kristi rae

kristi rae


Kristi Rae is a singer-songwriter from Austin who makes deceptively unassuming, very quiet, mostly acoustic-guitar driven music. Her songs exist as simple layers that provide seamless space for lyrical themes. In moments, the elements unite allowing the listener to drift before pulling them back.


“Life be more, be warm and blessed. So that you may fill me up.”

How many times has your heart been broken because you lost sight of your dreams? Without dreams, the journey of life can become stationary. Who can say what sidetracks a person on their life’s journey. The original intent behind Kristi Rae’s third album Time, be lit. was a personal reflection on surrendering her deeply felt love of music. All that changed when musical chemistry ignited in the studio and Kristi Rae fell in love with music all over again, thus receiving a large deposit in her jar of hope. New songs unfolded and were recorded that capture her renewed journey.

Time, be lit. reflects on the unrealized influence we have over our existence and consequently how that power affects the manner in which we live. This album will coerce you to ponder the sublime complexities in the nature of life, from the simplest cells to the elitist paradigms. The lyrics, intertwined in melodic light convey a hopeful message of forgiveness and renewal while subsequently expressing the absence of comfort experienced in tradition.

When your heart has given up completely, it must be fully open before turning back to your hope and dreams. In Time, be lit. Kristi Rae has found her hope.


O, White Bird

Written By: kristi rae

O, white bird
You’re stealing all my slumber
I watch your phrasing
Wrap around my dream
I hope, to hear you when I wake
All my life
Is summed in just one sentence
Hearing birds
That are gone when you wake
I hope, to see before you go
Every time
I hide beneath my lids I
Borrow dreams
I learned from your sweet song
I hope, I remember when I wake
Springtime lifts
And drives you from the village
Every bird
Has a long way home
I hope, to hear you in my dreams
I hope, your song steals all my dreams

Morning Song

Written By: kristi rae

if it's in the glow
before the sun
when trees are barely trees
and lights on poles
that kept you safe at night
at dawn they make you cold

if every song your window sings
is made of the saddest birds
and if every sun that waits to rise
is when you see the light

if it's in the glow
if it's in the sound
if every bird is right
if every silence to you has sound
i think you will find,
me there

Out of Time

Written By: kristi rae

she came about on tighter times
a blessing it was bittersweet
her dad he had another plan
he hit the road he hit the ground

her mother she was ill-prepared
but never one to run away
but running, running out of time
it takes your breath it steals your mind

she raised her up the best she could
on ground up beef and lots of bread
stories, laughter feel her head
of days gone by of times more hard

she grew up fast, as children do
she buried mom into the ground
says, come on world I'm dying, too
she hit the road, she hit the ground

I'm running, running out of time
it takes my breath, it takes my mind
stories, laughter fill my head
of days gone by of better times

I'm running, running out of time

If Sunrise Was Future

Written By: Kristi Rae

Time, be lit by Eastern skies
So I’ll still have time, to go
Grace, be lit by Western skies
So that it can’t let me go
Heart, be filled with forgiveness
So the light don’t set on me
Drink, make me feel warm and blessed
So that I may drink you down
Head, be lost on hard, hard times
So that heart can pump and beat
Heart, be filled with forgiveness
So the light, don’t set on me
Life, be more be warm and blessed
So that you may fill me up
Heart be full, be full of life
So the light won’t let me go
Time, be lit by Eastern skies
So that I won’t have to go,
Too soon

Stories to Tell

Written By: Kristi Rae

The whipping of the wind has more stories to tell
Than from anything that bended in a well-fed white mouth
The writhing of some ponies ‘neath a bend of hot iron
Rivals all a man can muster for a healthy crowd’s reward
And the Earth has more beauty than me
And in my final breath I’ll see
That blathering of the currents do speak
That the hated songs of pigeons do weep
And that every sound that’s bending notes
Is hiding other sounds with leading tones
And the Earth has more beauty than we
And in our final breath we’ll see
All the healthy clouds ascended to a silence or a sound
But the wealthy men now own it, all the pretty paths it took
But the pretty pause of Earth sounded pardoning and loud
As it spoke in tiny whispers to the listeners of Man
The Earth has more beauty than thee
And in your final breath, you’ll see
The Earth has more beauty than thee
And in your final breath, you’ll see


Time, be lit. (2009)
Things We Had To Let Go (2006)
Various Means of Transportation (2005)

Set List

30-50 minute set
with band or solo acoustic