Kritical Kontact

Kritical Kontact

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New Age transformational Hip Hop that provokes thought. Pure Intention to raise humanitys awarness.


Kritical Kontact was formed in 1999. The group is based out of Minnesota and consists of 3 MC's and 1 DJ. Jaze(MC), Bliss(MC), Legitimite(MC) and Dj Delgado. Individually they have been writing music for over 10 years, collectivly they have been writing, recording, and performing original music for over 8 years. After gaining populatrity in 2002 their music was recognized by various radio stations in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Kritical Kontact has now been played on the college air waves through out the midwest, for over 5 years. In 2005 Kritical Kontact started recieveing air play through out most of the country when Clear Channels KBMX 107.7 FM in Duluth MN. Started playing the groups music on their nationally broadcasted weekend radio show. Kritical Kontact has done many on air
interviews and the group memebers have promoted their music constantly, earning them a credible following and steadily growing fan base which spreads across the country and the rest of the globe.
Althought influenced by a wide range of musical talents, from Classic Rock to Hip Hop, the groups real influences come from everyday life.
What sets Kritical Kontact apart from other musical acts? They send a positive message thru
music.. They are intelligent, conscious and sincere. Their captivating Live shows, instead of good music they make great music. originality and intense desire.
"Bliss" has gained recognition as an accomplished battle rapper, after competing in
various MC Battles including Scribble Jam 2006(Scribble Jam is Americas largest Hip Hop Festival and is held in Cincinnati OH.)
Kritical Kontact brings a New Age revolutionary reality rap to a society of conditioned consumers who are finally ready for something original.


Here Now ( LP/2003)
Got Hip Hop? (EP/2004)
The Day After Yesterday (LP/2005)

Songs with airplay

"Let Me Be" (They Day After Yesterday)
-ClearChannel KBMX 107.7 FM
-Red Rock Brodcasting WWAX 92.1 FM
-University of Wisconsin - Superior KUWS 91.3 FM

"Bump This" (Here Now)
-University of Wisconsin - Superior KUWS 91.3 FM

"Rise" (They Day After Yesterday)
-University of Minnesota - Duluth KUMD 103.3 FM

"Next Best Thing" (The Day After Yesterday)
-University of Wisconsin - Superior KUWS 91.3 FM

Set List

No cover songs, all original music. Our set length depends on the show, we can and have performed for 4 hours, but at a usual show we would cover a half hour to 45 minute set. We have over 4 hours of material so we switch it up and perform a variety of diffrent songs, we usualy perform our most popular songs at every show, including.. (in no specific order)

Let Me Be
Reality Check
Next Best Thing
One Life to Live
Thats how it Goes
Acappellas/Spoken word
Out of my Mind
Bad Attitude

(Also at each show we always have new creative ideas and material to get the crowds attention and insure that they have a great time)