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Innovative rap, R&B, and latin hip hop. Impacting and motivating music that compliments the genre. From smooth rap / r&b to energetic hip hop is what we bring to live events and project the albums a must hear.


KRI$TZ is bay area rapper/CEO of Microphone Check Records. HIs latest album entitled STARRING is on iTunes, which features bay legend Ray Luv, talented Jimmie Reign and his labelmates The Cityzens formely known as Citizens. Currently KRI$TZ is working on releasing his mixtape by early January and also his labelmate Thundacat's solo debut to be released early February. KRI$TZ raps are sounds of distinction and uniqueness that will be heard for years to come. His Latino background gives his style a different taste from your ordinary rap plate his flavors ranges and will be enjoyed by many. Just "Listen" like his new unreleased track that gets your attention on the industry heavy weights. Stage performances usually include labelmates and a well known Dj. KRI$TZ music speaks for it's self. His work ethic is what will lead his way. As a US Navy sailor he traveled and has performed in Perth Australia, Dubai, Singapore and a handful places more there he knew that this music was his calling. New music from this bay area urban legend will be constant so be ready for something new everytime.


Off top

Written By: KRISTZ

Off top
i don't rap for free I'm trying make a living off
you living off of me
off top
this is reality tv I don't chase the cameras
the cameras chase me
off top
you know where I'm from just look at the letter
on the cap on the front
off top
every summer I'm hot you can call billboard up to save my spot
off top

No pen no pad if you need a freestyle man
I need a little cash
Like Bolt Ima dash showbote as I pass as the gold Ima grab
And I don't need no help man you tryna get rich while I'm tryna get some wealth. Boy
And my cd's sell you would think they had wings the way they fly off the shelf Boy
I could make the mic melt
So much gold on my neck man they call Mike phelps
And I'm getting more popular
than them Youtube users off of salvia
I know you see it like California colleges
I don't need a mixtape to demolition men
I got world famous bars like planet Hollywood

off top
chorus x1

Like girls gone wild
come on girl go wild
yea I know it's been a while but don't be in denial
off top you got the style
off top you are my idol
And if you take your top off then girl you'll make me smile
Cuz I been pimpin, since pimpin was pimpin pimpin pimpin
So if you thinking start thinking Spanish Katt Williams pimpin
Cuz I can entertain millions pimpin
Just gimme a mic and a stage and kill it pimpin
Like we playin poker and
I'm poking the girl that's dealing pimpin
I ain't gotta cheat homeboy I'm winning pimpin
But I'm saying what I'm saying
I hope you understand
That if your wanna girl wanna change
I can help her change her chain of thought
of how we rock
Like lowriders when they drop
Like lowriders with no top
why don't you come and climb on top
and bump some oldies while we shake the spot
Like sitting in the park waiting for you tooooo toooo



First single from new album entitled "Offtop" for KRI$TZ and "Notice Me" by Thundacat are being circulated To be played on mixshows and played in clubs in the bay area.

Older releases:
Starring feat Jay Ant of The Cityzens
U Already Know feat Jimmie Reign
Rollin wit that- featuring 4tay and Mauricio (Dank Crew) &

This Girl featuring Thundacat
has received radio play from local and college stations.

Previous album releases include:
Petty Cash - (Dec. 2001)- 12 tracks
PETTY CASH : THE DEBUT (May 2004)- 16 tracks
Citizens - Mixtape Mindstate (April 2005) -10 tracks
STARRING (July 2009) 8 tracks

Set List

Performance usually include songs like chemistry, Notice Me w/Thundacat , OFFTOP, & Wake Up depending on crowd . we are flexible in timing depending on type of event as long as sufficient time of notice . Features include Cityzens. Depending on budget we include back up singers, dancers and a well known Dj .