Krusty and the Soks
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Krusty and the Soks

Watertown, South Dakota, United States | INDIE

Watertown, South Dakota, United States | INDIE
Band Pop A Capella


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Krusty and the Soks (1991)LP
Co-Ed Bathroom (1994) EP
Cheeseburger Party (1995) LP
Under The Bleachers (1997) EP
Whatever (2001) LP
Sleeping in the Dryer (2012) LP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Krusty and the Soks are a greasy cheeseburger for your ears. Scraped off the grill somewhere in South Dakota, 1991, this Surf-Pop band will make you wanna say, “CAWABUNGA DUUUUUDE!”
Let’s take it back a bit, in 1987, these hipsters found each other at the local laundry mat. When they all had two baskets full of unwashed socks, everyone in the place dipped out from the smell. Looking around at each other, they knew it was meant to be. By the time they all had clean foot garments, the four losers had planned their first jam sesh.
“I didn’t even know what was goin on!” Says Gym Sock, “I was just minding my own buisness when this horribly smelling man started flailing around, talkin smack about my socks, and how he wanted to make music.. So i thought, what the hell.” Here, Krusty and the Soks were born. About 2 weeks later, they all met at Stocking’s basement for a little get together/jam. By their 15th taco, they were ready to get the ball a’rollin.
“At first it sounded like someone garggling peanut butter.. But after a few practices, it sounded more like a lovely PB&J.” Says Stocking in her heavy Icelandic accent. About 4 months of relaxed practice sessions, Krusty and the Soks booked their first gig. “We were terrible,” says Krusty, “but it was only up and out from there.” Their first gig was at a local bar, in the heart of Watertown, SD. With a roaring ten person crowd, those ten people had the night of their lives. There was high kicks, there was role play, there were even some tears. Krusty and the Soks were officially known for their amazing stage performance and high energy.
The band was approached online by independent label, Market Street Records’ owner, Miles VanMatre, where Krusty and the Soks signed for a one firm two option deal. After writing, rehearsing, and recording, Krusty and the Soks released their first self titled album. When Mr. VanMatre saw the success of KATS’s first LP, he invited the band to live with him at a little place called the Alano in desolate plain of Tacoma, Washington. The band couldn’t refuse such an offer! After smelling the asbestos inside the Alano, they realized they could refuse the offer, but decided it was their only choice. After 3 years of living like kings in the Alano, Market Street Records closed its doors, leaving Krusty and The Soks homeless in Tacoma. At this point, they released a four track disc of their hobo-folk epic titled “Co-ed Bathroom” in 1994.
This latest EP garnered the attention of Executives at Sub-Pop Records located in Seattle, Washington. After signing a one firm two option deal, Krusty and the Soks recorded their first LP on Sub Pop “Cheeseburger Party” scheduled for release in early 1995. After the cult success of “Cheeseburger Party” Sub Pop sent them on their first ever US Tour in support of Seattle legends Mudhoney. Needless to say, the tour went off without a single hitch. Playing cities all around the country, Krusty and The Soks got a chance to stretch their gangly legs (and sound) to ears on a national scale. After a full year of touring, Sub Pop decided to excercise one of their options, meaning that Krusty, Stocking, Tube Sock, and Gym Sock were to step back into the studio once again to release some sizzling new tracks the band had written on tour.
“ I almost thought that we lived on tour. I had the time of my life.” says Tube Sock “Then Krusty told us that we were recording when we got back. Then I was all, We werent dropped? It was cool.” This was the beginning of what was to be known as the slythering EP “Under The Bleachers” released on April 23rd, 1997.

“ It really took us awhile to get things together, but I was really proud when they did. I believe this will be our best release this year!” said Sub Pop producer Jack Endino. Endino’s hopes however, were not enough. The extended play broke out poorly selling only 900 copies worldwide. Shortly after the release, Sub Pop dropped Krusty and The Soks.
In 1997, Krusty and the Soks