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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Folha de SP - Journal"

“Kristoff Silva is a very special musician equally as a composer, singer, guitarist, and arranger , and unique when each of these roles are combined into one artist. Light (levitating???) compositions, acoustic and electronic instruments woven into a subtle and rigorous fabric reveal an original and integral personality. He creates a bridge between Minas and São Paulo (with his collaborations and partnerships) and a bridge within Minas itself (connecting us with the purest spring of Minas’ lyricism).”

- José Miguel Wisnik

"Disc tip: Em Pe No Porto - JB Journal"

"The brutality of the capitalist market does not allow subtleties and semitones as articulated by the brilliant composer, guitarist and professor of music theory Kristoff Silva. . . He articulates songs with electronic elements. . . and not be left out of the radar unsubdued Grader of the banal. "
JB - 01/2008 - Tárik de Souza

"The new mineiros - Carta Capital Magazine"

Located somewhere in between the bossa nova, the "Clube da Esquina" and the avant gard music from São Paulo, a new musical generation "consolidates itself" around the musicians Kristoff Silva and Makely Ka.
Carta Capital Magazine - 02/2008 - Pedro Alexandre Sanches

"O Estado de SP - Journal"

"... He is a tip of the names of the new generation of musicians who, in projects flagged by the creative freedom, unite tradition, and contemporary scholarship."
O Estado de Sp Journal - 08/2006 - Lauro Lisboa Garcia

"Immerse in the musical universe of Kristoff Silva- O Tempo Journal"

"Em Pé No Porto"" sask you to do
an entire trip, from beginning to end.... Listened to together, the debut album of the Kristoff won full sense - it is the pleasure that he and his partners have in work the composition (and the arrangement and pitch and all that she needs to get to the listener)... "
"O Tempo" Journal - 08/2007 - Daniel Barbosa

"Estado de Minas Journal"

"He is one of grateful surprise independent phonographic market"...
Estado de MInas Journal - 08/2007 - Ailton Magioli

"Artistic versatility"

Versatile. The adjective, says the dictionary, refers to that which has many and varied qualities in a particular type of activities, or even in general. In Krstoff Silva's career the word is more than necessary to shelter the various artistic expressions in which he ventured.
O Tempo Journal, 03/2008 - Fabiano Chaves


Em Pe No Porto
A Outra Cidade

DVD"Kristoff Silva - Live at Ouro Preto (there are some videos on youtube and myspace)



Kristoff is known for his versatility. He is an acoustic guitar player, singer, songwriter, professor of musical theory and composer of sound tracks for theatre, TV, poetry and dances. In his 14 year career, he has performed with many artists such as Caetano Veloso, Elza Soares, Ze Miguel Wisnik, stage director Ze Celso Martinez Correa, singers Alda Rezende Monica Salmaso, Na Ozzetti, Virginia Rosa, as well as the Symphonic Orchestra of Minas Gerais and group UAKTI.

March, 2009 - Performed at South By Southwest ( Austin, Texas - USA).
May,2008 - New Zealand Tour, where he led workshops and performed with other Brazilian musicians in five performances, including The Te Papa Museum, Erupt Lake Taupo Festival and The Illiot Theatre, the latter of which was in partnership with the Brazilian Embassy.

April, 2008- Recording of his first DVD, in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais.

August, 2007 - Introduced his most recent album, EM PE NO PORTO.

On October,2006, Premio VISA, he placed third among 3,255 Brazilian composers. His project "Em pe no Porto" was also selected in other important national musical competitions such as Petrobras Cultural, Rumos Itau Cultural and Natura Musical .

On the theatrical stage, Kristoff composed sound-tracks for shows by Armatrux,Oficinao Galpao and Cia. Seraque companies. He was the musical director of the CD Samba Solto by the singer Alda Rezende, the CD Tum Tum Tum by the singer Dea Trancoso (4 nominations to the Premio TIM- 2007) and others.

With the composers Makely Ka and Pablo Castro he recorded the CD A Outra Cidade.