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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Alternative R&B




"Krystale Is A 'Machine'"

I don't know much about emerging vocalist Krystale, but the more I want to know after catching feels for her single Machine. Twisting in flourishing jazz know-how and oozing soulful panache, Krystale croons mechanically on the song's chorus to give the impression of gears grinding roughly along. When she recites "you soften me up, till I'm warm-hearted," vocally and musically she shifts these "trudging gears" as she quickens and sweetens the pace, with vibrancy rattling in her voice making for a neat transition. The Montreal native doesnt have this one trick in the satchel, as previously she's already put her stamping on two EPs, Reboot and The Good Fight, the latter having her collaborated with beat man, Kaytradamus. Also peeping over at her SoundCloud page she's got it loaded with tunes that Im quite eager to dive into. As for Machine, it is up for just a single dollar on Bandcamp, and will be present on Krystales upcoming full-length album, which Im keeping eyes and ears open for.
- Soul Bounce


When someone possesses the kind of voice that Montreal singer/songwriter Krystale has, people take notice and suffice to say, we have definitely taken notice. Serving as the perfect introduction is her newest album, Machine, that literally dropped just a few days ago.

Besides the obvious beauty she has physically, this allure translates into every other single aspect about her music. From the songwriting, to the lush instrumentation, Krystale leaves no stoned un-turned when it comes to her music.

We encourage you to take a run through our favorites (below) first and once you have gotten that good first impression head on through the entire album on her bandcamp.
- Hilly Dilly

"Krystale: Machine"

After amazing with late last year with her single “Machine,” Montreal based singer Krystale is back with the full length album of the same name. This ten tracker boasts an amazing blend of soulful electro-pop a lil smooth and breezy at times and atmospheric and textured at others all lead by her beautiful tones. Check it out and cop. - Kevin Nottingham

"Machine New Canadian Music"

Combine electro-soul and soft R&B blended with jazz and you have the latest from Montreal's Krystale, Machine. 10 seducing tracks showcase the talented singer's enticing, raspy vocals with "Cocoon" using the subtle clicks and pops of a record while her soft voice echoes in the distance. "Cold Without You" exhibits Krystale's comparability to Erykah Badu and Norah Jones with her own, unique sound, and the title track, "Machine", received admirable reviews upon its release as the album's first single earlier this year.

Krystale recently performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival, just in time for this LP of electronic jazz, blues, and R&B fusion to be released this month.
- New Canadian Music


Krystale is a Montrealer with a raw, powerful voice that’s been recognized by her fellow French-Canadians as well as beat-maker and electronica experimentalist Kaytradamus (now Kaytranada of the Alaiz Crew). As a fan of his remixes, I figured that Krystale would have to have some solo chops to back up the collaborations she’s worked on with him. Dominicana for sure, the ethnic heft in her voice was one of her most distinguishing features but her ability to go from being a vocal powerhouse to delivering a soft whisper was just as impressive. She’s got a record coming out at the beginning of next year and her new single “Machine” gives us a taste about the direction it’ll be going in. It’s a pretty simple song that focuses us somewhere between the aforementioned powerhouse/ whisper, starting with Krystale crooning over a jazzy backdrop.

As the song goes on, Krystale’s range stays pretty level while the instrumentals, drums, and riffs shift pace. The effect focuses on simple harmonization, perhaps in an attempt not to “over diva-fy” her with an overly dramatic exhibition of her ability as a singer. I’d hope that her new album really accentuates the possible range of her voice as “Machine” tends to stick to one dimension without showing us what Krystale is really capable of delivering. The lyrics are straightforward, translating the warm influence of a lover with “I’m a machine don’t you know/ but you soften me up till’ I’m warm hearted”. I’m personally a big fan of lyrical development over repetition excluding some special cases, but the repetition works with her vocals here. I’ll hesitate in doubting the technique she’s using to get across what feels like an empty realization about the inevitability of reverting back to being “cold” even after experiencing something more.

