother full of light
When you gonna come down
And save us
Save us from this night
Oh, I say Mary, Mary
When you gonna hear
When you gonna come down
And take away
This bucket full
This bucket full of tears?

I tried to compromise
Saw the world through other’s eyes
In the end, the battle came and left me on the ground
So many ways to fall
We seem to find them all
Tripping through the rubble as we fight within ourselves

And I say Mary, Mary…


Written By: Kristin Hoffmann

Mysterious fire
You came to me unexpected
Darkened by grace, light by your touch
I grab too hard

Will you catch me
when I'm falling down in your love?
It will be the greatest sacrifice
of this selfish heart

Mysterious fire
You burn in me, you make me want
I taste desire, I know your face
But I look too long


No veil of fear can hide me
All my life, hoping to find myself in you


Will you catch me
when I'm falling down in your love?
Will you catch me
when I'm falling down in your love?
When I'm falling, I'm falling...

Song for the Ocean

Written By: Kristin Hoffmann

Oh, oh, oh oh...

Children of the Earth
I'm calling out
There's a mission for you and for me
You see, our Mother,
She has been suffering
And the truth is told beneath the sea
So raise your voices
Sing like ocean waves
Crashing to the shore

This is our Song for the Ocean
Mother Earth, we are calling your name
We know you're taken for granted
But we stand here committed to change
The voices of children are singing
Towards tomorrow's horizon they gaze
Oh, this is our Song for the Ocean
Give us strength

Each and every voice
Will be counted
As each and every soul has a place
Sharing on this beautiful planet
We need awareness,
Every decision we make
So raise your voices
Sing like thunder
Strength in harmony

Repeat Chorus:

Oh, oh oh oh...

Repeat Chorus:

Any Road

Written By: Kristin Hoffmann

Any road you take
Will lead you back to you
You can try to run away
But there's no running from you truth
So open up that door
And walk right through
Into light, that only lives
Where you do
Into light, that only lives
Where you do


"Spring Comes" Self Release Starr Records 1997
"Divided Heart" Self Release Starr Records 2002
"Real" Interscope Records 2005
"SOL~AUM (Songs of Light)" Self Release Starr Records 2008
"Map of the Stars" Self Release Starr Records 2008

Set List

"Higher Mind"
"Song for the Ocean"
"Nothing Stays the Same"
"All Together Now"
"When We Were Kids"
"May We All Find Our Place"
"Lay Down Your Light"

"Change Gonna Come" Sam Cooke
"Goreki" Lamb
"Amazing Grace"
"For All We Know" Donny Hatheway
"A Case of You" Joni Mitchell
"Like Spinning Plates" Radiohead
"Blood and Fire" Indigo Girls
"Blue" Joni Mitchell