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Krussia is what happens when a Russian non-conformist immigrates to New York City and challenges boundaries of music and culture while living a "one man vs the world" lifestyle, in a musical process that could be described as Redman and Hendrix flipping ideas for a Bladerunner soundtrack.


Krussia is a musician from Russia's Detroit, Chelyabinsk. He had a dream, but called it a plan and headed to New York with a backpack full of ambition and a pen.

Upon arrival he did anything from dishwasher to furniture mover to get by before he was able to link up with Brooklyn's OG - PF Cuttin who backed the release of his project Making Moves that included tracks with Afu-Ra, Sean Price, C-Rayz Walz, and Grand Puba. As a beat-boxer Krussia appeared in the movie "Planet B-Boy" along Kenny Muhammad, Masai Electro, and the documentary "5th Element of Hip Hop" with Dj Shark (Japan).

The 2010 solo album "I'm not white - I'm russian" produced with his long-time music partner Andrew Tripmastaz was a result of collaborative work with such artists like Blitz the Ambassador, Gc & Soulmafia, Joel Ortiz, Gift of Gab. Without paying attention to opinions on how Hip-Hop is "supposed" to sound, Krussia continues to push the frames of definition and open ears to new possibilities. His new album "Diagonal" is out now.


- A Step Ahead Productions - "Making Moves Vol.1" - 2007
- "I'm not white - i'm russian" - Album - 2010
- "Diagonal" - Album - 2012