Kristy Rowntree

Kristy Rowntree


My music is reflective, introspective, personal, steeped in nostalgia, and straight from the heart. I am a lyricist only, and I draw inspiration from life as it happens.

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Written By: Kristy Rowntree

Well, tonight I've been drinkin'
And I can't stop thinking
And I, I'm buried in this deep depression

Cuz I, I hold these memories
So, so close, they're chokin' me
And every detail left a deep

Man, I just can't shake your face
So, so lost in that last embrace
I swear, I still can taste
Your lips, as they kissed mine

I want to go there once more
I want to feel that again
I want to open this door
Rush inside, just remember when

Well, tonight I find such beauty in
This ruined art of rememberin
And I'm so wrapped up in those long nights of the past

But I’m just drunk with fantasy
And so, so haunted endlessly
I swear these ghosts won't let me be
Will this ever pass?

Still, I hear you call my name;
In space between the rain
And I call back in vain. you'll never hear

Still, I want to go there once more,
I want to feel that again,
I want to open this door,
Rush inside and just remember when...

I want to rewind time
I want to feel your skin
I want to change my mind,
Rush inside and just remember when...