Guitar Driven ROCK. Melodic Vocal harmonies, awesome guitar solos. Heavy Metal Influence with a modern alternative edge. Radio Friendly and solid musicanship all around. Sponsors already include:Ernie Ball/MusicMan, Mesa/Boogie, Line6, Ultimate-Ears.



When Aaron Kronis left Ottawa, he wanted to do something new and independent, focusing on life, and his love of the guitar. He teamed up with Detroit’s Frankie Biggz, to write soundtracks for movies, but the project took on a life of it’s own and Aaron’s first solo album was born. The result, “Yours Forever,” is an album that focuses on the art of real musicianship, and the need to bring back the guitar as an expressive instrument.
Independent, but without a band, Aaron looked to the independent music scene in Toronto for a solid talented rhythm section. This new project seamlessly weaves an influence of alt rock, heavy metal, pop, and hip-hop and is an extension of the guy’s life and the world as they see it.
Aaron, formerly of Thermocline (dist. By Sony), with this new KRONiS CD together with his band-mates, bring an exciting new energy to the world of rock.
With such a focus on musicianship, KRONiS proves to be an exciting live show, the chemistry between the band adding to their intensity and presence.
Navigating the music industry together, they posess talent, musical excellence, and a real sense of enjoyment for playing live. KRONiS doesn’t know what the future holds for sure, but you can bet it’s gonna be a real blast.


'Yours Forever'

Written By: Aaron Kronis / F. Lucio/ G. Lehman

'Yours Forever' (written for a soundtrack)

Life feels so empty
When you realize that you’ve been on your own
Time so unforgiving
Spinning hour after hour all alone
There you stand before me
And the hero nearly gives way to the fool

But I will be there
What else can I do
Falling as I fly to be the arms surrounding you
And I will be there
Hanging onto hope
That for a moment I might touch what I know I can never hold
Still I will be there
I will be there

I am yours forever
Knowing you can never really be mine
Love calls, but I can’t answer
But you won’t even know the reason why

Strong and mighty hero
Victim of the battle deep inside
So I will be there
It’s all I have to give
Hanging by a tiny thread and dyin’ as I live
Yeah I will be there
Tangled up in fate
Living with the choices that I never chose to make
But I will be there
I will be there

Deal with life on a whole new level
And take it where you want to be
And I can say the same for the feelings of the one to be
I’ve waited ‘cause it can be
There won’t feel
A shattered dream
‘Cause when we fall
So far away yeah
You make it feel right, hey
I will be there

I am yours forever.

Out Of Reach

Written By: (A. Kronis)

You stretch out everything, everything
You and me
We're over you see

As I'm falling out of reach
You seem so far away
But I can't stop believin'
You'll come back home to me
'Cause I want it all
And I can't stop believin'
Yeah, oh yeah.

You made this
You make this home
Yeah it feels like it feels like
Oh yeah, yeah

As I'm falling out of reach
You seem so far away
But I can't stop believin'
You'll come back home to me
'Cause I want it all
And I can't stop believin'
Yeah, woah yeah
I want it all
And I can't stop believin'

As I'm falling out of reach
You seem so far away
But I can't stop believin'
You'll come back home to me
'cause I want it all
and I can't stop believin
yeah, oh yeah
I want it all
and I can't stop believin'

So Sedated

Written By: (Kronis/Lucio)

Every time you call me you say that you’re home alone
I know that you’re with somebody and now there’s a dial tone
Ten minutes later you call back and start to say the same old things
But you think I’m stupid baby so let me tell you where it ends

Now I’m feeling down
So don’t come around

‘Cause you made me feel sedated
And new at feeling so outdated
You prove that there’s no love related
I’m through with feeling so sedated

Now every time you call me
You say that you’re doin’ fine
But I got a new life now and it’s callin’ on the other line
Ten minutes later I click back to find that you’re still on the phone,
Yeah you think I’m stupid baby but now I know you’re all alone.

Now you’re feeling down
‘Cause I’m not around
Well I’m feeling down
So don’t come around


'Yours Forever' - KRONiS
Release Date: March 15th, 2005
Label: Stamina Records(Independent and self owned.)
Produced by Frankie Biggz and Tim Greencorn
Mixed by Jay Ruston.

Tiya Blaqe (Female Caucasion Rapper, Detroit, USA)
'White Girl'
Produced by Frankie Biggz.
August 2003.

'Building Independents'
2003 Jason Young Benefit Compilation CD
'A Star Above Me'
- Aaron Kronis
Produced by Jay Ruston and Aaron Kronis.
May 2003

'Static Satellite'
Produced by: Jay Ruston and THERMOclinE
Recorded: Spring 2002
Release Date: Unreleased.

'Ugly' (Ottawa,Canada)
Produced by Jay Ruston.

'The Night's Still Young'
2002 Jason Young Benefit Concert Compilation CD
'Beautiful Prozac Child'- THERMOclinE
'Vacant Lot' - THERMOclinE
Tracks Produced by Jay Ruston and THERMOclinE.
Courtesy of HealeyDisc Manufacturing.
Release Date: May 3rd, 2002

VIDEO - 'Vacant Lot'
Aired on MuchMusic in 2001
The single also received airplay on 15 radio stations nationally.

'Negative ONE'
Re-release with Sony Music Canada National Distribution and new artwork.
Feb. 20th, 2001

Kokanee Beer Compilation CD
Included in Beer Cases across Canada.
'Vacant Lot' - THERMOclinE
Summer 2000

Derek J
'I'll Be There' (Dance Track)
Produced by Jay Ruston.
July 2000

'Negative ONE'
Produced by Jay Ruston & THERMOclinE.
May 6th, 2000
Best of Compilation
'Beautiful Prozac Child' - THERMOclinE
Produced by Jay Ruston and THERMOclinE
December 1999

'Beautiful Prozac Child' E.P.
Produced by Jay Ruston.
Released June 4th, 1998.

Set List

Set list lengths obviously vary depending on the venue.

Typical sets:

So Sedated
Without You
I'm Sorry
Gimme A Reason
Six Girls Ago
Yours Forever
Hands 2 Heaven
The Summer Song (A Joe Satriani Cover that appears on our CD with his permission)