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"Mirah - K Records, Joy Ride Remixes"

"Ben Adorable and Krts pumped up the beats without distracting from Mirah's confessional, confidential love songs. Oxygen cut Mirah's breathy-cool vocals into little strips on "Monument" and pasted them onto a backing that's simultaneously austere and heavily grooving. Adorable wrapped mysterious shadows around Mirah as she cooed "You know all of my secret ideas ... everybody sees a funny look in our eyes 'cause they know that we already won the sweepstakes prize." She evoked the "Argentine sky" on the breakup travelogue "Dogs of Ba," framed by touching, melodic piano chords." - LA Weekly

"First Sold Out Show, Monkey Town (NO OPENER)"

"Monkey Town’s unique four-screen movie-house-and-dining-room setup is going to tested (in a good way) with a performance by musical artist Krts (a/k/a Kurtis Hairston). “People can expect the visual media and sound as a sensory overload, live!� he tells us. And even better, the evening will show Knox Harrington’s ’zine-turned-film, Day in the Lyfe, the Movie, a documentary about today’s craziest “How do they do that?� graffiti artists. After the sneak preview, Krts, using a blend of hip-hop electronica à la Radiohead and Sonic Youth, will get the musical thing going by laying down a soundtrack to Knox’s VJ retro clips (such as The Wiz and Logan’s Run).
Sat., March 1, 9:30 p.m., 2008 " - The Village Voice

"Mirah, Joy Ride Remixes"

"Quirky, enchanting, wispy, otherworldly, industrialish, experimental, clever and otherwise surprising pretty, punky, poetic and primal remixes and reworkings of Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn’s ethereal and organic compositions by a posse of mostly Seattle beatnic musician friends who reek of talent. Expect nothing but delightful surprises on this 2-CD treasure. My picks: “La Familia (Guy Sigsworth remix),� “Make It Hot (Tender Forever remix),� “Advisory Committee (Shok mix remix),� “Dogs Of Ba (Krts remix),� “Don’t Die In Me (Mt Eerie remix),� “Mt. St. Helens (Shawn Park Nervous redux),� “Make It Hot (YACHT All Over remix),� “Pollen (Lucky Dragons pee pollen mix)� and “The Light (DJ Beyonda remix).� - San Francisco Bay Times


Mirah, K Records - Joyride Remixes(can be found on Last FM)

Krts - 1st LP, co-producer, Daedelus



1984, Halloween night and the young boy is ready to put on his Go-Bots costume and escaping the McDonalds drive-in with a happy meal. A Blue Chevet carrying the happy four-year-old black male, and his father driving. "Hey Kurt, I have something you're gonna like." His father says with a hint in his voice that the cassette he is placing inside the deck is going to blow the four-year-old child's mind. I read the title of the album, "Are you Afraid of.." The track comes on with haunting samples, distortions, and melodies that are soft and manipulated. The song sounds like a garage with power tools creating music to the boy. His mind ventures through realms he's never viewed inside his mind. His heart races with excitement, and an energy never spoken before. He clenches harder to the empty cassette case. "The Art of Noise", as his father grins paying attention to the street going towards home. Kurtis Hairston was in no way, afraid of the art of noise. Instead he embraced it. Held tightly to it, and it became the basis behind his side of electronic music. And then, is how it began.....

What sets me apart from other electronic musicians is that I am influenced by the writing styles and performance styles of the main genres and sub genres of punk, indie-rock, experimental progressive rock, hiphop, early electronic, jazz, and classical.