Chihuahua, Chihuahua, MEX

Those kind of things that destiny already had.. since always. When two dreamy, cheesy and hardworker folks get together and start making the things happen.

We hope we can be something that someone has been expecting.
That's Kósmonaut. A well elaborated thing but really simple :)


K贸smonaut born from an urgency to make music. Original music. There were many ideas buzzing around two heads, but it didn't make click until fate left them.

Nancy, a drummer eager to find someone who was on the same track, start to publish ads online, without much hope. Oscar, guitarist equally anxious and desperate, find the ad and he decides to call her.

Two or three people were involved in the beginnings of the band, but they didn't stay. The sound and essence of K贸smonaut born when these two decide they can not be stopped because someone was "missing". So then with a guitar, drums and vocals they will do their best and see what happens. The result is a group with a few months of training but obsessed with making music, with several original songs and few presentations but in no time collected.

Anyway ... K贸smonaut now goes through some processes of innovation, creativity and some other changes, but all for the best.

The truth is that Kosmonaut is major cheesy. This is music from the soul, with love and flavor, every song has a purpose and philosophy. We believe in destiny and all that stuff... we want to make people happy when they listen to us.

We want to cause some love at first listen.

...We're K贸smonaut and we are gonna change the world.


We've released our Pre-demo "The sound of...". We are now in the recording proccess of our EP, with new members.

We are well prepared musicians, not because this is a new band it means we are new musicians. Put your faith in us. We're not gonna let you down,