Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Take The Who, Lady Ga Ga, Jackson 5, Ludacris, a 30 of Natti Light and punk rock drummer and put it in a blender and you might get something that sounds like Kristonite. We mash up pop culture and put a beet behind it in an explosion of sound.


Laptop music producer, Chris Chambliss began experimenting with mashup style music on his free time. The experiment quickly became an obsession and evolved into a full time project. During the early days of Kristonite, Chris was listening to a lot of Girl Talk, Super Mash Bros, and Dj AM Travis Barker Fix Yo Face Mixtape. The latter had the most influence on the development of the Kristonite sound. Chris knew that mash up artists were cropping up everywhere due to the success of Girl Talk so he knew he had to have something that set him apart. He started talking to a distant friend who he knew might be interested in the project.

The friend was punk rock drummer Nick Hales. Nick had been in several bands in the Northern Kentucky area and Chris liked his drumming style. Bands that he has been in include: Memorials, and A Better Life. These bands have all seen varying amounts of success and have opened for bands like Blink 182, New Found Glory, and The Briggs. Nick agreed to give the project a shot and the first Kristonite practice took place during the spring of 2011. The practice was an amazing success and they agreed to put on their first show only two weeks later with one of the supporting acts being Nicks Band A Better Life. Ever since that first concert Kristonite has taken advantage of every opportunity it has had to perform in front of crowds and gain new fans at every show.


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