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Kristin Nicholls Band

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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"Chatham This Week News"

Local brother and sister duo performing at Kiwanis

Chatham This Week

Chatham natives Kristin and Brooke Nicholls will be presenting their concert, It's Christmas on Friday, Dec. 17 at the Kiwanis Theatre, beginning at 7 p.m.

The pair have been singing together since they were teenagers and have now collaborated on a CD, entitled It's Christmas, which is a mix of original songs and Christmas classics.

Kristin has taken on songwriting and he focuses on a rock-pop-alternative approach.

In late 2007, he teamed up with fellow long time musicians and close friends to form the Kristin Nicholls Band.

Produced by multi Juno Award-winning producer Julius Butty, his new EP is now available on iTunes.

Brooke Nicholls now lives in Toronto as a singer/songwriter and has never lost sight of her dream to write and sing her own music with the hopes of touching lives with sound.

"We all possess gifts," she says. "I am blessed with the gift of music. Song resonates deep within my soul and I won't ever take that for granted."

Her self-titled album can be purchased on cd baby:

Tickets for the Dec. 17 concert are $20 and are available online at, by calling 519-354-8338 and at The Purple Pansy and The Gift Fairy in downtown Chatham.
- Chatham This Week News

"Hamilton Music Notes"

Kristin Nicholls Band at the Underground
The Underground at Caroline and King William Streets re-opens its doors to live music this weekend. The club had spent five years as an alternative and all ages venue but suddenly changed direction a few years ago. With the next few weekends showcasing Hamilton talent booked by North Shore Entertainment’s Steve Denyer – it’s an opportune time to check out what’s gone on with the club and catch up with some locals you might not be too familiar with.
Kristin Nicholls has developed a name for himself as a singer/songwriter but just as he makes a decision to put a band together, he hooks up with one of the area’s hottest producers to make what could be a career-altering disc.
Producer Julius Butty (Alexisonfire, Protest the Hero) helped capture Nicholls (guitar, vocals), Luke Cronsberry (guitar, vocals), Jamie Altena (bass), and Allen Bilston (drums) like they probably haven’t thought possible before. The result is a sonically dynamic collection of songs with some solid commercial potential.
“I can't say enough great things about Julius and what he brought to the table for us,” smiles Nicholls. “He has ears that are out of this world. What he hears, and how he captures sounds is truly unbelievable. The songs we recorded with Julius sound huge - he was able to keep our pop sensibilities while giving us an edgier sound. It was exactly what we were looking for.
“I'd say our sound comes from bands like Lifehouse, Matt Good, Our
Lady Peace, Stereophonics, Tonic, and Bon Jovi. Really, a lot of girls and their mom's like our music,” quips Nicholls. “I love melody so when I write, essentially I'm writing pop hooks with heavier guitars. I love songs that get stuck in listener's heads. I mean, who doesn't want to be commercially successful? We want our music to reach as many people as possible. The truth is, is that's what we're good at writing. We're not being anybody else, just trying to be the best us.
With Nicholls’ solid pop sensibilities, even the sad songs are uplifting – but the business side of the music industry has been somewhat frustrating. While you can get the KNB disc on iTunes, the band is still working out management and other industry issues while
they continue working on new songs with Butty for another release.
“Even when a dark or frustrating event inspire me to write a song, I always try to put a positive spin on it,” notes Nicholls. “We all know what it feels like to be down, or sad, or depressed or to have lost love, and as much as it feels good to wallow in our sorrow, I like songs that pick me up, and remind me that this isn't just it. Really, these songs are my therapy, as every writer I'm sure says. I write about an event, get it out of me and move on.
“This CDEP is definitely a solid introduction to where we're at now, and what fans can expect to hear in the future. The songs stand on their own and we're very proud of that. The music business is a lot of hurry up and wait so we're patiently waiting for this CDEP to get some legs and go where we believe it should.”
With this weekend’s gig, the Kristin Nicholls band gets to share the
stage with sister Brooke Nicholls who recently released her own CD and it wouldn’t be surprising if there were some extra harmonies with the KNB for this family affair.
“Yes, I'm really looking forward to playing this show with my sister on Saturday,” smiles Nicholls. “Brooke is well. She's moved to Toronto recently. I'll probably end up pulling her on stage on Saturday to sing some harmonies with me at some point. I'd definitely say [this show will be] soulful and emotive but don't get that confused with wimpy. We're loud and still very rocking. If you love catchy sing
along-able rock, you won't be disappointed.”