For only being 21, Krystale offers up a mature sound that I hope to see pushed to its full potential on her new album. It’s rare to see somebody this young translate a type of sensible wisdom in their music, and with such a versatile voice-- it’s clear Krystale has the potential to do some great things with it. - IX Daily


Fusion is the name of the game in today’s music scene. So few artists — mainstream pop aside — seem to stick within a single genre. Indie artists, in particular, love to experiment, blending two worlds that their ears register as aligned. Alt-country; ambient alternative; hell, Emilie Autumn’s been billing herself as “Victoriandustrial” for years. It’s created a richness of sound in the terrain music writers travel.

Montreal’s Krystale is no exception. Drawing upon her Dominican roots and her meant-for-jazz voice, she’s fused electronic elements with contemporary jazz in her songwriting. The result: a fresh feel to an established genre. New life breathed into its bones. And while that standard soul core shines through in her vocal work, there’s a sensual ebb and flow of ocean tides that carries just a touch of the islands beneath the surface.

Her latest album Machine drops tomorrow, but you can check out the title track below (word to the wise: stay with the video to the final frames for a payoff). Like what you hear? Swing by her official site for more. - Open 'Til Midnight

"Krystale and Kaytradamus-The Good Fight"

Fall back and chill to Krystale and Katyradadmus' sampler for Good Fight. Krystale has that smooth Canadian flow. Montreal, what up!?!? #HappyMonday - Afro Blew

"Kaytradamus & Krystale – The Good Fight EP : L’exotisme au service de la modernité"

Le hasard d’une rencontre fait naître parfois des duos improbables (aux premiers abords), mais parfois si complémentaires. On se doute que « Caught Up » (issu de l’EP « Reboot » de Krystale), remixé 1 an plus tôt par Kaytradamus, n’a pas laissé la jeune chanteuse indifférente ; et pour la peine, ce remix a été intégré à « The Good Fight », de quoi souder, symboliquement, cette nouvelle union :

- Kaytradamus : jeune homme de 19 ans, originaire d’Haïti, issu d’un genre hip-hop, mêlé à la house et à la funk. Notamment connu pour ses remixes, Kaytra’ ne désemplit pas derrière les platines ; toujours en quête du « sample parfait », ce jeune artiste ose, développe un univers bien à lui, doté d’un renouvellement musical sans égal et laissant toute la fougue adolescente aux mains d’un talent technique incontestable !

- Krystale : jeune chanteuse de 21 ans, Montréalaise, aux influences jazz/soul, s’inscrivant dans le sciage de l’ère Amy Whinehouse, figure de la chanteuse soul moderne (assuré par Alice Russell aujourd’hui). Notamment connue pour sa collaboration avec Lysick avec « You Only Love Once », Krystale séduit par sa personnalité très éclectique, malgré un ton stylistique plutôt orienté vers les musiques d’ambiances.

The Good Fight
A première impression, le mélange est audacieux, raffiné, coloré d’influences multiples, au style particulier et indéfinissable.

Tandis que Kaytradamus joue l’accompagnement, Krystale, en toute finesse, y révèle une précision vocale exemplaire, touché par une douceur suave (« Sweet Tooth » notamment) et un naturel très sensuel qu’on ne démentit pas. L’univers lent et legato de la chanteuse prédomine, se déroule ensuite sur l’utilisation quasi-constante de l’écho, d’une basse Fred Falké et d’un Sol mineur joliment exploré sur les deux derniers titres (jugé une des plus belles tonalités selon Schubert), mêlant sérieux et magnifique.

N’en déplaise à certains qui auraient une préférence pour les boucles endiablées du jeune homme (car oui, on est loin de « Being Sexy » ou « Chocolate Tasty Milkshake »), mais il est vrai que sa discrétion laisse à penser qu’il aurait pu être étouffé (en postproduction) par la voix « vieille école » de Krystale.

Pourtant, « The Good Fight » fonctionne et démontre un travail acharné, tant en composition instrumentale qu’en interprétation vocale, puisqu’il est issu d’une coloration musicale très riche, alliant rencontre et passion. Cette production originale et unique suscite l’intérêt : ou se trouve « le bon combat » ? La réponse se trouve peut-être au fond de vous-même, ou tout simplement dans cet EP, qui sais ?

