BandHip Hop

If you had 30 seconds to describe your music, what would you say? In 30 seconds it would have to come down to one word! Versatile!!


Born and raised in Tampa Florida, Ksam has been mastering his craft. Performing at every oppurtunity, Ksam is sure to bring the house down. Recently Ksam has been in the studio recording his new album entitled "Mask", as well as helping other local artist take thier game to the next level!


Relax, Relate, Release. Produced by Boomklat Productions. Play on internet radio around the world.

Set List

"In The Wada"
"Summer Funk"
Hype Track "Money Maker"
"I Love To Get High"
"Hype Track "Outta Control"
"I Ain't Got No Money"