Boise, Idaho, USA

Kryterium is the best "In Your Face" metal band that will get you pumped up at any time for the rest of the night. Get ready for crowd surfing, aggressive drums and vocals, and crunching guitars and bass.


Since the spring of 2006, Kryterium® pierces through the scene with their die hard contribution to the metal world. In less than a year, Kryterium was already playing on the main stage at the Milwaukee Metalfest XIX. Soon after, they won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, which allowed them to play at the Van's Warped Tour 2007 in Idaho. In September 2007, they played New England's biggest Rock fest, Locobazooka! 07. The band released their debut album, "Control" in winter 2007. The album "Control" was mastered by Brian Gardner (Lamb Of God, Ozzy Osbourne) in Los Angeles, California. In March of 2008, their song, "Unlock The Gates", was a featured track on the collector's CD in Metal Edge Magazine. Then in Spring 2009, they played on the main stage at Locofest 2009 in West Palm Beach, Florida and rocked it at the 3rd Annual California Metalfest in Anaheim, California. Kryterium kicked off the summer of 2009 right by being the only unsigned band on the main stage at the Summer Slaughter Tour in Anaheim. In between these events they've been on numerous national act bills including being direct support to Slipknot in October of 2009.

Kryterium has shared the stage with top national acts such as Slipknot, Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath w/Dio), Alice Cooper, Queensryche, Carcass, Exodus, Mudvayne, Hed PE, Shadows Fall, Suffocation, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Chimaira, In This Moment, All That Remains, Otep, God Forbid, As I Lay Dying, Darkest Hour, Nonpoint, The Sword, Divine Heresy, Despised Icon, The Faceless, Whitechapel, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Ensiferum, Winds Of Plague, Necrophagist, Repulsion, Dying Fetus, Born Of Osiris, Origin, Beneath The Massacre, After The Burial, Samael, Decrepit Birth, Veil Of Maya, Psycroptic, Powerman 5000, Sonata Arctica, Caliban, Poison The Well, Throwdown, Toxic Holocaust, Abacabb, Molotov Solution, Blackguard, Burning The Masses, The Acacia Strain, Seemless, Skinlab, Incantation, Droid, Macabre, Byzantine, Godhead, Temple of Brutality, Anew Revolution, Years of Fire, Wykked Wytch, Dreaming Dead, Flatline, Incite, Better Left Unsaid, Burn In Silence, Legacy Of Pain, Sol Asunder, and many others.



Written By: Kryterium

Hide it
Deny it
Don't even try to fight it
It became a steady burden
And now you feel the same

Before you know
what is the question
There is a theory, behind the meaning
What is the reason
that we act this way?

Hide it
Deny it
Don't even try to fight it
It’s just a broken promise
And now we die the same

Before you're given
a different answer
A contradiction, new disaster
Tell us the reason
that we'll all insane



When there's no one
To help you in any way
Take control back, of your life

And there's no one
To hurt you in any way
Take control back, of you life


Once again there's only despite
Can you feel the courage and might
I tried
And pried
and left the door wide open


Full length album, "Control", released in December of 2007. Tracks such as "Unlock the Gates" and "Slave Zero" and others being played in radio stations across the US, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, England, and other countries.

Set List

Our set list can range from being a 30 minute opener for a National Act show to an hour of headlining our own gigs. When it's an hour, we generally play 12 songs from the album and the upcoming album.

Unlock The Gates
Stand Down
I Killed The King
No More Pain
The Reckoning
Age Of Absence
Brand New Curse