Par Jérôme-Henri Baudet - News Lighters

"Krystale & Kaytradamus - 'The Good Fight' (behind-the-scenes)"

Yes, we gush a lot about Montréal artists Krystale and Kaytradamus. Although I do take pride in boasting about how both hail from my beautiful city, the talent and brilliance is indisputable. The sincerity, the soul, and overall genuineness of the affair are what will allow for them to propel themselves to soaring heights. Their collaborative EP 'The Good Fight' comes out tomorrow, meanwhile you may watch a short behind-the-scenes clip to get a soupçon of what's to come. - Indecent Xposure

"Krystale & Kaytradamus - “The Good Fight”"

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- Kurofune Crew (Japan)

"Krystale- The Good Fight"

Canadian singer songwriter Krystale teams up with fellow Montreal resident Kaytradamus to release the 6 track EP, The Good Fight.

Kyrstale has a strong voice with a jazzy tone that is enjoyable to listen to, she is good at building melodies and paired with Kaytradamus’ beats she sounds great. All of the instrumentals are well produced and vary in style from electro influenced sounds to upbeat dance like tracks.

You can purchase The Good Fight on Kyrstale’s Bandcamp here.

If you are interested in more information on either artist you can follow Krystale on Twitter @krystalemusic and Kaytradamus @kaytradamus. - 88 Till Infinity

"Krystale & Kaytradamus- The Good Fight"

The only fight worth fighting is The Good Fight, and if that’s true, than Krystale and Kaytradamus are fighters of the first degree. For their first DJBooth feature the international duo rely on an instrumental from group producer Kaytradamus that puts a twist on jazz standards, lightly distorting a piano line and adding clipped percussion. It’s a template that Krystale follows perfectly, delivering passionately understated lyrics that speak deeply to the pain of a relationship caught in a cycle of conflict. It’s hard to use a phrase like “breath of fresh air” without sounding cliche, but that’s exactly what The Good Fight is. Frankly, I suggest you take a couple more breaths and then pick up Krystale & Kaytradamus’ The Good Fight EP, available now on iTunes. - DJ Booth

"Krystale- Sweet Tooth"

Longing for a person to fuel a burning fire is a desire that ignites expression from emotion. Human action is fundamentally motivated by a craving to obtain something, someone or a goal. Emotions are liberated by experiences of reaching ultimate pleasures. It has been argued whether desires ascend from bodily structures or one’s mental state of mind. Listening to the poetic melodies that escape Krystale’s lips on “Sweet Tooth,” it could be determined that desires are factually derived from emotions. She effectively stimulates human emotions with her romantic appetite. Surrendering to her emotions, Krystale asks that her love interest does not hesitate to end her craving. Consciously asking for the cure that will end her quest for natural pleasure; she faithfully promises to reciprocate the feeling. She does not shy away from the offering rather she offers to skillfully prove that her craving is an honest emotion that cannot & will not simply be liberated physically on “Sweet Tooth.” - DMV Culture

"MIMS Future Classic: Krystale & Kaytradamus"

Krystale hit my radar near the end of last year being a part of huge wave of female vocalists from Montreal bringing crazy flavor to the game. I was instantly hooked on her raspy voice that resembles none but, cause of the hard hitting hip-hop vibe I was on that day, I couldn’t relate to the laid back beat. The next thing I knew, one of my favorite Montreal producers, Kaytradamus, hit us up with a remix of her track “Caught Up” that just blew my socks off and filled all the elements I needed. Ever since, I’ve been hoping and praying that these two cats would collaborate for some new material and on Monday morning my wish was waiting for me on my fb news feed: Krystale & Kaytradamus “Sweet Tooth”

This track is impeccably produced. The beat hits hard at all the right moments and beautifully embraces Krystale’s strong and sensual vocals. There’s a definite essence of sweet and sexy that diffuses off this single and leaves you wanting for more. “Sweeth Tooth” is like hot breath on an icy window.

