Currents of the natural world inspire Kristofir's "electrorganic" musical fables documenting the domestic life of bees, horses making cheese in the back garden, pets meeting their final fate at the vet clinic, the magic of peppermint, and the struggles between nature and humans.


Kristofir brings forth his classical training in oboe and piano performance in his quirky, often abstract songs. Electronic music fuses with organic sampled sources, such as dripping sewers, streetcars turning corners, seagulls screeching, and ambient traffic. Synthesizers, organs, harpsichord, lyre, oboe and manipulated percussion round out his new wave, Aesopian compositions.

His music intersects with his visual art where sound is interpreted as colourful paintings and installations. Both elements - sound and visuals - are equally important in Kristofir's work. He is inspired by Laurie Anderson and Stravinsky - both of whom have connected their music with visuals to enhance the dimensions of their artistic visions. And, like those artists, there is a playfulness to Kristofir's work that would be appeal to those who enjoy the music of Ennio Morricone, Psapp or Cibo Matto, for example.

But Kristofir is very much in his own world where music meets colour, awkward situations compete with unrestrained eccentricity, and the horrors of our world are overrun by dreamlike wonderment. His musical fables thrive on things that make people uncomfortable - euthanizing pets, environmental destruction, and abandoning cultural expectations - subversively framing them in sounds that range from the dark and ominous to light-hearted children's party music.


Streaming music online:

Set List

Sets vary depending on requirements. They can range from a few songs to about 40 minutes. A full 50-minute set list would include:
- The Back Garden
- Run
- Blue
- Peppermint
- Condensed Cirrus
- Curiosity
- Litter
- Bees
- Paint
- The Bank
- Flatness
- Painting Installation
- Speaking of Seriously