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Richmond, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2022 | SELF

Richmond, Virginia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2022
Solo Electronic Synth




"Synth Single Review: "Cosmos Luxure" by KRXTOR"

KRXTOR’s Cosmos Luxure brims with driving energy and uplifting emotion. Trembling, oscillating bass is touched by very high, gleaming synth spinning out an uplifting melody. A woman’s voice echoes and stutters before massive drums launch the track forward.

Steady bass rumbles and airy, glittering synth flies in rising arcs, full of victorious emotion. Full, digital-sounding synth arpeggios rapidly flit and the woman’s stuttering vocals leap in as heavy hitting drum and bass moves below. Energy and drive permeate all of this track’s musical elements, keeping it engaging and exciting. Now a woman’s voice speaks of letting the rhythms flow.

She repeats “keep me up all night” as the gritty bass growls and the drums relentlessly pound. Whirling, digital-sounding arpeggios dance and a vibrating synth pulse shivers. The music’s dynamic energy pours forth as the arpeggios spin up and ripple above the low bass well and silence falls. - Karl Magi

"Synth Single Review: "Hellracer" by KRXTOR"

KRXTOR’s Hellracer combines propulsive energy, aggressive percussion and tense emotion. Oscillating, rippling synth flows in a cascading pattern along with heavy bass to start the track. Steady, medium-high synth pulses into a rapidly revolving arpeggiating pattern, rushing out above crashing drums.

Medium-high, nasal-sounding synth carries an uneven, propulsive melodic pattern while digital-sounding notes flicker. This track creates a rushing, unrelenting sense of motion as it unfolds. Punchy drums and dense bass slam onward while distantly rising, medium-high synth echoes tensely.

Digital-sounding synth swirls in a sharply cutting pattern, adding a sense of urgency as hammering drums drive on. Sensations of speed radiate from each musical element of the track. Cosmically undulating, airy notes flow distantly while shining, digital-sounding synth flits through the music.

Weighty, guiding drums push forward as taut, nervous sound drifts. Round-toned lead synth carries the restless, insistent main melody out over heaving drums. An open-voiced synth pattern rings out before silence falls. - Karl Magi


Still working on that hot first release.



Electronic Synthwave/Darkwave project heavily inspired by 80's horror and retro gaming.

Started in Dec. 2022 as a hobby, KRXTOR has gained a small support fanbase and decided to take it serious, we are currently looking for commission and license work.

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