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"Collisions and Near Misses"

First Impressions: K Sera - Collisions and Near Misses
10/30/12 at 02:24 AM by Jack Appleby
K Sera has held that pesky "up-and-coming" title for a few years now - a good headline to have, but not a banner to cling to forever. On Collisions and Near Misses, we hear a band perfecting their craft and maturing into a professional and worthy act.

The swanky vibe and theatrics we've come to expect are as present as ever, though the band has picked up some new tricks as well. There's been a notable increase in aggression, which works wonders on tracks like "Near Misses" and "Ambien." No matter the speed, everything sounds big and epic - foot-tappers like "True Enough To Be Interesting" hold the same weight as ballads like "St. Peter (Better Than Yours)," making for a cohesive and huge record. The combination of K Sera's progression and Producer Casey Crescenzo's involvement appear to have worked wonders, as many expected.

In the past, the sound was describable as Forgive Durden meets Pretty Odd.-era P!ATD; those sounds are still around, though I hear some Fun. (both past and present) and The Dear Hunter (unsurprisingly) as well.

My personal favorite track is "Dream, Like I Do," which adds great prog-elements to the mix. The track's massive intro leads intro a piercing verse, followed by a slower, mesmerizing chorus - it easily ranks among my top songs of the year. Hell, the track even cuts to 8-bit for a fun few moments. Very excited to premiere the song here on November 12.

I don't want to give away too much before any music is released, but watch for K Sera to go from "that one band" to "THAT band" with Collisions and Near Misses. Come back November 5 for a behind-the-scenes look at their time with Crescenzo, and don't miss the November 12 premiere of "Dream, Like I Do" - it's a doozy. - absolutepunk.net

"First Impressions: Collisions and Near Misses"

Since my discovery of K Sera a few years back, the band has always been on my radar and in my playlists. There’s just something about their energy and charisma that equates to a charm that replays each hook, over and over again in your brain. Now, imagine all of that charm and double it. The end result would be Collisions and Near Misses.
Let’s break it down: Everything you’ve ever loved hearing from K Sera is here, fine-tuned, and amplified and let me tell you, it’s incredible. But what’s most remarkable is the incorporation of a few new elements that accentuate everything clearly. Namely, the newfound sense of atmosphere makes the right moments sound massive in a way I describe as Queen meets Muse with frantic moments of classical instrumentation in the vein of a heavier Panic! At The Disco, which fans will be able to hear in “Collisions,” “Near Misses,” “True Enough to Be Interesting” and my personal favorite “The Hollow Grounds of London.”
With the (fantastic) production helmed by Casey Crescenzo, it seems apparent that some traces of The Dear Hunter would find their way into K Sera’s signature sound but it works beautifully. Think a little bit of everything tonally from The Color Spectrum series meshed with The Cantos I and II. It’s a jaw-dropping, foot-tapping, head-banging (trust me, that’s a good thing), and tear-jerking hell-of-a-ride, and for the sake of hungering fans, I won’t give away the plethora of surprises the album offers. Just be ready for Collisions and Near Misses to drop because when it does, it will be Album Of The Year material.
Expect a full review around the time of its release in early 2013. - mindequalsblown.net


"The Machinist" EP 2007
"The Cantos: i" EP 2010
"The Cantos: ii" EP via Burning House 2011



Starting as a one-man project, K Será has since grown into a full-fledged 5 piece sonic beast. After releasing 2 EP's the band managed to cultivate enough attention and acclaim to gain the notice of Casey Crascenzo (The Dear Hunter) who signed on to produce their forthcoming LP due out this fall. Word of this pairing was announced through an AbsolutePunk exclusive, to which fans and critics voiced approval as Casey announced, "I'm going to produce the shit out of it." K Será was one of Alternative Press's top 100 bands to watch for 2012.

Their album titled "Collisions and Near Misses" will be released in January 2013 via Burning House Records.

K Será bring a hugely theatrical flair to the arena of experimental indie rock.There are times on the group's new EP, *The Cantos II*, where K Será sounds more like a sonic circus than an ordinary band. And we mean that in a great way. - PureVolume

K Será is another band emerging as an AP.net favorite - AbsolutePunk