Kriticos is heavy, rythmatic, spiraling compositions with emotionally charged, naturally tight tempo shifts. Kriticos members aspire to play the stage everyday.


Kriticos formed in January 2009.
Guy arranged a jam session and with a few compositions already developed, Cyn brought them to life with extreme vocals and lyrical charges. Kriticos influences extend the heavy metal horizons, Pantera, Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, and Acid Bath. Kriticos, together for 6 months, has played eight shows, finished a 3 song demo EP, shirts, and built a killer heavy metal set.


Nightmare's Anthem 3 song EP will be available August 2009.
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Set List

Nightmare's Anthem
Hyms for the Hunted
Waging War
Dead Angels In Boxes
Story For The Damned
Song 6
Mouth for War by Pantera.
The set is 30-40 minutes.