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JITPOP=music by a Haitian immigrant (Kronos) transplanted into the syncopation of 80's and 90's culture. Take fiery wit and universitality, add offbeat rhythms of panafrican pluralism and experimentation, add cosmic consciousness, Burroughs, Strickland, skills, then hit record.




Is there Life After Conception?

There is a certain private country that fantastic music can transport you into. A place where your only required passport is a sense of adventure and the ability to listen intently. It is often in these climates that you can meet inhabitants with multi faceted aspects like Kronos, Habbit9, da-jits, and Code Poet. Four distinct personalities tightly wrapped in one burning mind.

Kronos’ life experience as a traveler from his original Haiti to Miami’s sunny shores and an extended stay in Israel and the Yucatan peninsula has certainly contributed an ethereal if not subliminal multi-nationalism to his music. At once Kronos draws influence from the 10hz resonance of a bass drum to the quiet intellectualism of groups like FSOL & Autechre and the synth driven hip hop beats of the mid 90s while maintaining soundscapes that are as individual as dawn. Couple this sonic alchemy with the fast forward world of his poetry turned lyric and new landscape emerge morph and engage the listener into a state of quiet introspection and self discovery.. Kronos is currently based out of Miami, Fl, producing Kronopol. The follow up to his acclaimed EP, kronopolis Rising- “States of Slumber!” Kronopol available summer 2009!

Following his own internal compass he continues to plot a multi-meteoric path through the minds of listeners and media.

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Performances and Media -

- 1998 South Miami’s Poet’s Cafe slam Champion
- 2001 Meta Media Dorsch Gallery (curator/producer)
- 2002-current Formed Bedouin Circuit Collective and together with Robin Relish, Dogsimas produced the online radio show Zoomorph Anthem on (
- 2004 Co-founded the Afro-galatic band the Nag Champayons (www.nagchapayons)
- 2004 Miami New Times Best Band Name “The Nag Champayons”
- 2004 Miami New Time’s Best Local Poet
- 2004 Produced a composition for INDAMI (Intercultural Dance And Music Institute) a Florida International University (FIU) based organization.
- November 2004 – EarthDance Festival (
- December 2004 – Evolution Of Culture an Art Basel affiliated event (
-January 2005 – Virgin Mega Store’s Tsunami Relief Benefit (
-February 2005– Afro-Roots World Music Festival (

- March 2006- Fette de la music festival at the Guzzan Miami theater

- March 2006 - Postion South winter music event coordinator and curator.
- June 2006 - Guzman Theater (Refugee Allstars)
- June 2006- “A bend in a river” (Ingles and Assoicates gallery ) sound installation and composition for FeCuOp
- September 2006 – oldjitmusic corp. imprint is born
- January 2007 – Praxis Interational Art Studios (Miami) sound installation with Augusto Zanela of Argentina
- June 2008 - Kronopolis Rising States of Slumber released

- December 2008 - Art Basel –Alex Grey sound installation


Bachelors in History
Minored in Cultural Affairs
Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute (photography)


Kronopolis rising "States Of Slumber!"-ep- streaming this summer!