Kristin Nicholls plays this Saturday October 16 at the Underground with Fall of Spring and Brooke Nicholls. - The View Magazine, written by Ric Taylor


- Kristin Nicholls Band 4 song EP
Singles: Alive Again, Stand Tall



Kristin Nicholls Band have discovered a shortcut directly from their heart to fans. It’s called songwriting, and they excel in their rock-pop-alternative approach. The audience is treated to smartly spun melodies and lyrical charm, not to mention a delicately balanced blend of original artistry and accessibility. Kristin Nicholls Band's music is emotive, genuine and endlessly entertaining.

Sense in the Dark

The bad times will always be upon us, but so will the music. There are moments in our life in which existence seems to have abandoned all reason and meaning seems lacking. It’s those moments when music becomes most important, says Kristin Nicholls Band. Music is more than mere fun (though fun it is), it is a beacon of hope and the communication between souls. That in mind, Kristin Nicholls Band focuses on writing heartfelt songs that convey with emotional honesty the contents of his inner self. Their reward, beyond the obvious – fans and recognition – is discovering meaning in life, filling the void. “Music makes us feel alive; it makes life make sense in the darkest of times.” And in the brightest of times, it’s a celebration of life. And KNB’s music is ready and able, whichever the case.


It’s an irony that those dark times from which music offers us an escape are frequently the very things that inspire music. While Kristin Nicholls Band says that their muse is triggered by any number of things – as artists, they have a sharp eye out for the next song inspiration – they admit that it’s often the difficulties in life that bring them into a creative peak. “Anything can be an inspiration, depending on the mood”. But whether it’s lighthearted or serious, a Kristin Nicholls Band song is poignant and compelling.

Artists at Work

The band's frontman, Kristin Nicholls, was a Sound of Music Festival songwriting contest winner in 2005. His song, “Be With,” has received radio play across Canada since 2005. He has toured heavily over the last ten years, delivering his music to audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. He’s played everything from tiny clubs to big arena shows with audiences of about 10,000 people. Nicholls employed his skills as a VJ on a music video show five nights a week for a three-year stint, conducting interviews and functioning as an MC for concerts at various venues including the Air Canada Centre. Nicholls has shared the stage with Kevin Hern of the Barenaked Ladies, Liam Titcomb, Tommy Swick (Juno’s 2007 New Artist of the Year), Tal Bachman, Craig Weathery of The Odds, Jesse Valenzuela of the Gin Blossoms, Mike Turner of Our Lady Peace, Pete Lesperance of Harem Scarem, Thousand Foot Krutch, Boy, Dave Thomson of Wave, Faber Drive, Marianna’s Trench, Money Money, The Black Maria, Brian Byrne of I Mother Earth and others. Dave Thomson produced Nicholls’ first solo EP; it sold more than 3,000 copies.
In late 2007, Kristin Nicholls teamed up with fellow long time musicians and close friends, Luke Cronsberry, Jamie Altena, and Allen Bilston, to form a new project dubbed "Kristin Nicholls Band". The band has recorded new music with producer Julius Butty (nominated for producer of the year at Juno’s 2007.) This project was released under the title "Kristin Nicholls Band EP" in the fall of 2009.

“Kristin Nicholls Band is an accomplished group of musicians who have discovered the musical template for the simplicity and complexity of human emotion.” – A&R Select