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This band has not uploaded any videos



"February 09, 2008"

Behind the music of Krypton is one Krzysztof Berg from Szczecin in Poland, who on his myspace page he also refers to Iceland (also as influence).
And to be honest, I never heard of this person or his music before, so it is hard to relate Silent Drama to his previous work. But hearing it, it does give some ideas about his music.
As someone who has been in Iceland I understand why Krypton names the land as and influence. The land has its own special things, the roughness, desolation, the wildness, the ice, the fire. It's all there. But beside the nature there are also the people, with their own characteristics. You can say what you want, but have a mystic touch. With soft voices and always smiling and loads of stories to tell.
On Silent Drama some of these influences are really good to hear. There is a dark cold feeling in the songs that reminds of the glaciers on Iceland. The slowly moving ice scrapping over the hard stones.
The ice melting and bringing soft but joyful rhythms.
Specifically in the three first tracks and the last track this is a really successful approach. You get really drawn into the music, as if you were walking in Iceland on these deserted fields of rock and ice. Though in the other three tracks Krypton looses the touch and gets more in the rhythmical field. This breaks the album. All at once it sounds really familiar. As if Krzysztof Berg tries to do something that is not his own. It is a step away from the dark in the direction of ambient techno and maybe even idm.
And although the fifth track "Croon" does not have any beats, it is so much lighter compared with the first set mood that it doesn't seem to fit in.
Krypton shows with this release that is capable of making really great music, but in the same time next time he should be more careful with choosing what songs to put together. Silent Drama could have been an outstanding release in my opinion if it was some shorter and kept out the influences from the idm-scene.
Though I am positive about it, if krypton can keep on creating music such as the first three and last track there are some really great releases coming up in the future. - Sietse van Erve (EARLabs)

"January 27, 2008"

Personalmente, questa musica eterea mi piace e la ascolto volentieri, ma da un po’ ho dei dubbi sull’artisticità della faccenda. Con i sistemi attuali, mettere in piedi pezzi del genere è maledettamente semplice e non particolarmente innovativo. Non che la semplicità in sé sia un problema. Anche comporre come Cage era semplice, ma all’epoca aveva un suo senso. Anche i loop del primo Eno erano semplici, ma erano una novità. D’altra parte, Krypton è piuttosto raffinato, per cui lo segnalo. Chi vivrà vedrà… - Mauro Graziani (MG Blog)


(03/06 - eta label) "things that you cant touch" cd
(08/07 - soundlab) "va - lost lands"
(09/07 - artifical bliss rec.) remixes for "mr.s - hps"
(12/07 - test tube) "silent drama"



My name is Krzysztof Arnar Berg. I was born in 1986 in north-west part of Poland in Szczecin. I have started my musical adventure in about 2000. Since that time I've changed my vision of music milion times, but Iam always trying to keep the ability to expand into your subconscious. Along these sounds, you would be able to walk through a cold hummed darkness to develop systems of echolocation that will take you into distant memories. In this realm, memory becomes a bright greenish-yellow light that glows and reverbs.
My influence is Iceland and Iceland... also space, ocean and nature.