Be sure to get the free download:
- MF Gold

"Krystale & Kaytradamus The Good Fight"

Montreal based singer Krystale and producer Kaytradamus team to create this deliciousness. The Good Fight EP is not your typical beatmaker/singer union. The two got together one every aspects and arrangements on the EP making it a much more musical affair with Kaytradamus’ varied production style and her raspy voice that move between jazz and R&B. - Kevin Nottingham

"Krystale - Reboot Ep"

I’ll be honest and say I was not prepared for what I heard when I pressed play on this album! Krystale is a Canadian producer/singer that describes her sound as Electronic Soul, but she has an astounding jazz appeal that is also worthy of note. Her Reboot Ep is a self produced (wow!) 4 track gem that recently got the remix treatment. Purchase the Reboot EP HERE and check the remixes on her soundcloud page
Thanks Krystale, for making trudging through email submissions worthwhile! - Dj Rahdu

"Featured Artist on La Casetera"

Krystale es una cantante domínico-canadiense radicada en Montreal, quien con tan solo 21 ha participado en diversos conciertos de jazz y tiene un álbum y un EP producidos por ella misma, así como live sessions y colaboraciones. En esta ocasión, comentaremos sobre Reboot, el trabajo más reciente de esta joven.

Con una marcada influencia de R&B y soul, las cuatro canciones de Reboot logran crear una atmósfera delicada y sensual al escucharlo. Con una voz cuyos tonos nos recuerdan a cantantes como Natalie Imbruglia o Norah Jones y mezclando acentos electrónicos y de jazz,

Para escuchar el resto de Reboot, leer su bio en detalle o ver videos, pueden acceder a la página web de Krystale; en su Soundcloud también pueden buscar más de sus canciones y remixes hechos por otros colaboradores. Si les interesa comprar el disco, está a la venta en iTunes.
- La Casetera

"Giant Step's Next Step February Winner"

It’s a good thing when our decision making for selecting a Next Step winner becomes more difficult. February was a great month for entries – so much so that we’re going to have an honorable mentions post next week! Canadian-Dominican singer/songwriter/producer Krystale inched out ahead of the rest and struck us with her amazingness, though. Congratulations, madame!

Krystale’s parlor style future jazz and soul vocals coax you into your own personal illusions of swanky fancy times (even in your socks and sweats) on her 2011 Reboot EP. Think a jazzier Norah Jones with a little sprinkling of Fiona Apple. Just watch the live performance for “Caught Up” above and let yourself unravel to its spell.

And the lady isn’t without versatility. Below, you can also find a more recent single of hers called “Sweet Tooth,” a slinky playful track that hinges more on the R&B side with a hard hitting track compliments of Montreal beatmaker Kaytradamus. Vocals reminding us a bit of Anne Wise from Sonnymoon here – you know that’s a win already.

Look out for Krystale’s debut full length album to drop this year – we’re gripping our seats. - Giant Step

"KRYSTALE - La pop-folk a un prénom"

Mélange de Norah Jones et de Sarah McLachlan, une jeune Québécoise de 19 ans, qui fait carrière avec son prénom, Krystale, présente en ce moment son premier disque éponyme.

La chanteuse, originaire des Laurentides, propose un album aux couleurs de pop-folk assumé.

«J’écoute tous les genres de musique. J’aime bien le jazz», dit-elle en parlant de ses influences musicales.

Krystale nage dans la musique depuis qu’elle a 4 ans. Déjà, à 5 ans, elle suivait des cours de chant.

Après avoir fait partie de quelques chorales, la jeune femme a commencé à écrire ses chansons à 13 ans.

«C’étaient des chansons plutôt naïves. Je crois qu’à ce moment-là, j’écrivais pour faire sortir des émotions», se rappelle-t-elle.

Puis, il y a quelques années, la chanteuse a décidé d’enregistrer une démo.

«Mes parents l’ont envoyée à plusieurs personnes et, finalement, nous avons été mis en contact avec Paul Gallati. C’est ce dernier qui m’a présenté le réalisateur, coauteur, producteur et arrangeur du disque, Tino Izzo (Céline Dion, Bobby Bazini, etc.).»

