Krook is a cross of multi artist, just to name a few, Brian Mc knight, R Kelly, Montell Jordan and some of his own creation, "Krook".


Kevin Strickland’s love for music began at an early age. Being exposed to an array of music, stemming from Gospel to R&B music, paved a way for a more serious look at music as a career. Like so many others that came before him, Kevin engulfed himself in his talents and demonstrates his abilities to sing, write, and arrange music on his soon-to-be released debut package entitled, “What You Think You Know About Krook”.

Kevin Strickland’s debut package includes an exceptional group of songs that sours high above exspectations. His cools, classy verses over breezy, soulful grooves scores big among youths while leaving open every opportunity to reflect on the R&B traditions of the part.

Songs that round off the lyrically focused ballads are “All My People”, and “Passion”. “Breakin Rules”, “I Can Be Good”, and “Magazine”, have all the elements of successful radio hits. The track that strikes a cord in every market is “Shake That Thang”, the big crossover hit that has already got mix show DJ’s caught up in the loop.

Beyond the music, the six-foot three Strickland is strictly GQ. His style is synonymous with his music, which offers a sense of confidence, while staying true to being edgy and street. Underneath the surface, Kevin is a man of extreme passion and sensitivity. This coupled with an amazing talent for writing, sparks Kevin’s desires to write books.

Overall, Kevin Strickland brings a new dynamic to the game. He has a natural gift that is sure to break new ground. He’s a refreshing balance of talent, style, and right timing. He’s original, inspiring and ready for mainstream. Look for Kevin Strickland’s debut album to saturate every atom of the airways. It’s all a matter of time.…..


"SHAKE THAT THANG" is the hit single that everyone is talking about, not just the ladies, the men as well

"PASSION" is a song that puts you in a since of WOW!!!!!!!!!

"WHAT WOULD YOU DO" is probaly the song that gets alot of attention after you listen several times, this is also a hit song.

Set List

Always start off with "WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT KROOK". Then you slide over with "WHAT WOULD YOU DO". By this time the ladies have your full attention, that's when you gel them with "PASSION", now buy this time the ladies have your undivided attention.

Now you're putting them in a good mood, it's party time, she's feeling you, next "SHAKE THAT THANG"