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my music is life from good to bad,money,death,loveand the thang that happen in life in eye mind of a street hustler from the dirty south.


K.sharock the realiest ni$$a in america,born poor to a single mother of three in charlotte,north carolina in the dalton village government projects on the westside.
K.sharock lacked confidence and proper education but know he had that hustler mental.This thug born leader and businessman became know as president of the south,he started and created businesses that created jobs,nite club owner,show promoter,detail shop,beauty salon,and property investment.Sharock said it doesn’t always take brains,hard work and common sense is better, motto(WHILE THE EDUCATED GO BANKRUPT IM GETTING RICH OFF A HUSTLE)
With his business mind he created BLACKSTAR ENT a label and entertainment company,along with his club he started promoting major events in the south(def jam college tour,brian mcknight,goodie mob,keith murray,method man,blakstar bike and music fest to name a few.In his latest cd k.sharock covers life as he knows it in america’s streets from money,death,love,hate,life in the streets.the album has guest appearances by young sexy duo Queens of crunk,kino watson, crowe,sincere,mz.jaz and the valley boyz.
K.sharock is also featured with ying yang,lil jon,ludacris on ichiban release bootleg crunk,crunk2da mix tape and crunk wars with track (wobble that thang).
To find out who is the man behind the mask or why he won’t show his face,get the cd ,you’ll get your answer.Is he hiding from something was he shot in the face?
As marine he fought for this country but this country don’t fight for him.
America’s streets made me,every thing about me is a result of the streets in America.
The war didn’t beat me but the streets got me.With homes in Georgia and Carolina he is all dirty south,PRESIDENT OF THE SOUTH!


put it in there,wobble that thang

Set List

put it in there,street pain,smoke sum,babygurl,nutin but a thug,wobble that thang
set is 40 mins