Dans ses chansons, Krystale parle de thèmes qui lui sont chers. La pièce Smile to Sell traite de ces mannequins trop maigres que proposent divers magazines.

Krystale signe la majorité des textes de son disque, exception faite de la pièce Wild Horses, qu’elle a prise dans le répertoire des Rolling Stones.

«C’était le groupe préféré de mon père, et j’ai beaucoup entendu les Stones à la maison. Je pense que j’étais aux couches et j’écoutais ce groupe. Je trouve cette chanson particulièrement belle. C’est pour cette raison que j’ai voulu l’inclure sur le disque», note-t-elle.

Malgré sa carrière en chant, Krystale ne néglige pas ses études pour autant. En ce moment, elle étudie au Cégep de Saint-Laurent, en musique. Elle souhaite poursuivre sa formation en musique à l’université, l’an prochain.

Pour le moment, la chanteuse ne compte pas partir en véritable tournée au Québec. Elle met l’accent sur la promotion de son disque et sur ses études.

Si elle a choisi l’anglais comme moyen d’expression, «c’est que l’anglais est la langue dans laquelle je peux m’exprimer le mieux. Mes amis parlent anglais. Je me sens plus à l’aise. Je ne dis pas non au français. Un jour, j’aimerais chanter en français et même en espagnol», termine la jeune femme. - Journal de Montreal

"Lancement de disque – Krystale: La maturité de la jeunesse"

Nouvelle Jeudi 4 novembre 2010 – Buona Notte (Montréal)

C’est un fait, quand on est une jeune artiste montréalaise de 19 ans avec un premier CD sous le bras, on a besoin de présentations. C’est exactement ce que Krystale s’est donnée comme mission en ce mercredi soir de novembre lors du lancement de son album homonyme au resto-bar Buona Notte du boulevard St-Laurent.

Conclusion : un album principalement pop-rock, souvent porté par les accents de la guitare acoustique et surtout, une voix magnifique qui étonne par sa maturité.
Malgré son âge, cette jeune femme n’est pas tout à fait une nouvelle venue dans le paysage musical de Montréal. Ce premier disque est l’aboutissement d’un cheminement amorcé il y a quelques années déjà. À une époque où règne le mythe de la star instantanée, Krystale a fait ses classes.

« L’album a été enregistré sur une période de deux ans et demi. Les chansons ont été écrites il y a très longtemps. Ç’a pris beaucoup de temps pour arriver à ça aujourd’hui, mais finalement le jour est arrivé », lançait-elle.

« On a enregistré au studio Blueroom de Tino Izzo (Céline Dion, Bobby Bazzini). Je faisais ça avant d’aller à l’école tous les matins pendant un bout de temps. »

Les études pour tout et avant tout

Krystale en est à sa troisième année au CEGEP Vanier. Elle y a étudié le chant et la composition jazz. D’ailleurs, au cours des derniers mois elle a donné quelques concerts puisant dans les classiques de ce répertoire.

Sur son premier disque, on ne retrouve toutefois pas vraiment d’influences jazz mais plutôt une couleur pop rock dans la lignée des courants actuels.

C’est donc dotée d’une base musicale des plus solides que la jeune femme a mis à contribution ses talents d’auteure-compositrice et de guitariste au profit de la puissance, la chaleur et la sensualité de sa voix. Mentionnons les pièces Crash and Fall (en ouverture du disque), ainsi que Dirty Cardboard Boxes (une des meilleures), Simple et Smile To Sell (dans sa version orchestrée).

Petit bémol toutefois pour la reprise de Wild Horses des Rolling Stones qui semble un peu trop sage dans son traitement.

Premier extrait: le bon choix?

Les compositions de Krystale proposent des textes soignés, quelquefois empreints d’une touche d’amertume, faisant preuve d’une grande sensibilité et de maturité dans le propos.

