KR Morales

KR Morales

 Miami, Florida, USA

With a sensual, seductive voice, R&B artist KR Morales explores themes of love and life—all the while creating meaningful and expressive songs. A truly soulful vocal talent, his singing sets an uplifting, unforgettable mood. And, while mixing elements of R&B with Hip-Hop, KR’s songs steer towards up


He also brings his own unique flair to his music with elements that harken to his Latin roots, whether through instruments or vocally. Part of honoring his Latin roots is the passion that KR brings to each song as, without fail, he sings with his heart and each song resonates with a personal note.
One example of how these elements all come together can be heard in “Come Get It,” the lead single off his solo album, “Simple Man.” “Come Get It” is an upbeat dance song that is both sexy and has that element of passion; it also features MSM label-mate Mandy Barry. Likewise, “Pop the Crys”—one that KR wrote himself—is from the same album and includes big sounds, passionate lyrics and Latin guitars.
KR was first signed with IRS/Exit Records as part of a group called Triad, which recorded and performed dance music. The group was featured in DMR Magazine and performed at NY L.Q. and the Winter Music Festival Conference. The group disbanded after the EMI purchase of IRS/Exit Records.
Later, he and two other musicians formed a Hip-Hop/R&B group called The Balance Project. This group traveled to a range of venues across the country, including touring with the 2005 Warp Tour, the biggest American independent tour, which travels along the East Coast from North Carolina to New Jersey. As a solo artist, KR is also featured on Hip-Hop artist KBanger’s “Truth be Told” album, on the song “Fluid Enhancement.”
Despite his Latin roots, R&B and Hip-Hop resonates with him in a powerful way—partly because it is the music that he grew to love on the streets of New Jersey and partly because, as Latino, he wanted to venture out and try other things. As such, working with The Balance Project and KBanger reignited KR’s love of the music he had such a connection with. So, when the group decided to go their separate ways, he reached out to MSM President, who had always believed in his talent. For the next year, the “Simple Man” journey began.
As part of that, Milton connected him with producer Aaron Bradley, of A virtual music virtuoso, Aaron was able to pull out the soul and emotions that were needed from KR in their studio sessions, as is evident on tracks like “It Seems Like” and “Sex.” Adding diversity to the album, KR also worked with renowned producer Nathaniel Burgess, who is known in the industry as Rick Stylz and has worked internationally with artists such as Aaliyah, Silk and Tom Joyner.


Come Get It

Written By: David Matthews

Ya know you’re hot, girl/ the way you dancing up on me don’t stop, girl/ I love, the way, you pop, girl/she knows what I wan-na do, do/ and wants me to make a move
Ya feel what I feel so don’t deny/ I just might be all yours tonight

Girl I don’t even know ya name/ but this is what she had to say

You know it’s yours, come get it/ ooh boy come and get it I’m ya toy, ya candy/ baby come play wit’ me just enjoy, the ride/ sit back hold onto me as we slip, and slide/ tonight, boy, you’re mine

I wanna be the one to make you/ feel the way no-one has ever made you/ so sexy, you tease me with yo eyes/ your lips, so perfect/ your hips, love the way they, do tricks/ I already know I turn ya on/ so baby girl, tell me what ya want

I wanna man, that can handle me/ put that thang on me

Girl, I got what you need

How I look, do you like that/ how I dress, oh you like that?/ how I smell, do you like that/ girl, tell me if you like that

How I shake it, do you like that/ how I work it, oh you like that?/ how I touch you, do you like that/ boy, tell me if you like that

Girl move on the dance floor/ your body’s so soft/ let, me, turn you on/ girl let’s get it/ body heat keeps you warm/ love how I’m gettin’ strong/ let me turn you on/ girl lets get it


Simple Man CD available for download on iTunes and through Also available in select Target locations and several other on-line music stores.

Set List

3- 4 songs from upcoming debut album release "Simple Man" typical set is approximately 20 minutes