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"The Tinnitus Made Me Do It: What's Your Excuse?"

The Tinnitus Made Me Do It
KS Records

Creatio Ex Nihilo. In the Christian faith it is the dogmatic declaration of Creation out of Nothing. I have no idea what, if any, religious faith Jose Cassella subscribes to, but the filmmaker, drummer, keyboard programmer responsible for The Tinnitus Made Me Do It is definitely an adherent to the afore stated doctrine – at least on a musical level.

Operating under the moniker of KS, Cassella has created this twenty-three (count ‘em, 23!) track CD of beats, nips, tucks, grooves, tinkles, ambient sounds, swishes, swooshes and assorted electronically produced, enhances, sub-atomically altered sounds that will make you want to dance, bob ‘n’ weave, or just settle back in your favorite overstuffed chair and ponder the nature of the universe. But while creation might be an act of sheer will, Cassella doesn’t compose in a vacuum, and there are plenty of reference points that listeners can latch onto for direction, and there are hints a’plenty in KS’s song titles. Can there be much doubt about the musical direction of such songs a “Le Butt Shakin’” or “Slap Bass Freak out?”

Cassella keeps things short and sweet; the longest track on the project, “Eastern Dance” (which sounds nothing like you would expect), logs in at a moderate 3:33. Most of the rest never hit the three minute mark, and a half dozen clock in under two minutes. The brevity of the songs coupled with the large number of individual tracks gives Cassella a broad musical pallet from with to draw, and he makes great use of it ranging freely from trance to electronica to moody, ethereal ruminations. The Tinnitus Made Me Do It would make great background music. - by Mike Parker, Buddyhollywood.com

"FUNKY ELEVATOR MUSIC Should Be Taken Literally"

Funky Elevator Music
by KS
KS Records

Bands often come up with creative names for their CDs, names that may have significance but usually aren't to be taken literally. Funky Elevator Music by KS, on the other hand, should be. It's a technologically driven collection of instrumentals that could be accurately described as "funky elevator music."

Jose Zambrano Casella composed, arranged, and played the entire collection, demonstrating his prowess on drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, and programming. Probably best known for his cinematography - he has over 350 television commercials and other work to his credit - Casella also creates musical scores for visual media. This shows in Funky Elevator Music.
Close your eyes and you can easily imagine robots on the prowl, star-crossed lovers meeting on the beach, or a young child gazing at the stars in wonder. Funky Elevator Music feels more like an eclectic accompaniment than the main event, but that's part of its strength. Instead of demanding undivided attention and action, "Elevator Music" seeps in and bolsters the moment.
Written by Marti Kramer Suddarth - Buddy Hollywood .com

"KS - Funky Elevator Music - CD"

Funky synthesizer, funky guitar, funky piano, funky etc… all held together by a funky beat, that’s the formula for the tunes on this release by KS which stand out the most. This CD starts off strong with tunes which will quickly have you subliminally moving your body to the music. There are a few tunes which have that generic new age synth instrumental feel to them, but not many and they are easily forgotten as the rest of the cuts on this release lull you into the groove. ?-- Mite Mutant (2007) - thechickenfishspeaks.com

"Smother.net music reviews"

Astro-jazz with a dash of ambient, electronic dance, and plenty of pop hooks to dance along side is the name of the game on “The Tinnitus Made Me Do It”. You almost feel like the Robot is maybe the best dance move you could pull off, but then there’s another groove that flows underneath upsetting that motion with a more watery movement. Dance grooves that refuse to be catalogued in bulk.
- J-Sin - J-Sin, Smother.net


Listen closely because there's plenty going on here if you have ears to hear. There are more influences than might be readily apparent on the surface so you've got to have an ear for the subliminal. Besides the obvious chillout and downtempo with occasional spacey tendencies, there are subtle infusions of the mood of epic trance (if not its overt exuberance as that's not what this is all about), touches of house music's personality, tinges of funk and psyche, even hints at 80s electronic pop (without slipping into hopelessly retro nostalgia - this disc is quite contemporary). There are even some electric guitar interjections to add a bit of body to this flight through a near-future skyline. Though it could use just a little more hook, these tunes are atmospheric and playful; KS presents music that is fresh and distinct yet which gets right past your guard with an attitude of the familiar.-- review by Kristofer Upjohn - www.raves.com/cdreviews/show/416/KS-FUNKYELEVATORMUSIC

"Mish Mash CD Review"

The Tinnitus Made Me Do It
23 song CD

Here's a fun one to round out the last dog days of your summertime. KS keeps it positive with this funky bunch of electronica-based tracks, all sure to get you up and moving to the beat.

The tracks are all short and sweet, so KS makes his statement with each one and moves on quickly to the next. There is absolutely no time to get bored, with every song full of cool sound effects and varying rhythms to keep you on your toes. As far as the sound goes, it has a retro 80s synth feel, with plenty of modern-styled beats to bring it up to date.

Part of the concept behind the album is to raise awareness about tinnitus, as it is something that KS suffers with on a daily basis. So let's all remember to turn it down (just a little) and hang on to the hearing.

MISH MASH Mandate: Now Hear This - Mish Mash

"KS - Funky Elevator Music"

This very cool dude, has made some very cool music. From one track to the next the ambient hardcore hip hoppin' grooves soothe your very being. Like a trip through the galaxy KS has us on a roller coaster of a ride. The unique qualities of his music, lie in the blend and mish-mash of rock oriented techno house trance styles. Beats are neatly meshed with solid bass grooves and the finished product is a very appealing chill zone effect. The trance, techno and rockin' dance nations need to know. KS...Come wid it! - Catsask.com


"THE TINNITUS MADE ME DO IT" available at CDbaby.com and i-Tunes.

TuneTank "ELECTRO EXPRESS 2006" CD Amsterdam Dance Event 2006 Compilation (single "LE BUTT SHAKIN")

Singles from this CD (Le Butt Shakin', Grow, Floating) have received airplay on Trance Fury Radio, Well-Rounded Radio, BandRadio Streaming Radio Live and others.

The NEW CD Funky Elevator Music will be available for sale on CDBaby and Park Avenue CDs, Florida starting MARCH 27, 2007 and for digital download on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc shortly after.


Feeling a bit camera shy


KS is the creation of Jose Cassella, a Venezuelan/Italian recording artist. KS's music can be described as funky, upbeat, strange, jazzy and chilling.
In 2006 KS released its first CD "The Tinnitus made me do it", to great reviews. 2007 will see the release of "Funky Elevator Music", an even more elaborate blend of beats and acoustic landscapes.


The NEW CD Funky Elevator Music will be available for sale on CDBaby and Park Avenue CDs, Florida starting MARCH 27, 2007 and for digital download on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc shortly after.

KS records at his own studio, KSMUSIC in Orlando, Florida.