La pièce Where You End I Begin, co-écrite par Tino Izzo (qui signe aussi la production), jouera le rôle de premier extrait du disque. C’est un choix qui est discutable. Dirty Cardboard Boxes aurait à mon avis mieux rempli cette mission. Reste à savoir si les stations de radio y trouveront leur compte. Chose certaine, Krystale s’impose ici comme une artiste accomplie. Les dés sont jetés…
- - Manon Fatter

"Check out this new artist: Krystale"

On October 6th I sat down with local singer Krystale to learn more about her flourishing career and her debut album.
CONFRONT: What made you decide to pursue a career in music?

KRYSTALE: I think I wanted to be in the music business since I was like four years old. It was my dream for the longest time.

CONFRONT: Do you come from a musical family?

KRYSTALE: Yes! My dad plays the drums and my mom plays the bass. My little brother has tried a bunch of instruments but he hasn’t decided which one he wants to sick to just yet but he’s been around.

CONFRONT: Do you play any instruments?

KRYSTALE: I started off playing the guitar so I can do that and in school they taught me how to play the piano. It was mostly jazz music so I know how to get around playing the jazz piano a bit.

CONFRONT: Do you have any musical influences?

KRYSTALE: I have a lot. I listen to a bunch of genres. I really like jazz, indie rock and classical. If it were singing wise it would probably be Fiona Apple. I really like Feist. I also really like Thom Yorke from Radiohead, I think he’s just amazing. Then there’s also Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday stuff like that.

CONFRONT: How would you classify your type of music?

KRYSTALE: Oh that’s hard. I think someone who listens to my music will kind of hear that I have a broad sense of what I listen to. I don’t like to say that I sing pop/rock because it could be all different things at once. I guess pop/rock with some jazz and soul in it.

CONFRONT: So you really like to mix it up.

KRYSTALE: Yeah exactly.

CONFRONT: You have a debut album being released at the end of the month?


CONFRONT: What was the recording process like for you?

KRYSTALE: It was really cool. It was really long and it took about two and half years to record because of everyone’s busy schedule and stuff. It started when I was 16. It was nice because it was my first professional recording experience. Before that I had done a little bit of stuff with armatures. This time it was with professionals.

CONFRONT: What can people expect from the album?

KRYSTALE: I think something honest. With my lyrics I try to be as honest as possible. If I have something on my mind I’ll say it even if it sounds like I’m angry or I’m sad. It’ s just feelings that I have and I don’t want people to believe that I’m this certain person. I’d say honesty.

CONFRONT: Is there a song that you would love to cover?

KRYSTALE: That’s a hard one! I don’t really know.

CONFRONT: Nothing by Fiona Apple or Feist?

KRYSTALE: I would like to do “Extraordinary Machine” by Fiona Apple but with a different style. Her version is very jazzy and very pretty and if I were to cover it I wouldn’t want to do it in the same way because what’s the point?

CONFRONT: What’s one thing that makes you and your sound unique?

KRYSTALE: The fact that I don’t limit myself musically. I like to immerse myself in every style so I can just soak it all in. If I write a song I want there to be little flashes of different styles instead of just having one solid definition of what my music is.

CONFRONT: So you wrote all the songs on your album?


CONFRONT: That’s very impressive.

KRYSTALE: Some of them were collaborations with Tino Izzo who’s the producer but all the lyrics were written by me and most of the music is by me.

CONFRONT: Have you had a favorite moment in your career so far?

KRYSTALE: So far? I think that moment hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve had a lot of great times but I think I haven’t done enough performances to be like “This is what I’m here for”. Not yet at least. It’s coming!

CONFRONT: So you have a lot of look forward to!

KRYSTALE: *laughs* Yeah hopefully!
CONFRONT: Is there a dream tour that you’d love to be on?

KRYSTALE: I think a great tour would be all my favorite singers put together like Fiona Apple, Feist and Eryka Badu. It would be just this big singing extravaganza.

CONFRONT: What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

KRYSTALE: To do what I want. My parents have told me that if something makes you unhappy not to do it. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation then get yourself out of it, don’t feel bad.

