Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Remember when music was original, relevant and "HOT"?...Now you have "K-Rob"... Introducing...The Next Generation of The Isley Brothers with his version of "Timeless/Sexy-Smooth" Muse.



What do you get when you stir up soulful ingredients like hands-on experience as a soloist in his church choir; the uncle-brother influence of R&B legends The Isley Brothers mixed with a taste of Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Earth, Wind & Fire and Marvin Gaye? Add a little spice and the ability to infuse the “feel” of yesterday’s R&B with the nuances of today’s R&B/Hip Hop lyrics, you’ve got the sounds, the flava of K-ROB. K-ROB is a singer/songwriter/arranger/drummer and producer. His vocal style has been compared to Usher, Joe, Howard Hewitt, Donnell Jones, and Maxwell.

It doesn’t hurt that K-ROB, like many of the most successful and innovative singers, from his uncles, The Isley Brothers to Bootsy Collins, hails from the Midwest. He acquired his southern roots as a graduate of Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN. At TSU, he honed his craft through a diligent work ethic, and began to mold his vocal acuity as a featured vocalist for the renowned TSU Jazz Band. K-ROB also toured the region performing in various groups and festivals. He recalls, “My college experiences enhanced my experience as a diligent and diverse lyricist.”

His first single, “2Nite”, was a #1 Hit on various British Top 10 Charts—BBC 1Xtra & Soul 24-7 among others, and has currently charted on various DJ Record Pool charts in top USA markets. “2Nite” is currently in “rotation” and receiving radio airplay in 51 USA, major markets via The Michael Baisden Show, and has received additional airplay across other USA markets as well. “2Nite” was produced by Angelo “Lo” Ray, whose production credits include artists such as: Kevon Edmonds, “24/7”, David Banner, and Adina Howard; Other project producers include: Myron Davis, whose production credits include, Dru Hill’s “Tell Me”, and his debut, solo hit, “Destiny”; and Keith Robertson, whose songwriting/production credits include work for N-Sync, Teddy Pendergrass, and The Calloways.

K-ROB has opened for the likes of Brian McKnight and R. Kelly, and is currently in the process of releasing his debut, self-entitled project.



Written By: Kevin L. Robertson (ASCAP), Angelo M. Ray (BMI)

(Kevin L. Robertson/Angelo Ray) 25th Dynasty Publishing (ASCAP)/KAAAJ Publishing (BMI); PRODUCED BY ANGELO RAY FOR RAY OF LIGHT PRODUCTIONS/ ARRANGED BY K-ROB FOR BULL INTENSITY, INC. & ANGELO RAY/ ADDITIONAL ARRANGEMENT BY DARRYL GIBSON FOR 2VAIN ENTERTAINMENT, LTD/ Recorded by Angelo Ray @ The Factory, Atlanta, GA; Mixed by Chip Allen @ Third Shift Studios, Cincinnati, OH; All programming: Angelo Ray; Additional Keyboards: Smitty; All Vocals: K-Rob

Intro Oh yeah baby, 2Nite is the nite, when we’re gonna do our thing just how we do it. Come on…Uh, uh, yeah/ Chorus On the dancefloor baby go’ head shake that thing lady like you wanted to so do what you gotta do. You’ve been working hard all week so 2nite come with me on the dancefloor / Verse 1 Rollin’ on the solo tip I’ll pick you up 2nite. You and me in a limousine we’ll floss it tough 2nite. Mami’ you don’t have to worry about a thing…no, no baby. Everything is in my hand I’m not gonna say it twice. Chardonnay is in the ‘fridge…The Alize’s on ice. Kick off your shoes and relax those pretty feet we gonna swang. Girl you just wait and see on the… / Repeat Chorus 1X
Verse 2 I see the players in the house. The hennessy’s on me. There go your girls, there go my boys this is the place to be. The baddest thing in the club 2nite, and you’re all mine. Mine all mine. Ooh wee you’re startin’ to shake your thing I’ve got to grip it tight. Ooh wee your body looks so good here underneath the light. Now there you go having a real good time. Now you’re dancin’, swangin’, movin’, freakin’. On the dancefloor.
Repeat Chorus 1X / Bridge Girl 2nite’s the nite just have a good time. Do what you wanna do girl it’s alright. Look at you in a zone gettin’ your freak on. All of the fellas they’re checkin’ you out / Repeat Chorus to Vamp

Again (Like The First Time)

Written By: Kevin L. Robertson (ASCAP)

