K Será

K Será

 Sacramento, California, USA

2009 was a good year for K Será. K Será played over 100 shows including a spot the Vans Warped Tour, toured through 15 states, and recorded in Seattle with Thomas Dutton & Casey Bates. K Será is now getting ready to tour to promote and support their upcoming release "Smile for the Inevitable".



K SERÁ is an indie rock project based out of Sacramento, California started by Mike Caswell in late 2007. Caswell recruited Sean Stack as a lead guitarist shortly after starting pre-production on the group's first EP The Machinist. Most recently, K SERÁ welcomed David Christiansen (piano/keyboards), Dustin Combs (drums), and Jordan McCoy (bass) as full-time members.

In 2009, K Será played over 100 shows while touring through 15 states on the west coast, including a spot on the Kevin Says Stage on the 2009 Vans Warped Tour. The band also accepted an endorsement from Dickies. K SERÁ has been a featured artist on purevolume.com and Kings of A&R. Mike and Sean also contributed to the Early States (Wind Up Records) "Powerlines" EP.

K SERÁ just finished recording their new EP "Smile for the Inevitable" in Seattle, WA, which was recorded & produced by Thomas Dutton (Fueled By Ramen) and mixed by Casey Bates (Chiodos, This Providence). A mini EP featuring the first single "Me Before Women & Children (ft. Forgive Durden) " will be released in Jan 2010 along with a documentary of the band's time in the studio. K SERÁ is booking for 2010.


Edge Of The Map

Written By: Michael Caswell

-My hand it shakes, a subtle wave good bye
-To a year I spent collecting dust and slowly fading away
-Till I found someone who takes care of me
-When I lock myself in head and throw away the key

-The hole in my chest, can't be filled with
-Cheap thrills or one night stands
-My name will die with me, if I walked alone
-To the edge of the map and never made it home
-So I won't rest till I found some one to call my own

-Let's take our time, let it all unwind
-Everyday is another chance to turn it all around
-And I swear that I fall apart each time
-You make the list of reasons, you're leaving me behind

Touch Me

Written By: Michael Caswell

-Knee deep in a shallow place, I find a way to rest my head
-By giving myself to the more than willing
-But these nights shatter my dreams of falling deep in love
-I trade them in for something cheap and hollow
-So I will never get what I want

-Touch me a little bit harder now, oh just a little bit

-So sip the cheap champagne called "love without sustain"
-Such a bitter taste that keeps me warm
-While my body is full of stress, deeply doused in decadence
-Please hold me to what I am saying
-So I will never get what I want

-Well I provide security to those in need
-But behind these eyes is a mind full of apathy
-Towards those who care and want to hold the idea that is me
-My love's designed to fall apart, rip at the seems
-It falls apart, rips at the seems

-I told you before
-I don't feel the same
-I want nothing more
-Then to cast you away

This Heart Of Mine

Written By: Michael Caswell

-Oh my God what have I become?
-I have lost all hope for better days with no one beside me
-From the lowest I have ever been
-I found rock bottom is comfortable
-When you're living in a haze, lonely at twenty years old
-Singing "please don't go"

-Cause I've got this heart of mine
-It beats for every time a second chance has been wasted on me
-To whom it may concern, message was sent but burned
-By a flame I thought I had put out
-So let it die here and let me go

-I swear that this is not the life I was taught to lead
-Growing old in the same town that I grew up in
-But I love my little home, though I strive for something more
-Paralyzed by the roots that seem to keep me here
-Crawling on the floor, breaking nails to get away
-But I still can't go

Forget The One

Written By: Michael Caswell

-Oh I can never sleep without some help
-I risked it all so I can say
-That I can die without the guilt
-Of chasing things I never wanted or need

-(So I) Forget the one that moved to LA
-She is the one I cannot forgive
-Cause all the things I thought we had
-Are just scars I carry with me

-I will grow old just like you will
-We share the fate that "time kills"
-And after all is said and done
-Will you still question all I ever wanted or needed

-Darling I compared myself to you today for the last time

-Save your skin for someone who cares
-Your sex appeal is cracked and flawed
-Keep you skirt on and your face up
-A cut will heal, a scar will stay

Me Before Women & Children

Written By: Michael Caswell

Stop. I didn't call to say hello. I called to wish the worst of luck to everything you (Oh God can you blame me?). Cause you took another life to save you're own. How does it feel to know that every breath you take belongs in someone else's lunges? What a terrible way to live, but at least you can say that you're alive.

Stay. A little while won't you dear? You got to rest those feet cause you got that long road back to hell. Oh and I know because I've been there before. It's not the first and it won't be the last time. You sell your soul to get a head. What a terrible way to live, but a tleast you can say that you're alive.

Burry you're past with the hope that you'll get away from everything that you've done. But it keeps following you. Won't let you sleep until you open your mouth and tell the world what you've done....

"We came from different hospitals, wrapped up like sons and daughters. We were too young to fall in love."

...not that it really matters because they will be coming for you.


"The Machinist" EP (March 2008)

"Edge Of The Map" played on Sacramento's 100.5 The Zone

"Forget The One" live acoustic performance played on Sacramento's 100.5 The Zone

"Edge Of The Map", "Steady Hands", "Forget The One" played on Stockton's KPAC Radio, 89.7

Set List

Short Set (20 - 25 minutes)
1.Steady Hands
2.Touch Me
3.Forget The One
4.Edge of The Map

Long Set (30-40 Minutes)
1.Steady Hands
2.Touch Me
3.The Trouble With...
4....This Heart Of Mine
5.Forget The One
6.Edge of the Map
7.Turn Yourself In