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D. Horton

Atlanta, GA | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Atlanta, GA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop Spoken Word




"Meet D. Horton, one of Mississippi’s best kept secrets"

D. Horton comes to the scene from Columbus, MS. Through his stong lyricism and deep content, he has managed to build a large grassroots following that is slowly taking him to the top. His latest release “The Sessions 2” goes to show the upward trend as it has gotten Horton much acclaim and the opportunity to do shows all over the southeast. The support runs deep as evident by his upcoming selection to perform at A3C in Atlanta this year which was granted solely by fan voting. With his trajectory rising and The Sessions 2 still getting repeat plays throughout his region, we at Music On The Dot hope to bring more light to him with the following interview.

You’re coming off your album “The Sessions 2” which released April 20th. How has the response been to the work?

For the people that have given it a try, my core fans i would say, they love it man. I feel like we grew a lot over the 13.5 months since TS1 ( The Sessions 1) and I think they really appreciated the hard work we’ve been putting in. Our efforts have been geared toward getting more people’s attention now. All the while feeding my family that’s already on board with new quality.

What do you think are the similarities and differences between The Session 1 and 2?

Similarities…I really don’t know other than KT going crazy with most of the work…New1Message is back too….my guys….so it felt like the same tone. But honestly man they couldn’t be more the opposite of each other. TS1 was right after my grandma passed and i just needed to get it off me right? We did it in 3 days. But once i got it off I immediately began on TS2 and I really took my time bro. We labored on the music and had a lot of songs not make the 16 because I care enough to give my best art for my fans to enjoy. I think you can see the difference when you go back and listen.

You could tell you took your time with it. What was the process like constructing the album? Some songs seem so tedious that it took months to create.

Exactly, tedious. Time consuming, frustrating, exciting, all that shit. I guess because I really want to grasp people’s attention. I know that it’s hard to think outside of what’s forced on you for people because of how the world is operated. It causes you to shut off anything that hasn’t been confirmed by someone with considerable traction. But if they would really listen and give me a chance I think they would find it hard not to consider it amongst some of the other great albums created this year. Humbly. So the process was one we sat with for every operation and planned out as much as possible with the resources we had. I loved it though.

Who helped you throughout the process of making The Sessions 2?

My management team, which is just my manager Breezy and KT, really keep the operation in their hands. I mean they have so many man hours toward what they do and they’ve become really great at housing what is comparable to a major scale operation right in the studio room. But as for the writing process, which is my main task, I just have core people who know who they are that I always look toward mainly for conversation. I want to speak for the people and these people have the credibility i need to trust their guidance on how to lead my people with my ability to write. So I just discuss those things with them and from those conversations i write what I feel like the world needs to hear from the perspective of a good kid from the friendly city.

Its definitely a work that stands out as far as the content. With the subject matter it would seem you’re the type of person who is always thinking. Is this true?

Very much so. From the beginning. Gift and a curse.

They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste but they also say over thinking could kill you. How do you keep yourself from processing too much?

Music. That’s what I try to communicate with my family ya know? They didn’t quite understand why i pursued music so vigorously maybe because I was really gifted in school and they might’ve planned my life for me. And I understand 1 billion percent. But when I write, it’s perfect for me. I wasn’t very social as a kid because we moved a lot and I just grew tired of saying goodbye right when I got close to someone, so i just shut off for a while. So I held a lot in just because I wasn’t no cry baby ya feel me, I could handle it. Until I couldn’t handle it, and now i’m scrambling to free myself from that build up of just life in general. I won’t say I had it harder than anybody else, until I began to write….and then I was free. I’m going to always remain free by writing.

On “Doin’ Something Right” you raise the debate of selling a million albums or saving a million people. That makes me wonder how much a value is put into your message rather than what would necessarily “sell” to the masses?

Yes…..I mean you got it exactly right. Doesn’t begin to compare. But I’m tight so I’m gonna do both anyway and when you know that, it’s less pressure.

On your track “Work Hard 4 The Money”” the first words stated are “Its about balance”. What do you find to be the hardest thing to balance in your life right now?

The franchising of my people’s mind. I mean if you can own a black man’s mind, then you win. And after so long it became an epidemic and I always felt like I could save the world so sometimes I feel frustrated because it’s a lot more difficult than you think. Just can’t let it go so I gotta constantly balance that with being effective and being consumed.

It’s impossible to listen to you and not get the feeling that Big K.R.I.T. typically brings. How does his presence as the most popular artist from your area affect what you do?

He’s like the big brother I never had. I mean we don’t talk every day but we communicate, and even just by his actions I feel comfortable with following his lead as the king of our state. Our relationship will grow because I really only seek advice and counsel from him out of respect. I know that we all have to create our own path and i’m more than excited to do that for myself.

Who are some other good artists that way people should keep an eye out for?

Gwala Deniro and the whole Block Republicans family. Man really I just think that it’s so much talent in my city and I’m such a fan of everything that’s happening there. They are the people I fight for the most, my biggest inspiration. I mean, I’m raising my daughter there so it’s important for me to listen and I just see so much potential. I look forward to magnifying that for the city.

