Helsinki, Central Finland, FIN

* Kärtsy is one of the most remarkable faces in Finnish rock music
* Kärtsy’s another band has had radio
hits f.e.in DE, SWZ, AUT, NL (no.1!), DK, CZE, FRA and JPN (no.6!)), videos been seen in MTV and VIVA and sold 0,25 millions
* 11 headliner European tours plus lots of festivals around Europe etc


Kärtsy Hatakka is one of the most remarkable faces in the history of Finnish rock music! As the leader and primus motor of the pioneering multi-cross-over-band Waltari Kärtsy has been starting this well-known invasion of Finnish hard rock/metal music into Europe in early 90s. Other remarkable musical engangements have been f.e. a soundtrack work for a worldwide millionseller Finnish computer game MAX PAYNE. Now, as the newest project, he has been starting finally his solo project called KÄRTSY. The style is melodic Power Rock. The band has already played a lot of club shows in Europe (England, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic..) during the last two years, as well as visited China, its biggest festival called Midi Festival plus few other club shows around and in Hong Kong..

First solo album DUTY FREEDOM was released in 2010, getting a lot of good feedback in internet radios all around in Europe, even in Canada. The follower is now on its way..

Kärtsy in a nutshell:

-Worked as a lead singer and the main composer of the internationally acknowledged and largerly respected hard rock/cross over band Waltari since ´91, first Finnish band to hit the European charts (13 albums, 14 European tours plus lots of festivals around Europe). A lot of chart positions especially in Finland and Germany, some even in Japan.

- Kärtsy has composed the bands all the most remarkable radio hits (chart positions outside Finland f.e.in Germany,Switzerland, Austria, Holland (no.1!), Denmark, Czech Republic, France and Japan (no.6!)), videos been seen in MTV and VIVA.

-Waltari has sold around quarter million records

-two cross over compositions for the rock band (Waltari) and symphony orchestra with 13 sold out shows (with Avanti Symphony Orchestra for Helsinki Festival Week and with Sibelius Gymnasium Orchestra for Finnish National Ballet)

- Wrote a soundtrack to a million seller computer game called Max Payne ( part 1 and 2, over six million sold units), with an awarded theme song Max Payne Theme ("Best original Instrumental Song"/Game Audio Network Guild Awards USA 2004, and soundtrack nomination at BAFTA/British Academy Of Film And Television Arts 2001.

- Co-operated as a special guest a radio hit "Sky´s The Limit" with Finnish dance act Bomfunk MC´s on their album In Stereo 2000 (sold about million units worldwide)


Round The Roundabout

Written By: Kärtsy

I, I see you having a ragged smile, and open to be saved.
I, could pray for you - but dedication..?
Too hard to be brave / We've been running for all our lives, an' still haven't found a place to smile.
Now I'm running from my baby, should I cry for seeing it wider in the end?

Chorus: Round the roundabout we're going all the time. Never know the way to turn, we move on for our secret line. Round the roundabout we're going all the time. Never know the way to burn, we play on for our twisted mind

I'm sending all my wasted energy for you to survive. I wanna give all my property of live.
I am travelling all my life. Will I ever find a place to hide? Now everything what I'm doing, I've benn doing 1000 it all before

Chorus x 2

I Believe

Written By: Kärtsy

Mezmerize me, hypnotize me, so I won't go wrong.
Show the tricks that give my kicks back to reach this only song.. called life!
I am haunted and I'm wanted coz I just believe.
All your bad needs, all the bad seeds haunt me helplessly.
But I fight and fight, I will open yor eyes. Erasing dark doomy mind.
My sword of hope gives the light in darkness. Painting the faith in the sky.

Chorus: I believe in an ordinary sun! I believe, with faith you can't go wrong.

I will cry on, I will fly on with the speed of light. I will cure you, I'll make you pure, we will win the fight. And I fight and...


C'mon babe get back to me now.
My sword is bringing the light, the weapon is your pride. My sword is bringing the light, the weapon is your smile.
My sword is winning the fight, the weapon is your smile. My sword is winning the fight, the weapon is your pride. Show me a smile!


Show me your smile... it's so beautiful!


Waltari / Waltari, EP 1988
Mut Hei / Waltari, Stupido Twins 1989
Monk Punk / Waltari , Stupido Twins / Angry Fish Music 1991
Torcha! / Waltari, The All Blacks / Roadrunner Productions 1992
Pala Leipää / Waltari, Stupido Twins / Vielklang 1993
So Fine! / Waltari, The All blacks / Roadrunner Records 1994
Big Bang / Waltari, The All Blacks / Spin Records / EMI 1995
Yeah!Yeah!Die!Die! / Waltari 1996
Space Avenue / Waltari (EMI) 1997
Decade / Waltari (EMI) 1998
Radium Round / Waltari 1999
Evangelicum / Evankeliumi show / Waltari 1999
Channel Nordica / Waltari Parlophone / EMI 2000
Lights Go Wild (Single) 2000
Back to Persepolis / Waltari 2001
Max Payne I Soundtrack 2001
Get On Top (Single) 2001
The Fall of Max Payne 2003
Rare Species / Waltari (Vindauga/Vielklang) 2004
Akseli Ja Eelo (Album) 2004
Blood Sample / Waltari (Bluelight) 2005
Early Years / Waltari (Stupido Twins) 2006
WAX Real Time Orchestra: Smalltown Boy (Single) 2006
Release Date / Waltari (Bluelight) 2007
2nd Decade / Waltari (Stay Heavy) 2008
Below Zero / Waltari (Stay Heavy) 2009
Duty Freedom / Kärtsy (IVK Music Finland Ltd) 2010

Set List

I Believe
Round The Roundabout
You Say Love, I Say Hate
Gimme Your Love Tonite
Weak Inside
Lost It
Out Of Control
Kingdom Come
Running Away