Kristin Tinsley

Kristin Tinsley


My music has a 70's classic rock feel and influence crossed with some of today's popular sounds/appeal. Vocal stylings are compared to those of Stevie Nicks and Natalie Merchant. Song production, arrangements, and writing styles are reminiscent to those of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.


I began singing from the age of four years old, but proceeded to pursue athletics instead. I played softball during elementary school and then took up cheerleading in middle school.
Cheerleading continued through my freshman year in high school where I was a member of both the Junior Varsity football cheerleading squad and the Varsity competition squad. Becoming extremely disenchanted with the affair, I decided to tryout for the volleyball team. I was a member of the Varsity team during my sophomore, junior, and senior year.
Over the three years, I received honorable mention (sophomore), first team all-county (junior, senior), team MVP (junior, senior), player of the year (senior), and was a member of the Georgia All-Star volleyball team (senior). While in between high school seasons, I participated in the Junior Olympic Volleyball program.
My senior year ended with me receiving a volleyball scholarship to Valdosta State University. I started as a defense specialist my freshmen year.
After the 2001 season, I moved back to Atlanta and worked full time. In July of 2002, I decided to pick up the guitar. In August, I went to Georgia Southern University and played volleyball there for two years.
Getting no where with my music, I decided to move back to Atlanta and try to do something. Once I got back, I started playing at local open mic venues and began to receive offers for shows. In 2005, I played my first solo show and have been playing frequently since then.
Over the years, I have written several songs and in November of 2005, decided to professionally record a few of them. After almost a year, the project was finally completed.
The music is reminicent of bands such as Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles. My vocal sound/style is often compared to those of Stevie Nicks and Natalie Merchant.
I love the way music from the 70's classic rock bands used to be and feel. I try to take those influences that make their music special to me and blend it with trends that are popular today. It is very important to me that the initial sound of my music/song creates interest within a listener. I want the combination of music and lyrics to make sense. It is important to me that some kind of emotion can be felt while going through each song.



Written By: Kristin Tinsley

Sabrina 7-16-05

She's a woman
Like you've never seen
They track her down like prey~

Tracing close behind her
How they wish
To cry her name~

For when they do
She flies away
Straight into his arms~

Only he can have her
When he cries~


She lives a charmed life
I know
And cuts the light like a knife~

Looking down on me
Her eyes guide me
Through the night~

For she and I
Are somewhat the same
Running to the ones~

The one who calls her name
He calls...~


Crying to her in the night
(Running to him..)
She fades away from their sight
(Straight into his arms)
Oohh.. you can..t even catch her shadow
As she flies....

Crying to her in the night
(Running to him..)
She fades away from their sight
(Straight into his arms)
Oohh.. you can..t even catch her shadow
As she flies..

Oohh.. Sabrina...
Oh and she flies..
oh no you can't even
catch her shadow
Not if you tried

(She's a woman like you've never seen)

Oh and he calls
To her in the night
And she flies away

Straight into his arms
Oh Sabrina she flies away

Tracing close behind her
Only does she go
When he calls
(Crying to her in the night)
(Can't even catch her shadow)

Cry Out to the Night

Written By: Kristin Tinsley

Cry Out to the Night 7-16-05

For the girl who is much like you
She knows what you’re feeling
She hears voices too~

And she understands the reasons
Why you were crazy~

Though the answers came much later than you’d hoped
It’s better late than never~

And she understands much
Of what you’re feeling~

(cry out to the night)
To the nightbird and she’ll carry your song to me
(cry out to the night)
When you’re down it can set the others free
(cry out to the night)
Go on baby…
Go on it’s alright
(cry out to the night)
ooh cry out to the night….

She often sits at home as you do
Writing in the dark alone
Far from view~

And she understands this world
Better than the one
That’s around her~

After all this has become her home
Words here hold more truth
Than you’ll ever know~

And she understands everything
About this nameless girl~

Some day you’ll come
Face to face with her~

And see yourself once again
As the young girl you once were~

Ooh you gave so much to her…

You’ll see yourself in the face of another
You won’t even know her name
Oh you gave so much to her
Ooh ooh cry out to the night….

Till the Moon Falls

Written By: Kristin Tinsley

Till the Moon Falls 8-22-06

Wonder who you sing to
When you cry in the night
What woman has you down
And losing the fight~

Was it what you wanted
But could not have
Or what she took from you
That's driving you mad~

It's a hard game
when your heart's
in another's hands~

When they walk away
it's sometimes hard
to understand~

You can cry to me
I'll help you see~

Well she's not
the winner after all
Cause I'll hold you
Till the moon falls~

So I cry out to the night
And sing a song for you
No baby I'm not down
But I do need you~

And I don't know if it's right
But I really do care
No matter what becomes of us
I will be there~

Well you're haunting me
Day and night
And she's locked away
In your mind~

How I wish
You'd set her free
Well set her free baby
And turn your heart to me~


Album: Cry Out to the Night 2006
1. Sabrina
2. Call Out my Name
3. Kind of Man
4. Cry Out to the Night
5. Each Night
6. The Broken Hearted
7. Whatever it Takes
8. Another Woman's Touch
9. Other Side of Something
10. Till the Moon Falls

Currently Sabrina, Cry Out to the Night, and Kind of Man, are being played on Hound Dog Radio. (

Cry Out to the Night is in rotation at iRadio La

Set List

These are a list of cover songs I perform. Currently, I perform solo acoustic.
A typical gig for me lasts about three hours and I break it up into three sets.
The first set is an hour long, the second about 45 minutes, and the third set is about 20-30 minutes long.

Set List:
Fleetwood Mac/ Stevie Nicks
Stop Draggin My Heart Around
Sweet Girl
After the Glitter Fades
Silver Springs
Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan cover)
Gold Dust Woman
Bleed to Love Her
Highway Man
Long Distance Winner
Leather and Lace
Go Your Own Way
Don’t Stop
Over My Head

Marshall Tucker Band
Can’t You See
Fire On The Mountain

Tom Petty
Free Fallin
You Don’t Know How It Feels

Edwin McCain
Could Not Ask For More
I’ll Be

Bon Jovi
Living On A Prayer

Linda Ronstadt
No Good

Sheryl Crow
First Cut Is The Deepest
Strong Enough

Elton John
Tiny Dancer

Janis Joplin
Bobby Magee

Cyndi Lauper
Time After Time

Sara McLaughlin