"Again (Like the first time)"
(Kevin L. Robertson) 25th Dynasty Publishing (ASCAP)
PRODUCED BY MYRON DAVIS & JOSH HONIGSTOCK FOR M DOUBLE MUSIC & JOMILLA MUSIC; ARRANGED BY K-ROB FOR BULL INTENSITY, INC., MYRON DAVIS & JOSH HONIGSTOCK; Recorded and Mixed by Josh Honigstock & Myron Davis, SOHO, NYC; All instruments by Josh Honigstock & Myron Davis; All Vocals: K-Rob

Chorus Let’s do it again like the first time. I still yearn for you baby. The way that I feel for you I ain’t felt for nobody. Can we do it again like our love depends? Like we’re not best friends? Like we’ve been waiting? Can we do it again, again and again? Verse 1 The first time… anticipation. Touching me made me feel so strong… we were so in love. Erotically with close embraces…round and round. Underneath the stars…our love coming down, yeah. Going deep into the places you wanted me. Reaching nirvana…it was never enough, yeah. On top of me riding high…two as one you and I. The start of a life time bind that stays on my mind…let’s do it…Repeat Chorus 1X/ Verse 2 No one to blame…nobody’s walking out the door. Tell me how come we don’t make love anymore, hey. Maybe love has been absent from our hearts. Baby maybe we have grown apart, hey. Baby don’t ask me why feelings change like the sky. Like a lover’s song…I’ll be holding on…let’s do it. / Repeat Chorus 1X/ Bridge Baby tell me can we get it back. I wanna know can we get it back…this love again. Baby, tell me can we get it back? I wanna know can we get it back…this love again? / Can we get it back the way we use to? / Repeat Chorus & Bridge 2X to Vamp

Slow 'N Sexy

Written By: Kevin L. Robertson

"Slow ‘N Sexy"
(Kevin L. Robertson) 25th Dynasty Publishing (ASCAP); PRODUCED BY OUI. CO-PRODUCED BY K-ROB FOR BULL INTENSITY, INC.; ARRANGED BY K-ROB & OUI. Recorded by Oui, Dayton, OH; Mixed by Oui & Angelo Ray; All Programming by Oui; Additional drum programming by K-Rob; All Vocals: K-Rob; Additional background vocals: Oui

Intro Yeah baby…I’m gonna do just like I promised. I promise to do it Slow ‘N Sexy/ Verse 1 Baby girl I’m coming to receive your lovin’. Patiently I’ve waited…I’ll go slowly baby. And I’ll caress your face…your pretty hair and tenderly I’ll kiss your lips. I’ll pour the honey there right in the place you want me to girl, slow…/ Chorus Slow ‘N Sexy up and down. Girl you like the way I put it down. Up and in, in and out the Slow ‘N Sexy way. Slow ‘N Sexy up and down, girl I like the way you make that sound. Up and in, in and out the Slow’ N Sexy way / Interlude I’ve got the oil. I’ve got the candles baby, yeah. So if you want me like I want you; Then, let’s do this.. / Verse 2 I’ll kiss your pretty feet girl; then, turn you over baby. I’ll spread the candle wax girl…You know it drives you crazy. I’ll start to run my tongue from the small part of your back real slow. I’ll kiss behind your neck and all the special places you want me to go…Real slow… / Repeat Chorus 1X / Bridge I want your body now with no delay. I’m ready for lovemaking. Your body’s beautiful in every way. Girl you look so good. Oh and when our bodies touch you start to moan. I wanna be inside you. It’s time to ride the black bull, baby…Let’s make love, yeah. Let’s go and swing this ‘ep now, yeah. Let’s make love, yeah. I like the way you get down, yeah come on… / Repeat Chorus w/ Ad Lib to vamp


K-Rob is embarking upon the release of his first, debut project on Bull Intensity Records. His first single, "2Nite", has topped the charts in the United Kingdom, and is currently receiving airplay throughout Europe as well as in various USA markets.

"2Nite" is currently being played on the nationally syndicated, The Michael Baisden Show.

Check out track samples on his official website at www.k-rob.us, or MySpace page, www.myspace.com/kheights.

Purchase K-Rob's debut at www.cdbaby.com/krobmusic, Apple Itunes, Napster and/or Rhapsody under "K-Rob" search.

Set List

K-Rob incorporates a traditional, yet dynamic rhythm section. He doubles as "frontman"/vocalist, and drummer with lead & rhythm guitarist, drummer, bass, and keys. Talented dancers are incorporated as well along with a percussionist to infuse K-Rob's "spanish-speaking"/latin "flavor".

"Sets" are 30 minutes to 2 hours typically including originals and covers from inspirations such as The Isleys, Stevie Wonder, Donell Jones, Musiq Soulchild, and Maxwell.