Kristin Woodbury

Kristin Woodbury


Kristin Woodbury is hypnotizing; her smoky alto transcends category, awakening audiences with a blend of formal training and graceful intuition. She is a woman with a voice you lose yourself in; blessed with the natural talent to create that lost in the moment spell.


Kristin Woodbury is blessed with the natural talent to pull a listener towards the center of a song creating that lost in the moment spell that always seems to redeem you in Aretha & Bonnie Raitt’s more intimate passages.

Kristin Woodbury’s journey back to the Seattle has taken her round the world, culminating with an unforgettable experience on Broadway working with Tony Award winners William Finn, most notably performing & recording “Infinite Joy” for his tribute record on RCA, as well as studying with Mel Marvin, with whom she worked with at the famous Godspeed Opera House.

It was upon working with Finn that she began to realize her true calling as a solo artist. And there after, with a sense of certainty & purpose, Kristin Woodbury moved back to Seattle energized and enlightened by her homecoming and the city lights she left behind.

Since 2005, Kristin has built a wonderful & dedicated following around her regular appearances at venues such as The Triple Door, Egan’s Jam House, & St. Clouds. She has also appeared at The Tractor, The High Dive, and Joe’s Pub Theatre in New York City.

Kristin Woodbury’s sophisticated blend of blues & gospel infused folk pop can be heard out and about in Seattle and at


Live at The Triple Door

1. Jolene
2. Rocket Man
3. Stormy Monday
4. Angel from Montgomery

2008 Album

1. Feeling Good
2. Sugar in my Bowl
3. Jolene
4. Set Me Free*

*Music & Lyrics by Kristin Woodbury