K-scio 7-30/Papush

K-scio 7-30/Papush

BandHip HopReggae

A combination of Jamaican dancehall and Spanish reggae!


There is a new artist on the Spanish reggae scene! As the Spanish reggae genre has become monotonous and repetitive, new artist Papush now known as K-scio 7-30 (Casio) has come onto the scene to add a breath of fresh air. Alberto Carlos Arthur, artistically known as K-scio 7-30 (Casio), was born and raised in the country of Panama. His childhood was infused with music of all genres such as Salsa, Merengue, Reggae and Hip Hop. At a young age he not only developed an appreciation and love for music but developed an interest in making music as well. He spent most of his time at school and on the block freestyling with his friends. It was then that people began to take notice of his talent. K-scio 7-30 began writing his rhymes down and continued to spit any chance he got. It wasn’t until recently that he got the opportunity to record his first track, “Gangsta de Papel”, in the studio. It was an instant hit among his peers and it inspired him to take his musical talents beyond his pen and paper.

In November of 2007, he joined forces with independent record label Movement507. His goal is to reach the ears of different people and cultures all over the world. His talents have sparked an interest of producers from Spain, Panama, New York and Puerto Rico to name a few. He has recorded songs for various mixtapes including Movement507's mixtape: PTY's finest and DJ Drama's mixtape in Spain. He is currently in the studio recording new music for his EP. He is looking forward to performing at different events around the US and Panama to showcase his talent. Look forward to seeing this talented new artist in a venue near you!