CONFRONT: What’s the worst advice you’ve ever gotten?

KRYSTALE: *laughs* The worst advice was when someone told me to try and sound like someone else. If you have a favorite singer then try and do things like her or him. It’s one thing to listen to a singer and have that person influence you and then it’s another thing when you just try and imitate.

CONFRONT: What are your upcoming plans?

KRYSTALE: Finish off school. I have a year left at college. I want to start writing new material. I know the album isn’t out yet but it’s always good to keep moving because if not I’ll be stuck in the same position. I want to go to University if it works out and maybe study film scorin - Confront Magazine


Sep 20,2010 -
Toronto, ON – Montreal based songstress Krystale is readying the release of her self-titled, debut album Krystale (Whammo Music / DEP / Universal Music) on October 26, 2010. After a busy year of writing and recording in the studio, the 19-year old artist is ready to share her melodic multi-genre sound with her audience.

Krystale’s songs are immediate and thought provoking, laced with delicate chords and a full-bodied acoustic guitar. They invite you into her space and experience a soulful delivery that is beyond her years; these well-crafted songs are ready for a big stage.

“There is a message in every song that is expressed through feelings of liberation and frustration,” says Krystale “My life is dedicated to music, and I hope to touch listeners with my lyrics.”

Born and raised in Montreal to a musical family, her mother playing the bass guitar and her father playing the drums, Krystale grew up listening to an assortment of music influenced by her parents. Her Dominican born mother would play genres such as merengue, salsa and dance and through her father she found an introduction to metal and rock n’ roll. With encouragement from her family, Krystale soon developed a taste for performing, and at the tender age of 12, first showcased her talents with a live band. Since then, she has been playing for audiences across the province.

Rare for an artist so young, her display of raw emotion can be heard throughout her debut and in particular on the first single Where You End I Begin, co written with Tino Inzo (Celine Dion, Yuno Ito). This song finds Krystale coming into her own through empowerment and triumph. “I try to stay away from writing songs that make me feel like a victim or full of self pity,” explains Krystale on her writing process. Other songs on the album reflect on the world today such as Smile to Sell and its message to women in society. The Traffic shares feelings of overcoming obstacles.

Krystale’s dedication to playing live is no secret. In 2009, she performed as a guest start in the finals of GLOBAL’s Can Your School Rock and in the same year, opened for Michel Pagliaro to an audience of 10,000 people for La Fete de St-Jean. Krystale has also contributed to an African Mission fundraiser by performing and helping raise over $10,000 to help the less fortunate, also doing so by playing several times with her band on CTV’s Telethon of the Stars.

Krystale will be available online via iTunes and all major digital retailers.

Album Track Listing:

1. Crash and Fall
2. Dirty Cardboard Boxes
3. The Shine Was Gold
4. Traffic
5. Smile To Sell
6. Pedestal For Fools
7. Dark Horse
8. Simple
9. Where You End I Begin
10. Sand
11. White Picket Fence
12. Wild Horses
13. Smile To Sell (acoustic)

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Make Time (single) - October 9, 2015

Persuasion (single) - August 11, 2015

Machine - July 7, 2013

The Good Fight- July 3, 2012

Sweet Tooth (single)- April 12, 2012

Caught Up (single)- February 14, 2012

Reboot- October 20, 2011



"Krystale succeeds by singing with a confidence and talent that command attention from the listener" -

"Her desirable voice will tantalize your ear buds as soulful jazzy tones massage your audio senses." -

"Krystale séduit par sa personnalité très éclectique" -

"Krystale makes the kind of music you want to hear at a club or in your living room with sounds that range from pumping dance to relaxing soul." -

A little bit of jazz, a whole lot of soul and a hint of electronic is what you get from Montreal native Krystale. She's been setting venues ablaze with her entrancing live show.

Following her releases, The Good Fight with fellow Montrealer Kaytranada and her solo album Machine, she is now working on a new album. She is a two-time Montreal Jazz Festival performer and has been support for Bonobo (UK) and Andra Day (USA). She premiered songs from her upcoming album on Oct 25th at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC.

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