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Straight out of the underground its a new breed of underground rap. With their unique high energy beats and lyrical assanation Kronik will keep the crowd pumped all night. In 2008 Kronik will be booking dates with Brain Trauma and Sy-Ko-Sane. So keep a look out for the MindWarp Tour in 2008.


February 4th 2001 . KroniK was born.
We started putting tracks down that sounded like ass, but it allowed us to be creative and build on a style that would soon become a very energitic and unique sound . After a few years of recording , we decided it was time to take it to the next level and try to hook up with a small label. We hooked up with the label that was called “MANIAK MUZIK” and started dropping tracks on the daily. The music got better and better, as well as our flow. On the label, we met KB who is now our manager. Needless to say, the label fell apart in mid 2005. So, Dro, KB, and me decided to roll with the KroniK shit and things were slow for a while till October of 2006 when KB left for management school at Full Sail in Orlando, Florida. We been rocking and dropping shit ever since. We got nothing but luv 4 everybody bumping the shit. We obviously aint superstars so if you see us, hit us up Much Luv EveryBody!!


The Static You can download free at Soundclick
The Session ep released 4/20/07
Game over at

Set List

We have a large selection of tracks and can provide up to 90 mins. of high energy entertainment.