Kruziki Transatlantica Quintet

Kruziki Transatlantica Quintet


The Kruziki Transatlantica Quintet performs a mixture of originals, tango, Armenian, Balkan, and Jazz music. Featuring an uncommon lineup of saxophone/flute/clarinet/duduk, violin, piano/accordion, bass and drums/percussion, this band's book is built around the individual uniqueness of each player.


Recently winning the 2006 DownBeat Magazine Award for best collegiate small jazz group while earlier in the year being invited to perform at the International Association for Jazz Education conference, as well as taking home two additional DownBeat awards in 2005 for best small jazz group and classical chamber group, the Kruziki Transatlantica Quintet uses a very diverse palette of sounds in it's repertoire. Deeply inspired by Astor Piazzolla and his tango nuevo, the Kruziki Transatlantica Quintet strives to implement jazz improvisatory elements in a chamber setting. As well, they combine traditional folk music of Argentina, Armenia, and the Balkan regions to make for a very multi-cultural experience. "Great writing, strong playing and very cleverly orchestrated. For something like that, I thought it was very strong and personal, which is good in the ever-growing world of faceless jazz musicians. It's a distinctive project and a band that could go somewhere professionally." -Fred Hersch, 2005


1. Tierrita (3:12)- Agustin Bardi, Jesus F. Blanco
2. Bride's Wedding (8:25)- trad. Balkan
3 . Ejmiadzin (10:13)- Aaron Kruziki
4. Longa Farahfaza (3:19)- Riad al Sunbati
5. Es Puchur, Yars Puchur (8:21)- trad. Armenian
6. Mumuki (10:58)- Astor Piazzolla, Fernando E. Solanas
7. Grichester Tantz (6:20)- trad. Jewish
8 . Ime Prezakias (7:34)- trad. Greek
9. Sev Mut Amper/ Yeraz/ Oh Nare (6:49)- trad. Armenian
10. Vidatango (5:51)- Aaron Kruziki
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"Kruziki Transatlantica Quintet"
1. Vuelvo al Sur (6:08)- Astor Piazzolla
2. Fotografia (7:45)- Tom Jobim
3. Libertango (4:09)- A. Piazzolla
4. Hommage a Piazzolla (7:47)- Aaron Kruziki
5. Masis (6:59)- Armenuhi Kruziki
6. Preparense (3:43)- A. Piazzolla
7. Caravan (8:07)- Juan Tizol
8. All of You (8:22)- Cole Porter
9. Muerte del Angel (3:15)- A. Piazzolla
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Set List

A typical set might include several tangos, by A. Piazzolla, A. Troilo, and other argentine composers, Armenian and Balkan folk songs that implement improvisation, and original compositions. Typically, our sets will last from 60-75 minutes in length.