Kristjana Stefánsdóttir

Kristjana Stefánsdóttir


Very energetic and powerfull jazz and blues.


Kristjana has been a leading lady for years in the Icelandic Jazz scene. Since she made her first
recording she has been working as a soloist and as a guest performer and made regular appearances
in radio, on television and in concerts.
She has worked in collaboration with many other musicians such as Drew Gress, John Hollenbeck,
Sigurdur Flosason, Eythor Gunnarsson, Peter Ostlund and Agnar Magnusson. She also sings regularly with The Reykjavik Big Band, a band with guest conductors such as
Frank Foster, Daniel Nolgard and Maria Schneider. Her concerts have been recorded and broadcasted
for the National Radio in Iceland and other Scandinavian radio stations. Kristjana also gives regularly
Vocal Master Classes both in Iceland and in other European countries, both for Music schools and
Theater companies. Her latest solo album "Better Days Blues" was released in August 2008. It is a
blues album with original songs written by Kristjana along with well known blues standards.
Kristjana has made concerts in many countries, including the Netherlands, Faroe Islands, Germany,
England, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, U.S.A. and Japan. She has been nominated 4 times for the
Icelandic Music Awards. Kristjana lives and works in Reykjavík, Iceland.


Better Days Blues

Written By: Kristjana Stefánsdóttir

I used to say, come what may
Waiting for someone
To save my day
But now
Everything’s so real
‘Cause I feel
Better days
Are coming my way

I was so lost and alone
Full of excuses
All I did was moan
But now
Everything’s so real
And I feel
Better days
Are coming my way

Oh, I got what it takes,
To work things out
And this feeling makes
Me scream and shout…..
Yes, everything’s so real
And I feel
Better days
Are coming my way

I can feel it coming
Coming my way
And it will linger
Linger and stay
Yes, now
Everything’s so real
And I feel
Better days
Are coming my way


2008 Better Days Blues-solo blues album
2007 Kristjana And Agnar BEST (Released in Korea)
2006 Hvar er tunglið-songs and poems by Sigurdur
Flosason and Adalsteinn Asberg Sigurdsson
2005 Me For You- Pop/Jazz covers in collaboration with
Agnar Magnusson, Drew Gress and John Hollenbeck.
2005 Let Jazz Be Bestowed on the Huts-Music by
Tómas R. Einarsson
2005 Kristjana-solo standard album (Released in Japan)
2003 Í Reykjavíkurborg-The Reykjavik Big Band
2002 Fagra Veröld-songs by Sunna Gunnlaugs
2001 Kristjana-solo standard album
1996 Ég verð heima um jólin-Kristjana Stefáns
Quartett-Christmas Album

Set List

My typical set list is jazz and blues greats and also my own material from the same origin.