BandHip Hop

A positive Artist who brings new meaning and sheds new light on not only da Gospel but da problems dis world is facing as well as personal trials, triumphs, times in life. Sometimes Controversial, hardcore, bad to the bone but loving and spiritual and always a heart after Jesus Christ.


I was always musically inclined. I grew up listening to Oldies and old school rock like AC/DC and Van Halen those guys and country. I began writing a very young age Country songs but as I got older that changed. In fact my entire style changed. I went from listening to country to Gangsta Rap. Puff Daddy, as he was known back than, was the first rapper i ever heard. But I didn't want to do gangsta rap. I wanted to do more like dance/pop rap. Will Smith type. So dat's what I started to do was write songs like dat. To make a long story short, I ended up after a series of events getting saved in January of 2000. I presented a song I wrote called Friends Forever to a woman at church who made a challenge. That challenge was for me to write a Christian Song and I did. I can't remember what song it was but I know I ended up performing it. I also have performed songs at other Church functions including, Easter Special, Christmas Special, Back To School Bash, and a Talent Show and other specials. Currently working on my solo album Game Over which is due out by end January early Febuary. More news will come once I begin to perform more often and longer concerts.


My solo album Game Over is being worked on right now. I have 2 singles out called Wannabe and Hit Da Floor. They both are on myspace page and my soundclick page. my moms ex bf was a DJ in Africa and played my song Hit Da Floor and it also reached #4 on da Christian Rap Charts and #84 in Hip Hop

Set List

I haven't done an actual concert yet but i'm working on building that as we speak. Since I haven't done any real live concerts and it's my first album. I would most likely like to open up for someone. I'd be about a half hour and my songs would include, Wannabe, Hit Da Floor, Dats What, Life and Death Pt.1, and a snippet of Better Is One Day (Worship Song).