Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Thriving pure Original Jersey Rock and Roll with well written lyrics. Krystal has arrived.


Press Release:
KRYSTAL, Hoboken's own rock band extraordinaire!!!
Members are:
John Vincent Olsen - Lead Vocals, Accoustic Guitar
Gary Roz - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Billy Roz - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Gerard Ciandella - Drums & Vocals
Dave Florio - Keyboards

Krystal, popular for their renditions of
Led Zeppelin songs, paired together with
their powerful original material, has created
quite a buzz around the state of New Jersey.
The band hit the club circuit drawing record
crowds. All members are home grown
Hoboken, N.J. musicians.

Concentrating mainly on their original music,
Krystal has become a thriving force
of pure rock and roll. Playing original clubs
such as Kenny's Castaways in New York's
Greenwich Village, Maxwells and Saints & Sinners in Hoboken NJ
and the Jersey Shore's Stone Pony regularly.

Krystal recently opened for John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band
as well as Grammy winner Peter Frampton. Krystal also
performs regularly at "The Arts & Music Festival" located in
Hoboken, NJ where they shared the stage with Mickey Dolenz
of the Monkees.

Bringing back a classic rock style in their
original music that is purely timeless, Krystal
has put together a riveting live music
performance, bringing electricity and raw
power to the stage. And now, to their most
recent credits, Krystal has released their
first CD In April of 2008, self titled "Krystal".

In May of 2008, Krystal was featured via
live broadcast on The Hawk Radio 105.7FM
(Home of Classic Rock), at New Jersey's
Premier Music Venue, The Stone Pony.
The Hawk's broadcast reached hundreds of
thousands of listeners from Southern New Jersey
to Eastern Pennsylvania, and the response to
Krystal's performance was overwhelming,
expanding their New Jersey Fan base into the
Pennsylvania region.

Krystal also donates their playing time to
charitable fundraisers. It is part of their
acknowledgement of giving back to their fans,
who have made their love of music and
performing possible.

If you are looking to see an awesome live
performance, come and see Krystal live.
This band is known for their stage show.

Now in the studio recording thier new CD,
Krystal II / Elysian Park, with newer songs targeted at their
hometown of Hoboken, N.J., with the title track
"Elysian Park" referring to Tenth and Hudson Streets
& Fifth and Washington Streets in the lyrics.
The CD includes a few songs that feature some great sax
work by Jerry Mokar who has toured with many national acts.

"There is always a story to be told,
just share what you have lived", says John Vincent Olsen,
the bands lead vocalist. Krystal has arrived
and they are a force to be reckoned with.

Love and Peace!!

Members are:
John Vincent Olsen - Lead Vocals and Accoustic Guitar
Gary Roz - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Gerard Ciandella - Drums & Vocals
Billy Roz - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Dave Florio - Keyboards


Krystal - Krystal
Krystal - Elysian Park