I understand you will be performing at the A3C conference in Atlanta. How did that opportunity come about?

Honestly, I just give all glory to God because I literally woke up to a message telling me to vote for the A3C next up competition and I saw my name…D. Horton from Columbus, MS….I think my big homie Cochise shot it to me. So I had no idea…and I swear my city had my back on it.

What kind of treats do you have in the bag for the showcase?

I feel like our set will be the talk of the festival. I really believe that. I’m excited.

Would you consider A3C to be your biggest opportunity to date?

Definitely. It’s huge

Do you have any plans for new music in the near future?

- MusicOnTheDot

"Stream D. Horton’s Latest Album “The Sessions 2”"

Mississippi’s quickly rising D. Horton looks to educate and entertain with his latest project “The Sessions 2”. From the first words voiced on the project, “What if you were God?”, it becomes apparent that David Horton is going to use the album as a space for some serious creativity. Throughout that is the case with Horton baring his soul on records like “The Offer”, which see’s him go before God to make a “major decision”. This is offset by records like “Third Base” which allows the lyricist to flex his pen skills alongside another lyrical craftsman in King Los. Stream The Sessions 2 below and purchase via iTunes here. - Boi-1da.net

"EARGASMS WhoGotNext Spotlight: D. Horton"

You know if King Los does a collab with you, you gotta be a lyrical god!

But wait, look at dude’s track record:

2011- Soul Train
2013- Training Day
2014- Laney High
2014 – Brilliant Minds
2015-The Sessions
2015- Ashamed

And now he’s at the start of his promo run for The Sessions 2!
That shows his grind is nothing to take lightly.
Check out the visuals though.


Hailing from Mississippi like rappers David Banner, KRIT, and Nate Dogg: D. Horton doesn’t let the state down by kicking a variety of flows on unique beats.



"Fresh Music Friday - D. Horton Presents Black Butterfly"

There aren’t many odes for the beauty of Black women but singer-songwriter D. Horton has broken that mold with his song, “Black Butterfly.”

The multi-talented artist has been compared to the likes of Andre 3000 and Tupac. This particular song has a melodic vibe and a positive message of how Black women are beautiful inside and out with their strength and empowering nature to uplift others when times are hard.

Here’s just a snippet of the lyrics to “Black Butterfly:”

“No…you’re a perfect representation of a blessing.

You’re the first thing I thank God for when I pray,

You’re the reason that when life gets hard, I want to stay.”

Horton shows off his photography skills as he uses women of all sizes as his models in a dimly lit room with the models rapping the lyrics to his song. The Michigan by the way of Georgia native uses his talent to spread change, empowerment and knowledge to “push the boundaries of brilliance.”

Being a new father to a sweet baby girl, D. Horton decided to take his energy and focus on bringing uplifting visuals and songs that give a more positive vision of the Black woman. - Everything Girls Love

"D. Horton - For Love + Dear. Mr. Shakur"

D. Horton is one of the more impressive rappers out right now as far as the indie circuit is concerned. The Mississippi native can rap circles around some of your favorites and as of late, he's been crushing it with all of his new releases. It's safe to say that 2Pac was an influence, considering Horton's astute flow, but it wouldn't be right if the up-and-coming emcee didn't show a little appreciation for the late rapper and that's exactly what he does with "For Love" and Dear Mr. Shakur."

It's certainly a sign that we may be in for some heat as he readies an EP for release by the end of the month. Listen now and catch him live at A3C Festival in Atlanta October 5th. More information can be found on DaveTheRapper.com. - ThisIs50.com


Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight D. Horton.

It’s kind of hard to pinpoint exactly where this week’s Sunday Spotlight is from. After spending time in Georgia, Mississippi and Michigan, he considers himself more of a nomad than anything. Lazies meet D. Horton.

The singer, songwriter and rapper is more than just your average artist. D. Horton is a live performer than brings personality, charisma and flat out determination to rock a crowd. We recently started to get acquainted with all things D. Horton after a recommendation from our guy Myke Rich. From there we’ve watch this guy perform and went through just about every song in his catalog.

We figured it was only right that we do our due diligence and showcase him to Da Den. Take the time to get to know him and his catalog below. - Str8outdaden.com


2011- Soul Train

2013- Training Day

2014- Laney High

2014 – Brilliant Minds

2015-The Sessions

2016- The Sessions 2



Garnering comparisons ranging from hip hop legends such as Andre' 3000 & Tupac to the architects of today's sound such as J. Coleand DrakeD. Horton consistantly brings amazing lyrics and a real vibe over southern beats. Claiming Michigan, Georgia, and Mississippi as his home, D. Horton is a hometown hero many times over.
D. Horton touches the people worldwide through his live performances and by harnessing the powers of technology.

You're invited on the road to brilliance. 

Just like his music, D. Horton puts his all into his live performances which leaves nothing to be desired by old fans and new listeners alike. 

One of few MCs with a biology degree, D. Horton has been certified to serve science internationally. Believe that the path of brilliance will continued to be built, once city at a time. 

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