Krych Sisters

Krych Sisters

 Strongsville, Ohio, USA

Hey! This is Jackie. We're the Krych Sisters. We are aspiring musicians with an Acoustic-Alternative sound. I write lyrics and sing lead vocals while playing keys. Megan does electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and vocals. We hope to have more music up here soon. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for visiting!


The Krych Sisters are an Alternative band based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Megan and Jackie collaborate with both of their musical talents and experience to create their sound. The duo has been writing music over the past year; however they have been playing together since a very young age. Megan (16) brings 3 years of both guitar training and vocal training. Jackie (17) brings 4 years of vocal training and has been playing the piano since 2002. Jackie creates all of the band's lyrics for heartfelt experiences. The sisters are currently self managed and self record. The two are inspired by bands including The Beatles, All Time Low, Avril Lavigne, Heart, Mayday Parade, and Journey. The Krych Sisters hope to create music that inspires and relates to others, just like these bands have done for them.

Set List

Changes based on venue and audience.
We have many originals, along with certain covers we do, but we are open to doing other requests and cover songs based on the time of year or audience.