My music is smooth R&B it makes u bob your head everytime you listen it is very relaxing and it all so tells the story about my life, trials and tribulations


An R&B soulchild from the city of Chicago. A slick R&B soulman for the new millennium Chicagoan KRYSTYLEZ has what it takes to become the stevie Wonder of a new generation. KRYSTYLEZ writes and arranges his own music and he would humbly admit that it's just his life put to music.

One minute he can bang the club walls with "Bordiqua" and next exploring carnal intimacies during the hypnotic "Slide" also his provocative and dramatic "Easy Come, Easy go" which you can see an amateur music video production of in the files section.

KRYSTYLEZ can pull off those tracks and still deliver a big pop ballad like "If I Could". This vocalist authentically takes a rarely ventured approach with his song "I Lied". He says. " On this one I'm speaking for all of the men who have really messed up and just want to make it right.

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