Kristi Rose & Fats Kaplin
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Kristi Rose & Fats Kaplin

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Band Americana Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Praise For "I Wonder As I Wander""

"Working on Kristi and Fats' "I Wonder As I Wander" was one my favorite projects of this year. When the music's that great, you don't do much, the songs, the singing and the playing do all the work - you just get out of the way. That's when it's really fun.
A beautiful record for a wondrous occasion."

- Thomm Jutz---Producer of Nanci Griffith,

"Flood City Music Festival"

Kristi Rose & Fats Kaplin - Wrote one critic, "Kristi Rose sounds like a classic case of punk gone country. Her sassy voice is bubbling with soul and fire, as she croons like a honky-tonk queen on moody, rootsy songs." She plays with Fats Kaplin, "... that rare master instrumentalist who doesn't need to show off his ability, preferring instead to add spice so that it blends into the musical mix." - Flood City Festival----Pennsylvania


Kristi Rose has her own, unique angle on country music, and she's called it Pulp Country, a description that perfectly suits this fascination melange of Twang", Kurt Weill, and sheer sophistication - KindaMuzik--The Netherlands


Nashville residents Kristi Rose and Fats Kaplin are an interesting couple to behold. He is a world class instrumentalist. She is a vocalist of dramatic southern gothic sensibility........ - Music Fog


Kristi Rose & Fats Kaplin--"This IS Pulp Country!"
Fats Kaplin--"The Fatman Cometh"
Kristi Rose & Fats Kaplin--"7"
Kristi Rose & Fats Kaplin--"Live In Holland"
Fats Kaplin w/Kristi Rose--"World Of Wonder"
Fats Kaplin & Kristi Rose--"I Wonder As I Wander"



Husband & Wife Duo---Kristi Rose & Fats Kaplin, have long been recognized as artists of distinctive note. Kristi Rose as a powerful and evocative singer and writer. Fats Kaplin as a composer and master multi-instrumentalist, who, over several decades, has played with hundreds of artists.

Together they are mesmerizing performers who have created a highly eclectic musical genre, (and a way of life) known as Pulp Country. It is a world of cinematic proportion where rural and urban collide. Their very particular slant on the world is shaped by their individual backgrounds. She is from a farm in far Southern Illinois, an area historically known as “Little Egypt” that has a dark, hard scrabble past. He was raised on the Westside of Manhattan, a working class cultural melting pot where music and life reverberated through the air shaft and into his psyche.

Their numerous critically acclaimed albums include the classic “This Is Pulp Country!” ---“Kristi Rose- Live In Holland”, ---- Fats’ “The Fatman Cometh” ---“World of Wonder-Downunder”---numerous EPs and their most recent, an album for the Christmas Season in 2010, “I Wonder As I Wander”.

As a duo, Kristi Rose & Fats have played venues ranging from major festivals and clubs in the U.S., Canada and Europe to intimate House Concerts and Listening Rooms. Onstage, through story and song, Fats, with lone guitar and fiddle, and Kristi Rose with a voice that gives cry to the heavens, conjure up the thinly veiled lives that we all must lead. Lives that are haunted by ghosts of regret, disrupted by carnal dreams, yet still able to be given over to rapturous joy.