Kris Warren

Kris Warren

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The music tells my story. I am just a regular guy hustling in Corporate America. I also happen to make music...


Like a lot of young men from Chicago, Kris Warren has experienced his share of disappointment and tragedy. But as we know, it is how you deal with what you are given!

After just a year of college, Kris decided to take his chances in the real world by founding an interactive dating website. A year later Kris was recruited by a business development firm, allowing him to polish his management skills, increase his business knowledge, and most importantly work under millionaire entrepreneurs, who had already proven themselves. Now, Kris has found his achievements and aspirations far exceed what others believed what he could ever accomplish. He keeps the focus on his music and growing spiritually, bringing his lessons of achievement and self-worth to a legion of fans all over the world.

As an independent music artist, Kris Warren has already achieved significant accomplishments such as, performing in front of thousands at a B96 event hosted by Rebecca Ortiz. His music videos have accumulated over 700,000 views on YouTube alone; Kris Warren’s videos have also been posted on some of America’s hottest entertainment blogs including:, Vlad TV, WSHH, as well as entertainment mogul 50 cents personal website THISIS50.COM. By self-financing a tour through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, and Missouri in 2011 he gained notoriety and proved he was built for “the road.”

The founding of Galaxy Media Group and is only the beginning in this new entertainment venture. Warren’s music displays his journey and what he has learned along the way in stories of destiny, love, aspiration, and reflection on life… A life he lives to the fullest each and every day.


Just My Thoughts Vol. 1: MIDDLE CLASS HIGH LIFE is available for free download via

Select tracks are also available on iTunes and Amazon mp3.

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I can adapt to the venues equipment and provide a live band to play with me if need be. I can also perform solo.