This is who we are, This is what we do, This is how it's done....


We have a cutting edge to a melodic sound, We think we could make a new movement in the music industry....
Our influences are Metallica, Disturbed, Godsmack, Megadeth, and every other musician that has laid roots in the history of music.

Set List

Synthetic - KrYnJ
Am-I-Am - KrYnJ
No-One I Can Tell - KrYnJ
ToughBlood - KrYnJ
Rubout - KrYnJ
Kringe - KrYnJ
Ikita - KrYnJ
One More Day - KrYnJ
Alone - KrYnJ
Chkn' Master Phone Sex - KrYnJ
Leaving Home - KrYnJ
SandBox - KrYnJ
Subliminal - KrYnJ
The Keeper - KrYnJ